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  • The Call of the Mountains: Climbing Three Peaks in Nepal

    Ascending Lobuche East with Three Peak Climbing in Nepal was a transformational journey that left an indelible mark on my life. The team's exceptional professionalism and attention to detail were remarkable, and our guides' unwavering support made us feel secure and self-assured throughout the climb. Despite the mountain's challenging terrain and arduous climb, the breathtaking panoramic vistas from the summit made the strenuous effort all the more worthwhile. Without a doubt, I would enthusiastically recommend Three Peak Climbing to any adventurer looking for an incomparable experience in the majestic Himalayas.

    Ella-Louise StevensFranceApril 16, 2023
  • A Skier's Dream Come True: My Review of Mera Peak Climbing and Ski Back to Mera Base Camp

    Mountain Rock Treks exceeded my expectations with their Mera Peak and Ski Back Expedition Package. The trek to Mera Peak was challenging but the support and guidance of the team made it a manageable feat. Skiing back down was an absolute blast and something I'll never forget. The team took care of everything from transportation to accommodations and the food was delicious. I can't recommend this package enough!

    Gerard HardyAustriaApril 16, 2023
  • A Journey to Remember

    Upon reviewing Mountain Rock's feedback, I inquired about the Lukla heli ride and had a conversation with the company's main representative. I found him to be humble and professional and ultimately decided to book with them. Throughout my time in Nepal, Deepak remained in constant communication with me. Even after I returned to my home country. The heli ride was undoubtedly one of the most thrilling experiences. 


    Chelsea ClineGreeceApril 16, 2023
  • Tilicho Peak: A Challenge Worth Taking

    My expedition to Tilicho Peak in Nepal was a surreal experience. From the moment I set foot at the base camp, I felt a rush of vitality and was struck by the astounding natural beauty surrounding me. The trail leading to the summit was well-defined, ensuring a smooth and secure journey. The climate was ideal, with unclouded skies and a balmy temperature, making every step effortless. I never felt uneasy or apprehensive throughout the journey, and the panoramic views left me in awe at every turn. The culmination of the climb was beyond anything I could have imagined. The view from the top was magnificent, and the vista stretched as far as the eye could see in every direction. The memories of this breathtaking experience will stay with me forever.

    Hannah FultonUnited KingdomApril 16, 2023
  • Reaching New Heights

    On my three Peak expeditions this spring, I was impressed with the top-notch arrangements made by Mountain Rock Treks. Their team of professionals and knowledgeable guides provided an exceptional experience, while the delicious food kept me fueled throughout the journey. However, it's worth noting that hunger can strike unexpectedly if you don't take advantage of Mountain Rock Treks' service. I also appreciated that I didn't experience any stomach issues during the expedition, thanks partly to Mountain Rock's adherence to the itinerary and timetables in Katmandu. This was a small miracle, given the chaotic traffic in the city. Without a doubt, the next time I plan a trip to Nepal, I'll be sure to check if Mountain Rock offers the services I need.

    Otis PruittGreenlandApril 15, 2023
  • Above the Clouds: An Unforgettable Tour of the Everest Region by Helicopter

    Mountain Rock Treks is the perfect choice for all travellers seeking a professional and organised helicopter tour to Everest base camp. My family and I, including my daughter who is under 15, were completely satisfied with their arrangements and thrilled with the stunning views from Kala Patthar. The mountains up close were absolutely breathtaking, making it the perfect tour for us.

    Amir CruzFranceApril 15, 2023
  • A Trek into the Worlds Highest Mountain Range in Ultimate Luxury

    After years of planning and determination, our dream of trekking to Nepal has finally become a reality. We're thrilled we made it happen with the awesome people at Mountain Rock Treks. Let me tell you, Deepak, who I've known since 2010, always hooks us up with incredible prices for any trip to Nepal and Bhutan. We went on an Annapurna trek with Mountain Rock Treks a few years back, and this time around, at the age of 45, we decided to go all out and indulge in a luxury trek to see Everest. Can you believe it? We've been travelling with them for over a decade now, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone passionate about exploring Nepal. 

    Faye MckinneyNew ZealandApril 10, 2023
  • The Thrilling Ascent to Ama Dablam Peak: A Review

    The Ama Dablam Expedition was an exceptional adventure that surpassed my expectations. Booking an expedition without meeting the leaders or team members can be daunting, but Deepak's thorough communication before the trip made me feel at ease. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, I was greeted as instructed and taken to a lovely hotel where Deepak met me, and we had dinner. The trek to base camp was well-designed, with easy daily walks to help us acclimate to the altitude. Base camp was fantastic, with great amenities, including a spacious tent, a kitchen tent, two toilet tents, and a shower tent. The climbing was enjoyable, and the Sherpa crew provided excellent support and friendliness throughout the journey. Summit day was a memorable experience.

    Alastair CottonWestern SaharaApril 10, 2023