Paragliding in Nepal is a recreational sport designed to meet the adrenaline rush and excitement of adventure enthusiasts. Paragliding was introduced in Nepal in 1995. Since then, it has been gaining lots of popularity. Nepal Paragliding fulfills the dream of everyone who wishes to savor nature's beauty by flying up in the sky. The experience of Paragliding gives you a wonderful sense of free-flying. Taking up this adventurous sport helps you rejuvenate yourself and lets you embrace the grandeur of Nepal. Flying in the open sky like a bird and observing the majestic Himalayas, shimmering lakes, bustling cities, and emerald hills, you will get astonished. 

The diverse geographical structure of Nepal offers various spots for paragliding. Among many, Paragliding in Pokhara is the most popular one. Pokhara Paragliding at Sarangkot is the world’s top 5 paragliding. Taking a drive of 20minutes from Pokhara, you can reach Sarangkot. From here, the flight takes off. You can enjoy the incredible views of mountains and sunrise from this point. Once the flight takes off, you will get overwhelmed instead of getting screamed and sharing the sky with the vultures, eagles, and kites. The views of Maachhapuchhre, Annapurna, Dhauligiri, and many more lures you from all around.
Further, look down for the mesmerizing views of temples, monasteries, lakes, forests, cities, and white raging rivers. After all of these, you will finally land near Phewa Tal. Flights in Pokhara are operated three times a day, around 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm. The first flights are usually calm, but after 12, the sun warms up the land making the flight more turbulent and exciting. 

There are different types of paragliding available at Pokhara. If you choose the cloudbuster paragliding, we take off from the Sarangkot and fly above Pokhara Valley. We land at the Lakeside, relishing the fascinating views of lakes, groves of trees, and beautiful mountains. This adventure is for a short time, but the experience you gain will last for a lifetime. Covering the long-distance Cross country flight lets you spend more time in the air. We start this flight from Sarangkot, and depending on the weather; we will cross the lake or fly as far as we can. We aim to return to Pokhara on the same day. If you wish to fly with the hawks, Parahawking in Nepal is also possible. It is available in paragliding paradise Pokhara. You can see more than 250 flights during the Peak season per day.

Besides Pokhara, some adventure lovers also opt to paraglide in Kathmandu and Bandipur. The famous places for paragliding inside the Kathmandu valley are Khot Danda, Godavari, Phulchowki, and Chapakharka. Paragliding in Kathmandu valley offers a great chance to get a bird’s eye view of Kathmandu valley.


Tandem Paragliding

Performing the Tandem Paragliding in Nepal does not require any experience, but guts are needed for sure. In Tandem Paragliding, passengers will fly with a certified pilot. The passenger will sit in a separate harness in front of the Pilot. Both the saddle are attached and the wing. Further, these paragliding harnesses are designed for safety and comfort. After the easy take-off, the passenger sits and enjoys the pleasant views of mountains, rivers, lakes, and beautiful settlements. Relaxing in comfortable seats, passengers can even take pictures and videos.


Solo Paragliding

If you are an experienced paraglider, you can opt to paraglide on your own. You have to take a flying permit from the Civil Aviation in Pokhara. The documents required are passport photocopy, visa photocopy, proof of insurance, passport-sized photographs, and your paragliding license. You also have to pay a certain amount to get the permit.

If you don’t have a paragliding license, you can get your international paraglider license from the world-class institutes in Nepal. Several operators provide the paragliding course in Nepal. By joining the course, you can improve your skills in Paragliding. Having the paraglider license, you can do solo paragliding in Nepal.

Best season for Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding is a weather-dependent sport. So to do paragliding, it is compulsory to have the perfect weather and climate. March to May and September to November are considered the best month for experiencing this exciting adventure.

How safe is Paragliding in Nepal?

Paragliding is an extreme adventure sport that involves various risks. The biggest threat is during take-off and landing if there is a sudden change in the wind. However, choosing a reputable company and paragliding with certified pilots can feel safe. Further, considering safety the primary concern, the equipment used in all the commercials is top-notch. It is mandatory to wear a windproof jacket and sturdy shoes. 


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