Nepal has magnificent mountain trekking, wild white-water rafting, and a superb variety of unspoiled national parks for an adventurous jungle safari. There are 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal. And the majority of them feature deep tropical jungles alive with exotic species and birds. You can ride an elephant or drive a four-wheeler to see wildlife and their habitats. You have the option of canoeing or birdwatching. Nature walks, village and cultural tours, bird viewing trips, and other activities are all possible. Nepal is a haven for flora and fauna. Nepal's various national parks have been protecting this incredible natural legacy.

You can observe swamp deer, black buck, musk deer, blue bull, Royal Bengal Tiger, Mugger Crocodiles and Gharial, Asiatic wild buffalo, and many more endangered animal and bird species. You will have plenty of opportunities to go for forest walks while admiring the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding jungle. In Nepal, you will find yourself in a great position to see the forest landscape, animals, birds, indigenous local people, their traditions, clothes, and dialects.

Why Choose Jungle Safari In Nepal? 

Mountain Rock Treks and Expedition offers jungle safari vacations in Nepal. Spend your jungle vacations with Mountain Rock Treks and Expedition, bathing in the sun among rivers and relaxing in well-built thatched huts. As the sound of crickets sends you to sleep, you see the sun setting over a great stretch of green ocean. Nepal Jungle excursions provide stunning views of some of the world's rarest and most endangered wildlife in these forests.

You can go on a jungle safari in Nepal's Chitwan and Bardia National Parks, two popular tourist destinations in the country's eastern corners. Chitwan is the most well-known national park in the country. It offers excellent opportunities to see the Royal Bengal Tigers, One-horned Rhinos, and crocodiles, and thrilling wilderness experiences in its deep and thick jungles. Bardia is another National Park that provides excellent jungle safari opportunities. You can even ride an elephant or use a four-wheel drive here to explore parts of Nepal's untouched natural areas.

In Nepal, jungle safari trips are ideal for unwinding, and many tourists take tours to one of the country's national parks to experience the forest. Choose one of the trips from the list to experience a wildlife tour in Nepal because Mountain Rock Treks has various tour packages, including a jungle safari and other Nepali excursions related to the Jungle activities. 

Top National Parks for Jungle Safaris-

Chitwan National Park

Safaris in the Chitwan National Park provide animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts with a memorable experience. Similarly, one of Nepal's most well-known national parks, Chitwan, is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has a variety of ecosystems, including grasslands, forests, and riverine habitats, which sustain a vast range of flora and wildlife.

An outline of what to expect on a safari in Chitwan National Park is given below:

  1. Expect to Encounter various Wildlife: The endangered one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, and sloth bears, as well as countless species of deer, monkeys, and reptiles, are all found in Chitwan National Park. With almost 500 bird species identified, the park is a birdwatcher's dream.
  2. All jungle activities to choose from: Chitwan provides a variety of safari experiences, such as car safaris, canoe rides, jungle hikes, and bird-watching excursions. Jeep safaris allow you to travel farther through the park and increase your chances of seeing wildlife. Water animals, including crocodiles and different water birds, can be seen during canoe trips along the Rapti and Narayani rivers. You may explore the park on foot while focusing on the smaller animals, vegetation, and birdlife with the help of jungle walks and bird-watching excursions.
  3. Accommodations Options In Chitwan: From modest lodges to luxurious resorts, Chitwan National Park offers a variety of lodging options to suit diverse tastes and budgets. In the buffer zone or on the park's fringes, numerous lodges and resorts provide safari packages that include lodging, meals, and guided activities.
  4. How to Reach Chitwan- Chitwan National Park is easily reachable from Pokhara and Kathmandu. You can take a 25-minute flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur Airport and then drive for roughly an hour to get to the park. Alternatively, you can travel 5 to 6 hours by private car or tourist bus from Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Bardia National Park

A safari in the Bardia National Park offers a close-up look at one of Nepal's biggest and least-polluted protected areas. Bardia, located in the Terai area, is renowned for its varied landscapes, including riverine forests, grasslands, and savannas, and supports a vast range of flora and animals. Compared to Chitwan National Park, Bardia offers a more secluded, off-the-beaten-path encounter.

An outline of things to expect during your Jungle safari in Bardia National Park is given below:

Numerous Wildlife Species to Encounter: The endangered Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, Asian elephants, and Gangetic dolphins are just a few of the creatures that call Bardia home. Numerous deer species, monkeys, sloth bears, and reptiles are examples of other animals. With almost 400 bird species identified, Bardia is a top spot for birdwatching.

Choose Safari excursions in the Park: There are many safari excursions available in Bardia, including vehicle safaris, elephant safaris, forest hikes, and river excursions. Jeep safaris offer a relaxing way to tour the area and improve your chances of seeing wildlife. Similarly, elephant safaris provide a distinctive viewpoint of the park's flora and fauna. The opportunity to learn more about the park's flora and animals is offered by guided jungle walks by knowledgeable naturalists. Activities on rivers like rafting and canoeing provide opportunities to see aquatic animals like crocodiles and Gangetic dolphins.

Accommodations Facilities- Bardia National Park offers a range of accommodation alternatives, from modest lodges to luxurious resorts. Near the park, numerous hotels and resorts provide safari packages that include lodging, meals, and escorted activities.

How to get there- Bardia National Park can be reached by taking a one-hour flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj Airport, followed by a two to three-hour drive. Alternatively, you can go there in roughly 12 to 15 hours by private car or tour bus from Kathmandu.

Best Months to Visit-  The dry season runs from October to March, which is the ideal time to explore Bardia National Park because the weather is more steady and wildlife sightings are more regular. As the water supplies dry up and animals congregate around the last few waterholes, April and May can also be profitable.

Types of Safari Activities in Chitwan and Bardiya National Parks

Nepal's national parks and wildlife reserves provide various safari activities to suit different interests and grades of adventure. The following are some of the most well-liked safari activities:

Jeep tours:- Jeep safaris offer a pleasant method to travel longer distances while exploring the park's sceneries and wildlife. An experienced guide who can answer questions about the flora and fauna seen on the safari is usually included.

Birdwatching Tours:- Birdwatchers will find Nepal a paradise, home to various bird species. Most national parks offer guided birding trips that concentrate on observing and identifying numerous bird species in their native settings.

Village excursions and cultural encounters:- Provide village excursions and cultural experiences in addition to wildlife-focused activities, giving participants a glimpse into the neighborhood's customs and way of life. Visits to local residences, schools, marketplaces, or traditional dance performances are a few examples of these activities.

Photography of wildlife

Wildlife photography:- Numerous national parks and hotels offer guided wildlife photography trips or workshops for photographers. These exercises concentrate on assisting participants in sharpening their photographic abilities while producing breathtaking photographs of wildlife and natural settings. Consider your interests, level of adventure, and time limits while organizing a jungle safari in Nepal to determine the safari activities that will fit you the most.

Elephant safari:- Elephant safaris are available in several national parks to navigate the grasslands and deep forests. Visitors get a unique vantage position from the elephant's back for viewing animals, such as tigers and rhinoceroses. 

Jungle hikes:- You may explore the park on foot and get closer to nature by taking part in jungle walks with knowledgeable guides or naturalists. These strolls are a great opportunity to spot smaller animals, plants, insects, and birdlife that a car safari could miss.