Mountain Rock Treks & Expedition is a Government registered Trekking Company in Nepal. Our trekking company is located in the tourist hub of Kathmandu at Thamel.

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Personal information we collect from our site to identify you are:

We require your personally identifiable information like name, address, telephone number, and email to correspond with you. You may visit our website and supply your personal information to request details regarding any trip or to subscribe to our e-newsletter. Mountain Rock Treks & Expedition use your data exclusively for the particular intention you have expected from us. In addition, we operate email links on our website to facilitate you to contact us straight via our mailing address.

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Transactions are secure on the website of Mountain Rock Treks & Expedition. Each transaction is protected by SSL-secured technology, meaning every message is 'scrambled' once a request is submitted and transferred over the internet. Sensitive information exchanged between your computer, and our website is encrypted using SSL. Your personal information is stored in servers for security and will never be made public. Such information is accessible by Mountain Rock Treks & Expedition staff ONLY when it's "a must be familiar with" for them. Also, during the payment of any trip or purchase of products via credit cards, the information on credit cards is not stored in our database.

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