Besides the culture that lures people, the beauty of Nepal also enthralls the reckless traveler with its adventurous sports. For those who dare challenges, Nepal is the ideal destination to experience various adventures being bungy jumping one of the popular ones. If you are a real adventure lover, you should add bungy jumping in Nepal to your travel bucket list. Fascinating mountains, emerald hills, verdant forests, raging rivers, and deep gorges make Nepal the best place for bungy jumping.No previous training experience is required for Bungy jumping in Nepal. Only courage is enough to accomplish this exciting adventure. 

The jumper jumps off the ground with both feet attached to the elastic cord in this adventure. They experience the free fall until the elastic cord attached to them gets stretched out. Rebound and freefalling are the thrills of bungy jumping. Instead of getting scared, the jumpers will get exhilarated, experiencing this heart-pounding adventure. The bungy jumping experience in Nepal is unlike anything you have experienced before.

In recent years, the bungy jump has gained popularity in Nepal. Many national and international tourists are willing to experience the adrenaline rush through this adventure sport. 

Where can you do the bungy jump in Nepal?

There are two spots for bungy jumping in Nepal. You can experience the ultimate thrill of bungy jumping at the Last Resort along Arniko Highway or in the tranquil city of Pokhara.

Bungy Jumping at Bhotekoshi River Site

The bungy jump at Last resort is Nepal’s first and most famous Bungy jump. This incredible 160m drop into the Bhotekoshi river is one of the longest free-fall in the world. You will get mesmerized and terrified by jumping off the 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the gushing Bhote Koshi river. Located near the Nepal-Tibet border, a Newzealand’s leading bungy consultant designed the Bhote Koshi Bungy Jumping. It is operated by the most experienced jump masters in the business. Further, considering safety a primary concern, the bungy bridge was designed per the Swiss 4x safety measurement. 

The thrilling depth of the Bhote Koshi Bungy jump lures many travel enthusiasts to experience this adventure. On top of that, the stunning views of the forest, cliffs, raging rivers, and peoples adds more excitement and thrill to your journey.

Bungy Jumping at Pokhara

Bungy Jumping at Hemja, Pokhara, is the first and only tower Bungy in Nepal.  The bungy is set on a steel cliff extension and offers 70m of vertical drop with three seconds of free fall. The free fall lets you enjoy the spellbinding view of Pokhara valley. Surrounded by the spectacular mountains, you can even touch the water while bouncing below. Apart from the treks and peak climbing in Nepal, this adventure will take your thirst for adventure to the next level. It just takes a 20minutes drive to reach Hemja from Pokhara.

Best time for Bungy Jumping

You can go bungy jumping in Nepal throughout the year. However, it is recommended not to do the bungy jump during monsoon season. March-May and September-November are considered the best months to do bunjy jump in Nepal.

Things you should know before going for Bunjy Jumping in Nepal.

  • People suffering from health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, Orthopedic problem, Neurological problem, and Psychological problem are not allowed to do bungy jumping in Nepal. Also, pregnant women are recommended not to try this adventurous sport. Hence, it is better to do a routine medical check-up before the jump. 
  • You should follow all the instructions given by the experts for a safe jump.
  • It is recommended not to dress fancy and wear comfortable clothes. 
  • It is highly recommended to wear closed-toed shoes.
  • The weight limit for the bungy jump is between 40kg to 100kg.
  • A person above the 18years is allowed to try this adventure. Moreover, people below 18 years of age need the consent of their parents to indulge in this adventurous sport.


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