Nepal knows as a country of Himalayas with adventures activities like as Trekking, Rock climbing, expedition, bungee jumping, canyoning, paragliding, honey haunting. Rock climbing in Nepal is popular for both indoor and outdoor, Man-made wall climbing and natural wall climbing and bouldering is an extreme adventure in Nepal. Nepal has a different landscape from lowland 60 meters to the highest peak 8848 meters. Rock climbing is one of the dangerous sport, it depends on mentally and physically control of climbers.

Nowadays Rock climbing in Nepal increasing in the cause of physical fitness, to get an experience of expeditions activities, get balance, passion, and knowledge, discipline. Rock climbing also understands that physical and mental sport, it will check personal bravery, ability to think and understand quickly, get balance with thinking control. We offer rock climbing activities to get different experience bird watching, Trekking in Nepal, explore nature. We organized two different programs day Rock climbing near Kathmandu and trekking as well as climbing combine program.