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DateDeparture DateMay 26, 2024 - Jun 07, 2024PricePriceUS $1199StatusStatusAvailable(7 Seat Left)
Trip Details
Manaslu Round Trek
Trip NameManaslu Circuit TrekDuration: 15 Days
DateDeparture DateMay 29, 2024 - Jun 13, 2024PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusAvailable(4 Seat Left)
Trip Details
Ebc Luxury trek
Trip NameEverest Base Camp Luxury Lodge TrekDuration: 14 Days
DateDeparture DateMay 30, 2024 - Jun 13, 2024PricePriceUS $2600StatusStatusAvailable(3 Seat Left)
Trip Details
Annapurna Base Camp Trek
Trip NameAnnapurna Base Camp TrekDuration: 10 Days
DateDeparture DateJun 12, 2024 - Jun 22, 2024PricePriceUS $700StatusStatusAvailable(3 Seat Left)
Trip Details

Trekking and Tour Company in Nepal

We proudly announce that we have always been able to fulfill our customer's choices and interest in traveling. We are much known to have happy customers. Mountain rock treks and expeditions intend to set an excellent example for Nepalese Trekking Companies. Our purpose is to keep a financially competitive firm with a small profit margin and provide perfect conditions for workers and incentives for our employees and the individuals we visit in the community. We provide genuinely liberal services and an excellent experience for guests and visitors. We maintain sustainable business operations while respecting environmental and cultural sensitivity.

Our whole crew is well-versed in Nepali cultures, religions, history, geography, and economics, among other things. Over a year, this expertise has been beneficial to the organization.

Mountain Rock Trek and Expeditions is a well-established Nepal government-registered firm with the objective of enchanting guests with a fantastic travel experience.

Mountain rock treks and expeditions have been backed up by a group of skilled, energetic, and enterprising trekking guides and tour leaders. In addition, thousands of adventure and leisure vacations have been offered over our combined working careers.

Many of our clients have become our friends and our best advertisement due to our quality, safety record, courteous, and cost-effective service. As a result, we are delighted to continue to welcome old and new clients and share our nation's beauty and culture with them. 

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For your peace of mind

Have comfortable knowing that you are with a responsible and professional company with outstanding services and an experienced team.

  • Award-Winning Company

    Award-Winning Company

    Our company is no less than other in sense of various awards that enhance our work and dedication.

  • Best Price Guaranteed

    Best Price Guaranteed

    Our objective is to collaborate with you to design the perfect itinerary that meets your requirements, skills, and desires.

  • 99 % Success Rate

    99 % Success Rate

    We have records of satisfied guests who often call us for the number of services to provide.

  • The Highest Standard of Safety Operations

    The Highest Standard of Safety Operations

    This company is ahead of the curve, with more programs and a high sense of personal success.

  • Group And Tailor Made Travel

    Group And Tailor Made Travel

    We try our level best to take care of the travellers suggesting them to choose group treks which are more fun also.

  • Secure Or Timeless Deposit

    Secure Or Timeless Deposit

    We are a properly licensed corporation with operations in a number of countries around the world.

  • Responsible And Sustainable Travel

    Responsible And Sustainable Travel

    To make your travel safe and sound is what falls under our top most priority.

  • Government Certified Guides

    Government Certified Guides

    The local government has certified all of our tour leaders.

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