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  • Scenic Delights

    The entire journey went incredibly smoothly, from the initial planning to the actual adventure. The team at Mountain Rock Treks did an outstanding job tailoring the plan to my preferences, and Deepak was exceptional. Because I was unfamiliar with the mountains, I relied on his recommendations for food and beverages. As a result, I didn't experience any altitude sickness and could fully savor the trek. When embarking on such adventures, having the best team is crucial, and that's precisely what we had. In fact, we even assisted some individuals from other groups on our way up, demonstrating the team's competence. The MRT team thoroughly checked our equipment, ensuring I had all the necessary gear. I felt safe and well-prepared throughout the entire journey. I eagerly anticipate trekking with them again shortly.

    Anastasia MathewsGermanySeptember 21, 2023
  • Nature's Symphony: Kapuche Lake and Kori Himal Trek

    One of my most rewarding experiences was my inaugural rugged trek, lasting seven days, covering both guide and transportation from Kathmandu. Our journey started with a 6-hour tourist bus ride to Pokhara and a 5-hour private jeep ride to sikles. In Sikles, we spent the night there. From here, it mainly consisted of uphill climbing. Our destination was Kapuche Lake and Kori Hill. The effort was truly worthwhile.

    Mateo WhitakerBahamasSeptember 16, 2023
  • Eco-Adventure Meets Luxury

    Experiencing the majestic Himalayas in person was an absolute dream come true. Our choice of Langtang was deliberate, as we were eager to immerse ourselves in this rural region's rich heritage of the Tamang and Sherpa communities. These resilient people are renowned for their mountaineering feats; meeting them in person was an awe-inspiring experience. Their dedication and hard work are truly admirable. The highlight of our adventure was undoubtedly the helicopter flight back. It gave us the unique opportunity to explore Langtang both on foot and from the skies. 

    Gina ShahMalaysiaSeptember 16, 2023
  • Exploring Gokyo: My Everest Base Camp Trek Review

    My trek to the EBC Gokyo Lake with Chola Pass was amazing. The food was incredibly delicious, the accommodations were spotless, and the people I met were fantastic. Our main guide, Dawa, was incredibly supportive and wonderful. I'm so grateful for the porters, Mingma, Ravi, and Aangdawa, without whom I couldn't have made it. This trip has been an incredible experience, and if I had the chance, I would love to go on another trek with all of you. Thank you all so much for being a part of this unforgettable journey.

    James McgowanCanadaSeptember 15, 2023
  • Best trip in my Lifetime

    we booked the everest base camp trek return by helicopter tour and we are group of 4 pax but unfortunately one of my friends canceled at the last minute. But they postponed the trip at the last minute. 3 of us start our trek from Kathmandu. we had Hotel Ramada Encore in Kathmandu and the best lodge on trek routes. we had supper experience guide Mahesh and Porter are supportive.  

    FathimaUnited Arab EmiratesSeptember 13, 2023
  • An Epic Adventure with MountainRockTreks

    I just returned to my home country from the Nepal-Bhutan tour with MountainRockTreks, and I can't stop raving about it. This 10-day adventure was a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural immersion. Whether it was hiking in the Annapurna region or exploring the dzongs in Bhutan, every day brought new excitement. The tour was well-organized, and the team at Mountain Rock Treks went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and enjoyment. If you're considering a journey to the Himalayas, don't hesitate to choose this tour company.

    Alec MooneyFijiSeptember 12, 2023
  • A Tranquil Escape

    Recently, I went on a remote trekking adventure to The Annapurnas with Deepak and his team. The journey was truly remarkable, with every aspect of the trip expertly taken care of by the team. Their dedication ensured that our experience became unforgettable. This upcoming spring, we plan to explore the lakes, and it was only natural to entrust Deepak with the arrangements again. Without fail, he orchestrated another exceptional expedition for our group. Throughout the journey, from the porters to the guide and even Deepak himself, their unwavering assistance was accompanied by warm smiles. For those seeking to travel or trek in Nepal, I wholeheartedly and confidently endorse Mountain Rock Treks and personally vouch for Deepak.

    Zoya O'connorAlbaniaSeptember 02, 2023
  • Trekking Marvel: Kapuche Lake and Kori Himal Journey

    We went on a week-long journey in Nepal, exploring Kapuche Lake and Kori Himal. Our trek was amazing, offering breathtaking mountain views. We're grateful to our local guide, Deepak, and the porter for their guidance and assistance. Their advice ensured a safe and pleasant trip. We look forward to returning to Nepal for more trekking adventures in its beautiful natural surroundings.

    Isobelle BarrettKuwaitSeptember 02, 2023