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People don't expect first-class amenities when trekking because it's an exhilarating experience that often requires a lot of work. In Nepal's trekking region, due to their distance from the capital, there were no accommodations accessible during the early stages of trekking. However,  as the sport gained popularity in the nation, tea houses and lodges eventually appeared. Even if several tea houses and lodges have been established, they are all equipped with minimal dining and sleeping facilities. It would help if yIn addition, you shared a communal bathroom, rooms, and halls. But as times have changed, trekking guest rooms have changed as well. These days,  luxury trekking is described as hiking with modern services and amenities. 

The best luxury lodges for trekking and luxury hotels in Kathmandu are available for luxury trekking in Nepal, making it an unforgettable experience. Several of the Annapurna and Everest trekking zones provide the best luxury lodge accommodations for hikers who want to enjoy their adventure in comfort. At the same time, not all of Nepal's Trekking regions have these accommodations. Most visitors believe exploring Nepal is only appropriate for the most daring individuals because access to abundant amenities is impossible This i.s a Mis Conception, though, as everyone may travel in luxury to Nepal, from little toddlers to older adults, if money is not an issue. The most lavish accommodations and the luxury of a Heli-tour must still be earned while climbing up treacherous mountain trails as you continue on your opulent trekking trips. 

The top 10 luxury hiking and trekking excursions in Nepal are listed below.

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Everest Base Camp helicopter tour 

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the best option for people who don't have enough time to hike for long periods over several days. Additionally, physically challenged individuals who have a burning desire to explore the world's tallest mountain can complete this trek in a few hours. How challenging would it be to climb Mount Everest? You might be wondering. However, individuals who believe they may find it challenging to hike may benefit from this opulent tour. Magnificent mountain peaks may be seen up close on this exhilarating excursion. However, the natural attraction of this tour is the opportunity to get up and personal with some of the most famous peaks in the world, including Gourishankar, Cho-Oyu, Lhakpa  Dorje, and many others. 

As we take off from the domestic terminal at Tribhuvan International Airport, the Everest Base  Camp Helicopter Tour begins in the Kathmandu Valley. Before landing in Lukla, the entrance to  Mount Everest, the aircraft circulates over the valley. Aerial views from the helicopter highlight the striking landscapes, beautiful rolling hills decorated with farm fields, and the satisfying mountains serving as a backdrop. As we approach Lukla Airport, the flight experience becomes even more rejuvenating. After some time spent spinning, the helicopter touches down at the Lukla Airport's airstrip to refuel. You will catch your first peek at Sherpa culture here. The Everest region is mainly Buddhist, where the vast majority of people practice Buddhism and related traditions.

After a little break, your thrilling Helicopter Tour to the Everest Base Camp departs as numerous mountain peaks are on our path. You might not believe your eyes as the chopper touches down at  Everest Base Camp since you see the tallest peak in the world right in front of you. The  Khumbu glacier and numerous other peaks, including Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Lhotse, and many more, may also be seen from the base camp. 

The helicopter will take you from Base Camp to Kala Patthar, the ideal vantage position to take in the 360-degree views of Everest and other peaks and beautiful scenery. You can take some pictures to remember your fantastic trip to Everest. Then, a helicopter will transport you from Kala  Patthar to the Everest View Hotel, where you may enjoy a sumptuous breakfast and stunning surroundings. You will return to Kathmandu after having your breakfast while taking in the scenery of the lovely villages and valleys along the way. 

A helicopter ride to Mount Everest base camp is available privately and in groups. Similarly, during the major seasons and specific occasions throughout the year, it operates on a daily set departure basis. We offer pilots that are courteous and well experienced on a helicopter tour to  Everest base camp.  


  •  An incredible Helicopter journey from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp with the picturesque Himalayan range Buddhism is ingrained in Sherpa culture and their customs.
  • Aerial image of the lush alpine woodland flowering with rhododendron and pine trees, with pristine ice lakes and glaciers.
  • Stunning sights from the comfort of a helicopter, including a closer look at Mount  Everest and nearby massive peaks. 
  • Magical flying at the Khumbu Icefalls at the base of Mount Everest, the highest point in the world. 
  • The helicopter stops at Kala Patthar with time for pictures, movies, and a close-up view of Everest. 
  • Enjoy an excellent breakfast at the world's highest hotel, the Everest View Hotel. 

Everest circuit helicopter tour and trek  

For tourists seeking a comparatively simple and comfortable journey up to Mt. Everest  Base Camp, the Everest Circuit Helicopter Tour is the ideal option (5,364 m). Despite the short schedule, you'll enjoy a trek through thick rhododendron forests and lovely Sherpa settlements. Anyone can take the Everest Circuit Helicopter Tour because the trekking portion is brief and manageable. No prior trekking experience or high physical fitness is required for this adventure. 

You may see breathtaking aerial views of the mountains on the Everest Circuit Helicopter  Tour. During the helicopter trip, you get to witness some of the tallest and most beautiful mountains, including Everest (8,849 m), Lhotse (8,516 m), Cho Oyu (8,188 m), Island Peak  (6,160 m), Ama Dablam (6,812 m), Makalu (8,463 m), Nuptse (7,861 m), Pumori (7,161 m),  etc. In addition, the scenery while trekking is magnificent. 

While exploring the Sagarmatha National Park, you might encounter various threatened species, like Musk deer and Himalayan Thar. Along the trekking trail, you will experience the distinctive Sherpa culture and traditions, which are excellent. The hospitality of local Sherpas is overwhelming. 

Everest Circuit Helicopter Tour is a luxurious experience, so you get the most of the amenities. Hot showers, wifi, and various dishes won't be a problem. You will have your own space because of the well-designed room's attached bathroom. The food will be of the highest quality and taste because we eat at luxury lodges most of the time. The majority of locations also have a cellphone network. Bring extra cash if you want to purchase drinks and food in addition to the free meals. 


  • Scenic and beautiful trip to Lukla, the world's most remote airport. 
  • Every passenger has an entire window seat, and the top porters and guides are also present.
  • Excellent view of the tallest mountains in the world, including Cho Oyu, Lhotse,  Makalu, and Mount Everest. 
  • Enjoy the varied sceneries and breathtaking mountain views. 
  • Flights by helicopter between Kathmandu and Lukla, Lukla and Hotel Everest View,  and Kongde and Kala Patthar. 
  • Spend your nights in the opulent Yeti Mountain Lodge and use amenities like free wifi, an attached bathroom, a premium mattress, different food, etc. 
  • Examine the Hotel Everest View and the renowned Namche Bazaar.
  • Explore dense rhododendron forests while navigating several bridges and quaint settlements. 

Kongde Luxury Trek 

The luxurious Kongde Trek, also known as the Everest Yeti's Trail, is a journey created to give visitors a sense of luxury while walking in the Everest region's remote areas. This tour provided some of the best Himalayan views in the world. The comfortable lodgings at  Yeti Mountain Home's opulent lodges will welcome you with open arms and smiling  Sherpa faces. Through the Khumbu region of Nepal, this rich trip brings you to the base of some of the highest mountains on Earth. Throughout the walk, you will see magnificent glaciers, snowfields, and ridges, in addition to Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, and Ama  Dablam. Each night, you'll return to your opulent lodgings for a hot shower, a comfortable bed, and dinner with breathtaking views of the Himalayas just beyond. Along the trip, you'll discover the history and customs of the Kathmandu Valley, encounter the way of life in fascinating Sherpa communities, and have the chance to go to renowned Buddhist monasteries.

The journey along the Kongde Luxury Trek Route offers breathtaking bird's-eye views of the entire Khumbu Valley as well as views of 8000-meter peaks Cho Oyu, Ama Dalam,  Everest (8,849m), Lhotse, Makalu, Thamserku, and many other Peaks of the Khumbu  Valley, including Cholatse and Island Peak, which can be reached by climbing Island Peak. We first travel to the Phakding valley, where we can see the magnificent Mount Thamserku and the Kangtega range, before continuing on our descent through the TokTok settlement. Following our incredible Kongde Comfort Lodge Trek Map, we depart from Phakding and go to Lukla before flying back to Kathmandu. We will have some free time once we arrive in Kathmandu before leaving to return to our home nation and reflect on our travels. 


  • To truly appreciate the area's spectacular beauty, stay in opulent lodges with all the modern conveniences, including spacious, nicely decorated rooms with adjoining bathrooms and hot showers. 
  • The Kongde Luxury Lodge Trek is one of the significant climbs that offer the  Solukumbhu Valley a variety of perspectives. 
  • Get a close-up look at Sherpa culture and way of life. 
  • Experience the Khumbu region's world-class, opulent hospitality. 
  • Take an EBC Heli Tour to experience the splendor of Nepal's entire Khumbu region. 
  • Aerial views of the Kumbu Icefall are stunning. 
  • Overlook the Everest Base Camp, the mountain's base, in a plane. ∙
  • Enjoy the climb to Namche Bazaar and spend an extra day exploring this vibrant neighborhood before continuing to Thame. 

Chitwan Luxury Tour 

One of the most pleasant excursions in the southern region of Nepal is the Chitwan  Luxury Holiday Tour. The main attraction of this tour, which combines culture and wildlife, is to introduce tourists to the Asian fauna in the Chitwan National Park. Chitwan  Tour is a striking fusion of Nepal's nature and the distinct Tharu culture. Chitwan, a  spectacularly developed town in the lowland of southern Nepal, is home to residents from all ethnic groups who live together in harmony. 

Chitwan, a domestic airport and a university, is the medical center of Nepal. Along with being Nepal's agricultural region, Chitwan is also a well-known area of natural heritage, home to various species. With all of this distinction, Chitwan may be considered the nation of Nepal's beating heart. 

You visit the Chitwan National Park, one of Nepal's most well-known and visited parks, on a luxurious Chitwan Jungle Safari. The park may be reached by car around 5–6 hours from the center of Nepal. The park is regarded as Asia's premier for wildlife and jungle safari and has been included on the World Heritage List since 1984. 

Chitwan Safari delivers more than you could anticipate with lovely, comfortable, and opulent lodgings to suit its visitors. Additionally, knowledgeable naturalists and skilled jungle guides will lead guests as they explore the park. There are opportunities to spot the rare, elusive, and endangered Royal Bengal Tiger in the lush subtropical jungle. In addition to the tiger, the park is home to numerous other animals, including hundreds of different bird species. The Chitwan Jungle Safari typically lasts from early morning until late in the day, giving you plenty of time to unwind. 


  • Chitwan National Park Wildlife Activities (Jungle walk, Elephant safari, canoeing,  Tharu cultural show, elephant breeding center, birds watching) 
  • A guided tour of a natural heritage site's environment and culture 
  • Take in the wild nature stroll and jungle safari. 
  • Explore various types of flora, animals, and vegetation. 
  • Discover the culture and way of life of the ethnic Tharu. 

Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake 

Although it is a quick journey, Nepal's Langtang Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake deserves inclusion on the list of exhilarating adventure excursions. Langtang Helicopter Tour in Nepal may be the best option if you're looking for a quick trip that still gives you the whole Himalayan experience. The journey involves a tour of Tamang villages and the Kyanjin  Monastery. The time also includes a visit to the Kyanjin Cheese Factory and an aerial view of  Gosainkunda Lake. If you're an adrenaline enthusiast looking to explore Nepal's uncharted tourist destinations, you're in for a treat. 

One mind-blowing experience unimaginably unique to Langtang National Park is a daring helicopter ride to the Himalayas at altitudes between 5,500 and 7,300 meters. In a brief period, one will fly above the Langtang National Park, savoring the close view of highland human communities, terrace farms, stunning sceneries, and the mountain vista. If you're fortunate,  you might see wildlife in the early morning, such as red pandas, snow leopards, musk deer, and many others. 

Located in Nepal's Rasuwa District at 4,380 meters, Gosaikunda Lake is an alpine freshwater lake. From October to June, the lovely Gosaikunda lake is completely frozen. It is always enjoyable and has a lot to offer visitors, whether frozen or not. The Gosaikunda Lake has spiritual and environmental significance. Hindu worshippers credit Lord Shiva with creating the lake. Additionally, they think that several of them have seen him meditate inside the  Lake. Numerous Hindu worshippers travel by helicopter or foot to the lake each year.

The two-hour Kathmandu to Langtang Helicopter Tour begins in the nation's capital, Kathmandu. The Langtang Helicopter Tour travels over several verdant hills, villages, rivers, and forests before arriving at the final location. Additionally, it allows for close engagement with this area's Tibetan and  Tamang locals, allowing visitors to learn about their illustrious history and customs. 

Depending on the group's preference, the helicopter may land either in Gosaikunda or Kyanjin  Gompa if it arrives at Kyanjin Gompa, a stunning Tibetan settlement with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, an old monastery, landscapes, and a traditional way of life. Here, we can see Yaks or Chauri Gai, which are utilized for a variety of things, including the production of cheese, Churpi, desserts, and winter clothing. If the helicopter lands close to Gosaikunda Lake,  tourists can see the stunning, freezing lake, a sacred site for both Hindus and  Buddhists. You will enjoy the magnificent views of the expansive Langtang valley and its lofty mountains. 


  • The stunning Langtang Himalayan Range Interactions with the local Sherpa.
  • a view of Mount Gaurishankar, Mount Langtang, Mount Lirung, Ganesh Himal, Lakpa  Dorje, Yala Peak, and Mounts Lirung, Naya Kanga. 
  • Visit the monastery and yak cheese factory in Kyanjin Gompa. 
  • I am flying majestically over Gosainkunda Lake. 
  • Green hills, rugged terrain, dense jungles, and gushing waterfalls make for stunning scenery. 

Upper mustang helicopter tour 

A unique experience is provided by the Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour, which travels to historic monasteries and explores the Mustang Forbidden Kingdom, which is situated on the border between Nepal and Tibet (China). Starting in Kathmandu, the thrilling Upper Mustang helicopter trip flies to Pokhara for refueling. Once everything is set up, the helicopter travels down the  Kaligandaki River, not far from the Annapurna Himalayan ranges. The expansive views of tall mountains and stunning scenery are uncommon in anyone's life. 

Everyone wants to visit the captivating Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour, which represents heaven on Earth. However, given that everyone nowadays only has a limited amount of time,  the Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour Cost is the most dependable and efficient way to get to  Mustang. Therefore, if you want to escape your busy life and take in mother nature's magnificence, a Mustang helicopter tour is the ideal destination. 

In 1992 AD, the Mustang region of Nepal opened to foreign visitors. It has several well-known trekking trails, including Damodar Kunda and Jomsom Muktinath. The views of the Kali Gandaki  River, its gaps, and the ethnically diverse communities near the river are breathtaking. The vistas of the Manaslu Range, Tukuche Peaks, Mount Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Massif, and other snow-capped mountains are included in the helicopter trip. Even though the Nepalese terrain is lonely, the Mustang Helicopter Tour offers a unique perspective on the country. There are some of the oldest monasteries here, and people practice Buddhism. The majority of them were created in the eleventh century. A brief conversation with our tour guide is sufficient to learn about their illustrious past and customs. 


  • Investigating the pristine, ethereal Upper Mustang valley 
  • Stunning vistas of the Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna mountains. 
  • Scenic flight via Pokhara, Jomsom, and Kagbeni from Kathmandu to Upper Mustang.
  • Discover the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang. 

Nepal Luxury Tour 

Three of Nepal's most picturesque cities are included in the luxury tour of Nepal. In a short amount of time, it offers a terrific opportunity to visit historic sites from the past, beautiful natural scenery,  and unusual fauna. The best tourist destinations in Nepal include Kathmandu, Pokhara, and  Chitwan, which are rich in natural and cultural heritage sites. Most people visit the numerous monasteries, temples, and historical monuments in the Kathmandu Valley. The most well-known tourist destinations in the Kathmandu valley are the durbar squares in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and  Patan. We can visit these ancient monuments. In addition, the people enjoy visiting the  Swayambhunath stupa, Boudhanath stupa, and Pashupatinath temple. While sightseeing in the durbar square locations, visitors can take in the grandeur of the building. 

We visit Pokhara after sightseeing in Kathmandu. Pokhara is a lovely valley with numerous attractions and breathtaking mountain vistas of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri,  Machhapuchre (Fishtail), and many others. After viewing the dawn from Sarangkot in the early morning, you can go boating in Fewa Lake and explore some spectacular caverns, including  Mahendra Cave and Bat Cave. Davis Falls, the mountain, cultural museums, and temples are other diverse attractions. Evenings are best enjoyed in the vicinity of serene Begnas Lake or the calm Pagoda atop a tall hill, from which we can see the entire city of Pokhara. Other adventurous activities in Pokhara include paragliding, bungee jumping, zip-lining, mountain biking,  rafting, etc. Apart from that, the bars at Lakeside offer the fun company with beverages and live music. 

We go from Pokhara to Chitwan, one of Nepal's most popular tourist sites, to see the country's diverse wildlife riches. After an elephant safari and a canoe trip on the Budhi Rapti, a jeep safari into the jungle takes place. Other activities we enjoy include elephant bathing, visiting elephant breeding facilities, bird watching, and forest hikes. On our safari travels, we can view various animals, including wild boars, Gharials, one-horned rhinoceroses, and Royal Bengal tigers. Additionally, the hospitality of the indigenous villages and the Tharu traditional performances will live in the memory forever. 


  • Sightseeing in the Kathmandu Valley: Cultural, Historical, and UNESCO World Heritage  Sites.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of Mt. Fishtail and Mt. Annapurna. 
  • Incredible morning vista in the charming hill town of Sarangkot. 
  • Take part in a wildlife safari at  Chitwan National Park during your Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan tours. 
  • Travel to numerous historical, natural, and cultural sites. 
  • Learn about the culture and way of life of the Nepalese. 
  • Explore the Chitwan National Park's fauna and native flora 

Pokhara Valley Tour 

Pokhara, which the snow-capped Himalayas encircles, is renowned for its breathtaking mountain views and gorgeous lakes, which draw their water from the adjacent glacial  Annapurna Range. Pokhara, a location of exceptional natural beauty, provides magnificent views of Mt. Machhapuchhre'sfishtailedd top, which is off-limits to climbers since it is considered sacred. Additionally, it is the starting point for many breathtaking day hikes and treks in the region. Because it is just 884 meters above sea level, these are ideal for people who do not enjoy hiking at higher heights. 

Beginning with a pickup from your hotel and a gorgeous drive to the ridge-top Peace Pagoda, the  Pokhara valley sightseeing trip begins (also known as Shanti Stupa). This Buddhist shrine stood out in the valley and was constructed with Japanese assistance. If the weather is clear,  the tour's unmistakable high point will be the vista of a lake glistening beneath the Himalayan range. Fishtail Peak, or Machhapuchhre in Nepali, is the tallest peak over Pokhara. However, from Pokhara, just one of the twin peaks can be seen, and the valley's distinctive fishtail" cannot be seen. 

Our knowledgeable specialist, a local and seasoned guide from Pokhara Valley, provides insightful descriptions of everything on the Pokhara valley trip, from religious places to natural riches. A fascinating pre- and post-trek or other adventurous activity, as well as for general relaxation,  education, and entertainment, is the Pokhara Valley Tour. In the Pokhara Valley region, there are extra opportunities for adventure, such as short hikes and treks in the nearby hills, long walks in the Himalayas, paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping, a zip line, and more. 

In addition to the mountain and lake, there are many other things for tourists to discover on a  Pokhra tour. In Pokhara, you may explore anything, whether a cave for adventurers or a temple for the religious. Here are some of Pokhara's top attractions for tourists. 

  • Phewa Lake 
  • Barahi Temple 
  • Seti Gandaki 
  • Devi's Fall 
  • Mahendra Cave 
  • Museums 
  • World Pease Pagoda
  • Buddhist Monastery
  • Gupteswor Cave 
  • Bindhabasini Temple 

Nepal Honeymoon Tour 

One of the best packages is a Nepal Honeymoon Tour. Nepal is the ideal location if you are eager to get married and looking for a special place to spend your honeymoon. In addition to being the birthplace of renowned mountaineers Sherpa and the adobe of the Himalayas, including Mt.  Everest, Nepal is also well known for being a romantic getaway location for newlyweds. Nowadays, many newlyweds travel to Nepal for their vacations to spend their honeymoon period. 

A honeymoon trip to Nepal includes spending some of your valuable time in a hill station, where you may explore the rich culture, ancient history, luxurious experiences,  breathtaking mountain views, and fast-moving, furious rivers. 

Nepal, a nation rich in culture and natural beauty, provides terrific honeymoon destinations in the middle of nature. The majestic Himalayas and lovely lakes provide newlywed couples with lifelong memories. Teams might use this crucial opportunity to explore Mother Earth's beautiful handiwork. They can also take advantage of the stunning Himalayas, boating, cultural events,  safaris, royal visits, and many other activities. One of the most popular vacations in Nepal is the honeymoon package tour. 

The most exotic locations can be found in Nepal, making it one of the most incredible honeymoon destinations. Every day of our honeymoon tour has been great. Starting from Nagarkot, we embark on a honeymoon vacation in Nepal. With your life partner, experience the area's peace and take in one of Nepal's beautiful sunrises. In addition, you would be forced to appreciate Nepal's rich architectural and historical heritage if you took a cultural sightseeing tour in Kathmandu. 

Hold hands while rafting down the raging Trishuli's rapids and take pleasure in your tranquil resort stay in Chitwan's center of the forest. The natural beauty of the lakes and mountains of Pokhara, a  stunning city in Nepal, can be absorbed and added to your life. Our final stop will be in Bandipur. It is a hill station populated by people of the Newar culture. Couples might find a romantic setting at Bandipur Tour to spend time together in harmony with nature. They can talk while unwinding in the shade of a gleaming mountain and lush forest. Couples can also participate in the ethnic Newari culture, way of life, traditions, and celebrations. 


  • Sunrise view from Nagarkot 
  • Heritage tour in Kathmandu 
  • Chitwan national park 
  • Natural city Pokhara 
  • Local village tour of Bandipur

Everest base camp Luxury trek 

The comfort trek, sometimes referred to as the Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek, is a tour jam-packed with excitement, vibrancy, and sophistication. The hike elevates your adventure trip's elegance and clarifies what luxury lodge trekking means. It resembles a Gliking excursion to Mount Everest's base camp. The Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodge Trek is primarily a hike to the base camp of the highest peak in the world. The highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest, is undoubtedly one of the most common destinations on everyone's vacation wish list. 

Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek offers the whole luxury experience, including excellent customer service, excitement, exposure to various cultures, and breathtaking mountain and landscape vistas. The journey began as a typical Everest Base Camp hike from Kathmandu to Lukla, which included a scenic and adventurous flight through the most remote airport in the world. The first night will be spent in Phakding, a little settlement on the Dudhkoshi River's bank. 

Your day is lovely because of the lush surroundings and the noises of yaks, donkeys, Jhokpe, and hikers. At Monjo, your permit will be examined before you start exploring the region's central wildness. You will also investigate the profusion of varied flora and fauna around Lukla and Namche. Next, climb the Hotel Everest View in Namche to see Mount Everest and the lovely  Khumjung village. At the same time, visit the Sherpa Cultural Museum, upscale eateries, gift shops, and the traditional Tibetan market. Your luxury Everest Base Camp Trek's first acclimatization stop is Namche. 

Visitors can get a close-up look at the extraordinarily detailed wall hangings, the 20-foot Buddha sculpture, the Lamas' musical instruments, and their robes at the Tengboche Monastery. You will go through Pangboche, Dingboche, and Lobuche before reaching Gorakshep and the Everest base camp. Early in the morning, you'll ascend to Kalapatthar to enjoy breathtaking vistas of the rising sun and the snow-capped Himalayas. There is a 360-degree vista of the nearby mountain peaks seen from Kalapatthar. Enjoy the spectacular views of Mt. Everest, also known as the roof of the world, as well as other impressive Himalayan peaks like Lhotse, Nuptse, Amadablam, Thamserku,  and many nearby mountains. 

The Luxury Everest Base Camp tour provides a look into the "mountain people's" way of life in the Himalayas. Set out on the Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek for one of the most memorable trips you will ever experience. 


  • A breathtaking and thrilling journey from Kathmandu to the most remote airport in the world, Lukla Airport. 
  • The Sagarmatha National Park and its numerous alpine plant and animal species are explored. 
  • A look at the mountain people's way of life inhabiting the Himalayan foothills.
  • Breakfast in the Everest view hotel with a magnificent view of the Khumbu valley. 
  • A view of several impressive peaks, including Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Thamserku, Lobuche, Nuptse, Island Peak, and Ama Dablam. 
  • Deep river valleys, gorges, waterfalls, airy suspension bridges, Sherpa communities, and friendly, always-smiling people are all present. 
  • Spend a luxurious vacation at Yeti Mountain Home Lodge.
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