Naya Kanga Peak Climbing- 14 Days

Trip Overview
  • Duration 14 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate or Grade B (**)
  • DestinationNepal
  • Meals & AccommodationB-L-D and Teahouse/Tented
  • Trip Start & EndKathmandu
  • Trip TypePeak Climbing
  • Major AttractionLangtang Valley, Naga Peak Climb
  • Maximum Altitude5,844 meters
  • Best TimeAutumn Season and Spring Season

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing journey, taking you at 5,844 meters (19,164 feet), is an easy trekking peak in the Langtang region just north of Kathmandu, Nepal. A 14-day journey to Naya Kanga, aka Ganja la Chuli, will give you insight into the Tibetan version of the Tamang people and their culture. 

This Climbing Naya Kanga Peak Adventure offers visitors exclusive views of the Langshisha Ri, Ganesh Himal family, Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Naya Kanga Peak, Yala Peak, and Shishapangma. 

In addition, Naya Kanga is also known as Ganja Chuli. Naya Kanga Peak Climbing 14 days starts from Syabrubesi and takes climbers to farmlands, villages, and all varieties of bamboo, rhododendrons, conifers, oaks, and pines.

The Peak Naya Kanga Climbing is a perfect alternative for both trekkers and climbers, as it allows them to see vibrant flora and fauna well preserved in the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. The most distinctive thing for adventure seekers is the unparalleled pleasure of reaching the summit of Naya Kang Peak and Langtang Valley on the Climbing Naya Kanga Peak Package. It would be better if hikers had climbing peak instructions before they tried to climb the peak. 

The 14-day-long Naya Kanga peak climbing in the Langtang area begins from Syabrubesi via 8 - an 8-hour drive from Kathmandu. Step through a rhododendron and oak forest as you march towards the Lama Hotel. Go up along the same Langtang river, cross the Ghoda Tabela, and reach the Langtang Village as per your Naya Kanga peak Climbing Itinerary. From Langtang Village, take a trek up to the Kyanjin Gompa. Spend one extra day here and take an acclimatization hike up to the Tsergo-Ri.

Next, as per the Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Itinerary, reach Naya Kanga Base Camp and spend some days there before finally reaching the summit. Descend via Kyanging Gompa, Langtang Village, and Lama Hotel, return to Syabrubesi, and then to Kathmandu, signifying the completion of your 14-day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Itinerary.

In the spring and autumn months, the Langtang region, where you go for Peak Naya Kanga Climbing, becomes beautiful, with flowers growing everywhere. Moreover, there is a very narrow river gorge of Langtang River, which travellers cross to ultimately reach the tremendous alpine grassland of Kyangin Gompa, where the meadow touches the glacier. Climbing Naya Kanga Peak offers the view of yaks grazing on the mountain plains with Langtang Ri, Dorjee Lakpa, Langtang Lirung, and many other unnamed mountains in the background. 

If the thought of taking this peak climbing challenge intrigues you, reserve this 14-day Naya Kanga Peak climbing for the spring and Autumn. At Mountain Rock Treks, we provide this Peak  Naya Kanga Climbing 14 Day adventure at the best cost and with the best-designed itinerary. The professional guides who will guide you during this Langtang Valley trek With Naya Kanga Climbing will ensure that you are safe and make it to the top successfully. They also offer you a rare cultural experience in the Langtang area.

Naya Peak Climbing 14-Day Package Key Features

  • Fabulous vistas of the arrayed snow-clad mountains of Langtang Lirung, Surya Peak, Dorje Lakpa, Yala Peak, etc. 
  • Reach Naya Kanga peak at 5844 meters with the best-designed Naya Kanga Itinerary in 14 days.
  • Picturesque Naya Kanga peak climbing paths take you to a forest with a backdrop view of  the mountains
  • Reach the famous valley of the Nepal Langtang Valley with the Climbing Naya Kanga Peak Package.
  • Sunrise and sunset views from the hilltops 
  • 360° panorama view of the Langtang region from the top of Naya Kanga. 
  • Hike in the Langtang National Park on your Naya Kanga peak climbing journey and discover the variety of trees and animals, such as the red panda and snow leopard.
  • Enjoy the blend of Tibetan and Nepalese cultures. 
  • Travel to the old Kyanjin Gompa, a significant Buddhist monastery in the place of Langtang.
  • Reach the peak with the best-experienced mountain climbing guide on the Climbing Naya Kanga Peak Package for 14 days. 

Where is Naya Kanga Peak Located?

Naya Kanga Peak, known as Ganja La Chuli, is located in Langtang, north of Kathmandu (Nepal's capital). Peak Naya Kanga Climbing takes you to 5,844 meters (19,177 ft.) high within the Langtang National Park. This peak is part of the Ganesh Himal sub-range of the grand Himalayan Mountains.

Due to its location in the Langtang area, Peak Naya Kanga Climbing is a popular spot for mountaineers and hikers. It has gained popularity for peak climbing. The standard Naya Kanga Peak Climbing route to reach the summit starts with a trek through the lush Langtang Valley, followed by a climb up the northwest ridge of the peak. 

Naya Kanga presents gorgeous Himalayan scenery and a joyful climb without extreme technical obstacles. Therefore, the 14-day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Itinerary is designed for climbers searching for an exciting hike to the top of the mountain in a wonderful ambiance. The trek up to the Base Camp and the climb itself will be an experience to remember as it takes a trip through rural villages and Langtang valleys until reaching the peak on the 14-day trip. 

What To Expect From 14 Day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing 

You can expect a fully guided 14-day Naya Kanga peak climbing trip for beginners and experienced climbers. With us, you can expect to travel to the most beautiful part of Nepal, which is suitable for all climbing enthusiasts. This 14-day climbing Naya Kanga peak package offers transport, accommodation, food, a guide, and porters who carry your belongings. Here is more about what you can expect on your Climbing of Naya Kanga Peak package with us below:

  • Be assured that highly experienced and certified guides who are experts in mountaineering and know the Naya Kanga Climbing route perfectly will be your guides. They will lead the way and teach different techniques, proper gear use, and acclimatization to the altitude.
  • Expect great accommodation in tea houses throughout the 14 Day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing journey. At the base camp, stay at tented accommodation prepared for you by the guides. Teahouses will offer simple meals.
  • Spend time in remote villages to see how people of different cultures, like Tamang, Sherpa, and Tibetans, live and interact with them with the help of your guides. 
  • Expect a well-arranged trip operated by a trustworthy firm on the 14-Day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Package. We take care of all the passes and paperwork, porters, order of climb, safety gear, guide coordination, etc., so the climbers can focus on the adventure.
  • During the Naya Kanga Peak Climbing trip, expect spectacular views of the Langtang range of the Himalayas and the surrounding peaks. The final day of the summit offers 360-degree views.
  • Develop mountaineering skills by learning to use technical gear such as crampons, ice axes, ropes, and harnesses, which are required to continue the climb. 
  • Expect a properly organized Naya Kanga Peak Climbing 14-Day Itinerary that includes different acclimatization days before proceeding to the summit. This avoids altitude sickness.
  • The guide will support, guide, suggest, and provide first aid in case any uncertainties arise, like altitude sickness during the Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Journey.

Can a Beginner Go On Naya Kanga Peak Climbing? 

Yes, a beginner can attempt Naya Kanga Peak climbing with proper guidance and support. As a peak climbing organizer, we ensure clients' safety by having experienced guides like Sherpas provide instruction throughout the climb.  Though Kanga Peak reaches nearly 6,000 meters, climbers consider it an easy peak climbing destination. However, here are some things to consider for a beginner before going on this Peak Naya Kanga Climbing trip. 

  • Having some prior experience with rock scrambling, navigating uneven terrain, and using basic mountaineering equipment like ice axes and crampons helps significantly on the Naya Kanga Climbing adventure. 
  • We also advise beginners to be in good physical shape and have basic climbing skills for an easy climb to Naya Kanga Peak. Acclimatization to altitude is also key. 
  • As long as beginners slowly ascend, acclimatize properly at base camp, follow safety protocols, and work closely with our experienced guides, Kanga Peak is an achievable beginner climb. 
  • We take all precautions to mitigate risks, but climbing any peak has inherent dangers that beginners must acknowledge. With dedication and caution, beginners can take on this Naya Kanga Peak Climb 14 Day trip. 

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Right for You?

Yes, Naya Kanga Peak climbing is right for you, whether you're a beginner or an experienced mountaineer. At 5,844 meters (19,164 feet), it's easier to summit than Nepal's giants, making it an ideal introduction to peak climbing. With a trek and peak combined, this Climb of Naya Kanga Peak 14-day adventure offers the best of both worlds. Naya Kanga delivers stunning Himalayan scenery without the difficulty of taller peaks, so it's accessible for all adventure-seekers wanting a taste of ascent glory.  Here are some grounds to decide if this Peak  Naya Kanga Climbing adventure is right for you or not. 

  • Naya Kanga Peak Climbing 14 days is the Ideal package to choose for beginners and experienced climbers alike as it reaches a moderate altitude of 5,844m, allowing you to summit without extreme difficulty.
  • Lower elevation than famous Nepali peaks like Island or Mera Peak provides an accessible introduction to peak climbing in the Himalayas.
  • Combines the challenge of summiting a peak with the stunning views and cultural immersion of a trek through remote mountain regions
  • The trekking portion of the Climbing of Naya Kanga Peak 14-Day package allows you to acclimatize and prepare for the summit push. The summit bid usually takes 1-2 days, depending on the weather, giving you a manageable yet thrilling glimpse of mountaineering.
  • Chance to learn essential peak climbing skills like rope work, ice axe use, and crampon use. 
  • Experienced guides assist you closely during the Naya Kanga climb, ensuring safety and support.
  • Relatively low cost compared to higher peaks makes it economically feasible.
  • Remote location on the Climbing of Naya Kanga Peak route takes you away from crowded trails to pristine mountain landscapes.
  • Opportunity for stunning Himalayan views of giants like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri
  • Cultural glimpses of remote mountain villages untouched by modernization
  • Sense of achievement upon completing the Naya Kanga Himalayan peak Climb and gaining a new perspective high above the valleys.

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Cost

The Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Package costs $100  per person and can reach up to $1000 per person with Mountain Rock Treks. Tourists can book this peak climbing of Naya Kanga for 14 days in a group and get the best deal at a discount cost. 

This group Climb of Naya Kanga Peak package is suitable for those waiting to make the trip at a budget cost. This peak climbing in the Langtang region at Mountain Rock Treks features seasoned and well-learned guides. Whether in groups of 2 or 10, you will have an amazing 14 Day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing at the best cost. The cost of our Naya Kanga Peak Climbing per person for a 14 days trip depends on the number of people on the team, and we have an excellent discount plan for the bigger teams. Here are the Group cost for Naya Kanga Climbing below:

No of Pax

Cost Per Person



$  2200

Available to Book


$ 2100

Available to Book


$ 1790

Available to Book

Note: The Naya Kanga Peak Climbing cost covers necessities like guides, transport, food, and camping arrangements. Additional fees for equipment rentals, porters, single supplements, or extra services may apply. Contact Mountain Rock Treks to learn about group discounts and customize your 14 Days Naya Kanga Peak adventure.

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Day to Day Info

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On your arrival at Kathmandu Airport, our team members from Mountain Rock Treks will accompany you and take you to the hotel where you will stay. After settling in, walk through the lanes of Kathmandu. Use this day on your Climbing Naya Kanga Peak Itinerary to shop for all trekking gear and familiarise yourself with the surrounding shops. After that, our knowledgeable guide will finally summarise the 14-day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Itinerary with you. Last but not least, join us at the welcome dinner at an authentic Nepalese restaurant. This is the time to meet our cheerful staff members and new friends. 

  • Hotels
  • Breakfast
  • Free Day
  • 1400m

Before you begin your Naya Kanga peak climbing adventure, one day extra is reserved to take care of all the paperwork required. Today's schedule consists of acquiring the permit for Naya Kanga Peak and exploring Kathmandu City. 

Bring your passport, three passport-size photos, and proof of travel insurance for a permit. 

Your Kathmandu sightseeing tour for the day begins with a Pashupatinath visit. The temple is located opposite the Bagmati River and is the most sacred Hindu temple in the country. Next, go through the peaceful atmosphere of Buddha Nath, also called Little Tibet,, and later stroll through the legendary Monkey Temple, Swayambhunath. End your sightseeing tour in the Climbing Naya Kanga Peak Itinerary with a visit to the historical place of Kathmandu Durbar Square. Later, stroll around the Thamel and go for final shopping before our Naya Kanga peak climbing itinerary starts, and then return to the hotel. 

  • Hotels
  • Breakfast
  • Free Day
  • 1400m

Your 14 day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Itinerary will begin after breakfast from Kathmandu, which is an incredible drive to Syabrubesi with stunning scenery. Thus, our representative will organise a pick-up service from your accommodation so that the 14 day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Itinerary starts without hassle. En route, on the road trip to the Syabrubesi, enjoy the stunning landscapes and the river flowing by. An inspiring view of Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and other peaks can be seen. After an 8-9 hr drive, you finally reach Syabru Besi. The trek starts at the point of your  Naya Kanga Peak Climbing. Overnight, we will be at one of the tea houses, the Syabru Besi. 

  • Tea Houses
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 8/9 hr
  • 1450m

After Breakfast, resume the adventurous side of the Climb of Naya Kanga Peak Itinerary with a trek from Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel. Today, you will trace the Bhote Koshi river, starting your trip early to reach the Lama Hotel on time. Trekking through off-beat remote trails and passing through places like Guru Rinpoche Gompa and the Langtang Khola, the adventure is accompanied by all flora and fauna. 

This leg of your Climbing Naya Kanga Peak adventure introduces you to the oak, fir, and pine forests as you cross stone-paved roads and suspension bridges. On the trail, picturesque villages like Bamboo and Rimche will give you a glimpse into the local culture before finally reaching the Lama. overnight, we will be at one of the best tea houses around where accompanied by views of the astonishing surroundings, 

  • Tea Houses
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 6 hr
  • 2470m

After breakfast, your trek journey will start from Lama Hotel, and you will continue to Langtang village as per the Naya Kanga Peak Climbing 14 Day Itinerary on day 5. Hike through forests in various colours (conifer, oak, and rhododendrons rich in fauna) and give a little sketch of the magnificent Langtang Lirung if the weather is stable. When entering the Langtang National Park premises, your permits are checked at the entrance. 

The top of the icy summits, especially Mt. Langtang, will be more visible as you hike in the national park area. Continue the hike, and you will reach Ghoda Tabela, then cross a wooden bridge. Afterward, you will hike through yak pastures, cross a helipad, and hike to rhododendron forests before finally reaching the Langtang village. Overnight will be at one of the best tea houses in Langtang Village. 

  • Tea Houses
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 6 hr
  • 3330m

After the mouthwatering breakfast, you will continue your 14 Day-Naya kanga Peak Climbing journey. It will take 2-3 hours to get from the village of Langtang to Kyanjin Gompa. The path will start leisurely, and you will see Mani walls and many big chorten. When you cross the stream and reach Mundu, you will see some beautiful prayer flags during the moderately steep climb in a while. From Mundu, cross the moraines and several wooden bridges.

Amidst such an immersive experience, the settlement of Kyanjin Gompa and the glaciers of Kimshug and Langtang Lirung Peak will become visible. You can visit the well-known Buddhist monastery in Kyanjin Gompa. Overnight will be at one of the tea houses around the Kyanjin Gompa.

  • Tea Houses
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 3 hr
  • 3870m

The first acclimatization day on your 14 Day-Naya Kanga Peak climbing itinerary is scheduled for today. 

Acclimatization is the critical factor that lets climbers, mainly in peak climbing, such as naya kanga peak climbing, safely without the possible risk of Altitude Sickness. With the scheduled acclimatization hikes on your Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Itinerary, your competence in adapting to steep mountain and terrain conditions will be improved. In high-altitude treks or above 2400 m, oxygen and air pressure are not as high as usual. As a result, acclimatization hiking becomes a perfect option for you to choose from, and you feel exceptionally comfortable with the surroundings very fast before finally pushing for the summit of Naya Kanga Peak. 

In addition to today's acclimatization day, you can explore the Kyanjin Gompa region. The most exciting place in the area is the cheese factory. You can have some local dairies to taste right there. Moreover, we suggest you add an acclimation hike to nearby places like Kyanjin Ri or Tsergo Ri on your Climbing Naya Kanga Peak Itinerary. 

The village of Langshisha Kharka may also be a good destination for a short excursion. After exploring the area and your acclimatization hike, return to Kyanjin Gompa for an overnight stay. 

  • Tea Houses
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Free day
  • 3870m

Following the breakfast from the Kyanjin Gompa, you will hike up to the Naya Kanga Base Camp, where your summit push starts. To reach the base camp, follow the uphill trail after crossing the Langtang River. Naya Kanga base camp is located on a small plateau south of the Kyanjin Gompa and requires a hike of 4-5 hours to reach. The route to reach the Naya Kanga base camp for your peak climbing winds through the ancient oak woods. You finally get to the base camp after traversing the steep and rocky slope. There are no tea houses here, so you will have your dinner and spend the night at the tented camp set up by your guides. 

  • Tented Camps
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 5hr
  • 4400m

After having breakfast in your Tented camp, at the base camp you will be heading to Naya Kanga High camp. You can encounter towering mountains and green-hilled landscapes while climbing toward the high camp. The walk is short. After reaching the high camp, guides will settle in the glacier part. Before you make your final push tomorrow, these tented camps will be the starting point. The guide provides information about climbing techniques and other things you should know before reaching the peak. Spend the overnight here at the tented camps at the high camp. 

  • Tented Camps
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 5hr
  • 5000m

Today is the big event, and you go for the final push to summit Naya Kanga (5844m) from the high camp, which is the main highlight of your Climbing Naya Kanga Peak Itinerary.  Wake up at 4 am and start the start preparation for the summit push. After a quick meal and last-minute gear checks, you start to climb under the cover of darkness. 

As you climb from the High Camp (5000m), the route goes steep right from the beginning. Our rope sections are up as we haul ourselves up the draining yet non-technical surface. As the sun rises, you encounter the views of the glaciers along with the mountains and valleys beneath you. You stay at the summit for some time while enjoying the 360 panoramas of the Langtang region. Then, you return to Nayakanga base camp (4400m) to spend the night and rest ending the 10th day on your Climb of Naya Kanga Peak Itinerary. 

  • Tented Camps
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 8hr
  • 5844m

After breakfast at the Naya Kanga Peak base camp, you will continue to descend to the Langtang Village. En route to the decent Naya Kanga peak climbing Journey, you will again stop at the Kyanjin Gompa. Today, the trail from the base camp goes through juniper bushes just a little way from the Kyanjin Gompa. Enjoy lunch here for the last time and resume hiking towards the Langtang village. You will reach the Langtang Valley village after hiking for an hour or two. The tea house will be booked for your convenience. You can rest here and celebrate completing the Naya Kanga peak climbing.  

  • Tea Houses
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 7 hr
  • (3330m

Before leaving Langtang, you will have a big breakfast and say a final goodbye to those majestic mountains that both stand above with pride and splendour. You will take the same route as before and stop at the GhodaTabela to enjoy lunch. On the hike, you will get to appreciate the wonders of the mountains, which you admired earlier in a different place. You will walk through a dense forest and finally reach the Lama Hotel. Spend overnight at the tea houses. 

  • Tea Houses
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 4/ 5 hr
  • 2470m

After breakfast at Lama Hotel, it is time to resume your descending journey on your 14-day Naya Kanga peak climbing itinerary. You take the trail, which winds up to Sherpa Gaon and further on to Syabrubesi. Transverse the route lined with the bamboo forest and woodland.   You will most likely have a complete view of splendid mountains and forests along the route. In this broader path, you will walk across two upper regions inhabited by the Tamang and Sherpa people. 

The trail starts with a gentle walk and then becomes steep before you finally get to Syabrubesi. You can interact with the locals here, who are mainly from Tamang. When you are travelling, you will come across the astonishing Himalayan Alps. You cross the Langtang and Bhote Koshi and finally reach the Syabrubesi. Overnight will be at one of the tea houses at Syabrubesi. 

  • Tea Houses
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • 5hr
  • 1450m

Today is the last day in the Langtang Valley. After breakfast, you board a bus from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu, which marks the end of your Naya Kanga Peak Climbing 14 Day Itinerary. During your road trip, you will observe rice terraces, small villages, rivers, mountains, and many other things in the Langtang area for the final time. 

You will take a drive alongside the flowing Trishul River. Enjoy the lovely, green-coloured trees by the river bank. After a 7-8 hour drive, you reach Kathmandu in the evening, which marks the end of the Naya peak climbing journey. After reaching Kathmandu, proceed towards your hotels and rest for a bit, later in the evening, explore Thamel's main attractions. Enjoy the last meal with the Mountain Rock Treks team upon completing your 14-day Naga peak climbing journey. 

  • Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • 8/ 9 hr
  • 1400m

We are pleased to offer the flexibility of tailoring your journey to your desired duration and places, whether extended or shortened, as our proficient team of locals-cum-guides, porters, and accompanying staff have an in-depth understanding of every location traveled.

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Cost Details


  • Accommodation, meals with a hot drink at lodges
  • English-speaking trekking guide and climbing guide
  • Porters
  • Private vehicle for a drive to Langtang
  • Naya khanga Peak climbing permit and other require Permits.
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu(standard Accommodation).
  • Tents, camping equipment, fixed climbing ropes and group climbing equipment.
  • Staff insurance and food/accommodation allowances
  • Garbage deposit fee


  • Air fare to Kathmandu.
  • Personal Equipment for Climbing.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Mineral water, soft drinks, or boiled drinking water on the trek
  • Single room supplements.
  • Meals in Kathmandu.

Essential Info

When is the Best Time for a 14-day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Adventure?

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing 14 days could be the best adventure to book in autumn ( September, October, November) and spring ( March, April, May). Trekking to the Langtang area and the Naya Kanga peak climbing may be your best bet if you are looking for something unique other than regular activities.  For this reason, spring and autumn are the months to start this Climb of Naya Kanga Peak. Similarly, spring and autumn are peak hiking seasons.

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing in Autumn Season

September, October, and November in the fall are undoubtedly the best options for Naya Kanga Peak Climbing, as the weather is usually calm throughout the year. The fascinating part of Naya Kanga Peak Climbing in Autumn Season is that you can find only an unhindered blue sky with an astounding panorama of the snow-capped mountains. Also, the significant influx of tourists will open all the accommodations and eateries en route. Moreover, given that Dashain, Tihar, and other considerable festivals are held in the autumn, you can enjoy the trek and the culture. 

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing in Spring Season

From March through May, one can expect good climbing weather at Naya Kanga Peak. When winter snow melts, they display their rhododendron flowers on all the hill slopes surrounding the mountain peak, spreading redness and pinkness over the landscape. Clear blue skies allow for the unhindered views of the breathtaking Himalayan mountain ranges. Temperatures are suited for the 14-Day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Package and camping. Snow on the summit is in place, and the images will be unmatched. From a perfect weather perspective, spring is a magic time to test your survival limits on this beautiful peak. 

How To Prepare for Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Journey?

There is no need to arrange accommodations, permits, guides, transportation, or food, as the Climbing Naya Kanga Peak Package includes all that. Just focus your preparation on getting in physical shape, gathering proper clothing and gear, etc., to take on the challenge of summiting Naya Kanga Peak. Here are some of the operations you can make before: 

  • Always perform daily exercises, including running, hiking, and strength training, to improve your cardiovascular fitness and physical appearance, which is essential for the climb of Naya Kanga Peak.
  • To prepare the body for high altitude, do some hiking in the mountains and enroll in acute mountain sickness classes. This skill is a must and will help you manage low oxygen levels and temperatures down to -10 degrees or even lower.
  • Your Diet on the Climbing Naya Kanga Peak should include some energy-dense foods that can be easily prepared and consumed, besides some nutritious food just for energy maintenance.
  • Go to the hospital for a physical check-up before training to ensure that you are perfectly healthy and do not have diseases or any other issues that would keep you from going for the Naya Kanga Peak climbing. 

Tea Houses and Tented Accommodation on Naya Kanga Peak Climbing

The Naya Kanga Peak climbing package includes 14 days of accommodation. You will stay in local tea houses during the trek to base camp. Once at base camp, tents will be set up for you to stay in as you make your summit push and back down with the guidance of the trek leaders.

Based on your preference and affordability, the best hotels and rooms are in Kathmandu which is the starting point of your Climbing of Naya Kanga Peak trip . However, while ascending, you will stay in a tea house, each room with a pair of beds. On most days, you will use the common restrooms outside your room. There is a community place where everybody gathers to eat, and sitting around the campfire is the best way to relax at night. A sleeping bag is a must-have when you are at high altitudes.

In the middle of elevations on the 14-Day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Package, the teahouses and lodges are generally quite comfortable, with beds, blankets, and facilities such as hot showers and toilets. However, the closer you go to the mountains, the more basic the facilities become, and by then, you will not find hot water or similar amenities.

During the ascent of Naya Kanga Peak base camp, you will be accommodated in tents arranged by the Mountain Rock Treks guide. Tents are the most basic shelter. 

Meals Availability on Naya Kanga Peak Climbing

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided throughout the Naya Kanga peak climbing journey. Most dinners are at tea houses, while meals are served at base camp in tented camps.

The meals on the Naya Kanga peak climbing journey are nutritious and hygienic. Fresh vegetables and fluids are essential for staying healthy. In the meantime, a combination of non-vegetarian foods with dairy coffee or alcohol is not recommended.

For breakfast on the 14 day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing, you can choose oatmeal and cornflakes. You can also get toast with jam, butter, cheese, or honey, Tibetan bread, eggs, pancakes, muesli, and more, plus fruits, veggies, and hot drinks. For lunch and dinner, you can taste dishes like dhal Bhat Tarkari, vegetable curries, potatoes, vegetables, Tibetan bread, different soups, sandwiches, Akhal tai, Thukpa, pasta, and more to energize the hiking.  

At higher elevations, the food variety can become more limited on Climbing of Naya Kanga Peak. Along with stocking up on energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits, you should consider bringing snacks with more calories than your regular meals. Please inform the staff beforehand of your dietary restrictions or accommodation needs. 

How Difficult is Naya Kanga Peak Climbing?

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing is considered a moderately challenging ascent. At an elevation of 19,166 feet, the mountain requires some technical climbing skills, like using ropes, crampons, and ice axes. The 14 day Climb of Naya Kanga Peak involves strenuous trekking through wilderness terrain and a steep incline. 

Scenic vistas of forests, rivers, and high-altitude meadows are seen along the trekking route. The major difficulties on the Climb of Naya Kanga peak 14 day adventure are the unpredictable weather and high elevation. The weather can change abruptly with shifts in visibility and air density at high elevations. 

Acclimatizing fully before starting the climb of Naya Kanga Peak is important as altitude sickness is a risk. No prior technical training or experience is needed for Naya Kanga Peak, but reasonable fitness is a must to undertake this demanding journey. One must carry Diamox pills to prevent altitude sickness and be prepared to descend if symptoms persist. Altitude sickness can worsen if not treated carefully.

What Permits Are Required for Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Adventure?

Three different permits are required for your Naya Kanga Peak climbing Journey:

Peak Climbing Permit from Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)

The first permit to be acquired for the Climb of Naya Kanga Peak is from the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Naya Kanga itself belongs to the B category of mountains. Peak climbing permits cost differently according to the seasons. 

  • Spring Season: $250 
  • Autumn Season: $125
  • Summer or Winter months: $70

Langtang National Park Permit For Trekking

You must get a Langtang National Park entry permit, as the Climb of Naya Kanga peak route will lead you through the park. Nevertheless, it is $30 per person, plus the 13% tax. Residents of SAARC countries will receive a special price of $15, including VAT. For children aged below ten years, they go free on foot.

TIMS Card For Trekking

On top of that, a TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) is compulsory that should be obtained for 14 day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing. It all costs around NPR 2000( or $20). Despite the price, however, it only takes 30 minutes for the grant of personal information and paying of fees after applying for it.

Garbage Deposit Cost

Lastly, climbers must make a 500-dollar garbage deposit to NMA while collecting the Naya Kanga Peak Climbing permit. The deposit is 100% refundable. Travel agencies generally charge this deposit from travelers before departure and pay it back after completing the tour.

Here is more detailed information about what permits are required and how to obtain Naya Kanga Peak Climbing permits. 

Altitude Sickness Considerations on Naya Kanga Peak Climbing

As the climb to Naya Kanga Peak reaches over 5,844m, people can also suffer from high altitude sickness. Symptoms related to the shortage of oxygen, such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, and shortness of breath, usually start around 3,500 meters. 

In addition, these symptoms can deteriorate to an extreme level. Severe headaches, insomnia, dizziness, chest tightness, loss of coordination, walking difficulties, and others are possible. The greater the height, the more acute the symptoms may be.

The guide team of Mountain Rock Treks is highly trained in altitude sickness and emergency care protocols. Some remedies to try when experiencing altitude sickness on the Naya Kanga climb include:

  • Going for lower altitude as much as possible
  • Keeping hydration as a priority
  • Avoiding overexertion
  • Taking things easy
  • Using headache medicines
  • Getting enough rest

Alerting your guide early on is also critical, so proper adjustments can be made to diet, route, pace, or descent if required for Climbing Naya Kanga Peak. Taking the necessary precautions with altitude is vital for a safe summit.

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Is Travel Insurance necessary for the Naya Kanga peak climbing Journey? 

Travel insurance is very important while climbing or trekking at the Naya Kanga Peak in Nepal. Without medical insurance coverage, you may have to pay hefty, expensive prices, especially if you are unhealthy or injured during the peak climbing adventure. Though Naya Kanga Peak is an easy mountain climbing journey, it still entails ascending into a vertical, remote area.

Hence, the lack of emergency medical coverage or helicopter rescue assistance via insurance puts your safety at a significant risk. Here are some things to remember before getting your insurance for the Climbing of Naya Kanga Peak. 

  • Before purchasing any 14 day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing policy, carefully review what adventure sports and mountain climbing are covered to avoid unpleasant exclusions later. 
  • Ensure that your medical evacuation, helicopter evacuation, and trip cancellation costs are handled. 
  • Also, advise your insurer of the complete 14 day Naya Kanga Peak Climbing package offered by Mountain Rock Treks to ensure that you have the right coverage. 

The fully comprehensive travel insurance will give the financial security and inner peace required for a memorable and enriching Himalayan journey.

Transportation Facilities on Naya Kanga Peak Climbing

The transportation facilities for the Naya Kanga Peak climbing trip are covered from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi before the start of your journey and from Syabrubesi back to Kathmandu at the end. The transportation will be provided in a shared jeep both ways. 

We also provide airport transfers in a private car from the airport to your hotel when you arrive on the first day and from your hotel back to the airport in a private vehicle after completing the Naya Kanga Peak Climb. So your transportation is fully covered - airport transfers in a private vehicle at the start and end, plus the jeep transportation from Kathmandu to the trailhead at Syabrubesi at the beginning of the Climbing Naya kanga Peak Package and returning from Syabrubesi back to Kathmandu when finished.

What to Pack For your Naya Kanga Peak Climbing Adventure?

Here is the packing list below for your Naya kanga Peak Climbing Adventure


  • Base layers (moisture-wicking shirts, leggings)
  • Fleece or mid-insulation jacket
  • Waterproof shell jacket and pants
  • Down jacket (high warmth)
  • Down or synthetic sleeping bag (rated for cold temperatures)
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • Trekking pants and shorts
  • Sturdy hiking socks


  • Sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support
  • Camp shoes or sandals (optional)

Headwear and Protection:

  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • Sunscreen and lip balm (high SPF)
  • Trekking poles

Climbing Gear 

  • Harness
  • Climbing helmet
  • Crampons
  • Ice axe
  • Carabiners
  • Ascenders (optional)


  • First-aid kit
  • Water bottle or hydration bladder
  • Water purification tablets (optional)
  • Personal toiletries (minimal)
  • Snacks and energy bars
  • Cash (Nepalese Rupees) for small purchases
  • Camera and batteries (optional)
  • Whistle (for emergencies)
  • Durable duffel bag and backpack
  • Sleeping bag liner (optional)
  • Documents (passport, permits, insurance)

Note: For a more detailed peak climbing packing list, go to our blog here


  • Q1. How long does the Naya Kanga Peak Climbing last?

    The Naya Kanga Peak Climbing expedition typically lasts for 14 days. This duration includes trekking to the base camp, acclimatization days, summiting the peak, and returning to Kathmandu.

  • While previous climbing experience is not mandatory, participants should have a good level of physical fitness and some basic mountaineering skills such as crampons, ice axe, and rope handling techniques.

  • Yes, altitude sickness is a potential concern during Naya Kanga Peak Climbing due to the high altitude. It's essential to acclimate properly, stay hydrated, and recognize the symptoms of altitude sickness to ensure a safe ascent.

  • Participants will need standard mountaineering equipment such as crampons, ice axe, harness, helmet, climbing ropes, and appropriate clothing for cold weather conditions. It's advisable to consult with your expedition organiser for a detailed gear list.

  • Yes, climbers need to obtain permits from the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) to climb Naya Kanga Peak. Additionally, a Langtang National Park entry permit is also required as the peak lies within the park's boundaries.

  • Accommodation during Naya Kanga Peak Climbing typically consists of tea houses or lodges along the trekking route. At higher altitudes and during the climbing phase, tents are used.

  • The typical itinerary for Naya Kanga Peak Climbing includes trekking from Syabrubesi to Kyanjin Gompa, acclimatisation days at Kyanjin Gompa, climbing practice sessions, ascending to Naya Kanga Base Camp, summiting the peak, and returning to Kathmandu.

  • While the risk of avalanches cannot be completely ruled out, Naya Kanga Peak Climbing route is generally considered safe from major avalanche hazards. However, climbers should always be cautious and aware of potential risks, especially during adverse weather conditions.

  • The best time for Naya Kanga Peak Climbing is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons when the weather is stable, skies are clear, and the climbing conditions are optimal.

  • Yes, it's highly recommended to hire a local guide for Naya Kanga Peak Climbing. In fact the guidance of experienced hikers are included in the package. Experienced guides are familiar with the terrain, weather conditions, and can ensure your safety throughout the climbing.

Client Reviews

  • A Peak Adventure

    Climbing Naya Kanga Peak with Mountain Rock Treks was a fabulous adventure. Last year, my friend who did it with them highly recommended it, and I'm thrilled I followed his advice. Their organisation was perfect: everything went well when they picked me up until the time they dropped me off. The accommodation was comfortable, and the food kept us going. The climbing of Naya Kang was difficult but enjoyable, and the whole 15-day journey with Mountain Rock Treks provided the experience of a lifetime. 

    Yaco Llarnas PradoChinaSeptember 20, 2023
  • The Perfect Peak to Start

    From the very start, the company was very responsive. They attentively answered all my questions and soothed any worries I had. The pre-departure information our guides and the company provided on the Naya Kanga peak climbing was beneficial. Mountain Rock Trek's guide, Ang Dorje, inspired us and did a fantastic job throughout the journey. He was here for me and made me feel comfortable. The summit moment was a touching one. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone seeking a challenging and rewarding experience in the awe-inspiring Himalayas.

    Baal PedrozaBelgiumApril 12, 2023
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