Newly opened trekking trails in Nepal mainly serve the people looking for quiet, natural, and non-touristic trekking trails in Nepal. Being the trekkers' paradise, the trekking routes of this country help any trekking enthusiasts. However, human wants and desires never stick to one thing for a long time. Along with the fulfillment of one wish, their desire gradually gets changes. Considering this, we can say that human desire to explore nature is also unsatisfiable as they always want more from the heart. Hence to provide satisfaction to the travelers to some extent Mountain Rock Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd is introducing some of the newly opened trekking routes in Nepal.

Most of the established trekking trails of the Annapurna and Everest regions, such as Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp trek, and many more, are getting crowded daily. These routes are constantly flocked by trekkers and travelers. Every year most trekkers join these treks. The trekkers may feel monotonous due to the frequent walk on the same ancient routes, which are busy and congested. So, after conquering most of the popular trekking trails, trekking enthusiasts always pursue newly opened trekking trails. 

The beauty of Nepal offers the trekkers an immense scope for trekking to the unspoiled regions. Nepal's newly opened trekking routes always go beyond the trekkers' expectations. There has been continuous exertion on the part of Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies working together in the tourism sector to identify new and exciting trekking trails and destinations. These trails take trekkers to the remote and isolated part of the Himalayas, where they can fully immerse themself in the ancient lifestyle enjoying the enthralling natural beauty. You can cherish every moment in the lap of the Himalayas. Walking through the newly opened routes revitalizes the body and soul of the trekkers. Nothing can rarely beat the joy that one can feel while wandering pristine nature. The reminiscing walk on the newly opened trekking routes makes your trek to Nepal excellent. Trekking along these off-beaten trails, discovering rare cultures, lifestyles, serene nature, astounding mountain views, and deepest valleys, you will get overwhelmed throughout your journey.

Some of the best newly opened trekking trails in Nepal are:

  • North Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  • DhudhKunda  Trekking
  • Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek
  • Lapchi Kang Milarepa Cave Trek
  • Mundhum Trail Trek
  • Bimthang Manaslu Nepal Trek
  • Lamjung Himal Trek - Less traveled area trek
  • Namun La Pass Trek
  • Baglungpani and Ghanpokhara Trek
  •  Rolwaling Valley Trek
  •  Rolwaling Trek with Tashi Lapcha
  •  Bigu Gompa Trek
  •  Churen Himal Base Camp Trek
  •  Hidden Village and Gurja Himal Trek
  •  Nagi Village Trek
  •  Gurja Himal Dhorpatan Trek

Why do we recommend new trekking routes?

Travelers want real adventure and constantly seek new dedestinationsUnfortunately, most of the popular trekking trails in Nepal are discovered a decade ago, and trekking to these destinations, you may encounter a crowd throughout the course. Therefore, if you have a craving for a peaceful, adventurous, and exciting trekking experience, then Nepal's newly opened trekking routes are the perfect option. Away from the popular trails, the newly opened courses offer wilderness experiences in both natural and cultural aspects. Trekking through any of those new trails, you experience an incredible blend of Himalayan culture and pristine natural biodiversity. Besides this, your visit to these places provides excellent aid for the locals who struggle for their existence.

Is the new trail safe for solo trekkers?

You can do the solo trek in Nepal with the proper preparation and precautions. Many trekkers are doing solo trekking on the trekking trails of Nepal. But when it comes to trek on the new trekking routes of Nepal, it is better to go with a local guide regarding safety and courses recognized. Trekking through the newly opened, less crowded, beaten trails, there may be various risks you may encounter. Due to this reason, it is always recommended to trek with the local guide for safe and stress-free travel.

Further, it would help if you did not have to worry about the routes and accommodation trekking with the local guide as they have better information on the trekking trails. They even recommend the best teahouse for accommodation. Apart from this, the local directories could be the best company for you throughout your trekking journey. Also, no one can better know the culture and tradition of a particular place other than Local guides. So, trekking with them, you get to better experience the local culture and lifestyle of the site you are traveling in. They will better allow you to connect with the locals as well. Whenever you feel sick, they are always there for you. Overall, trekking with the locals will enable you to explore the trails comfortably and feel safer. 

How much does it cost?

Compared to the Everest base camp trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and many other popular treks, trekking to the newly opened trekking trails is less expensive. 

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