Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake

Trip Overview
  • Duration 1 Days
  • Difficulty Level Easy or Grade A (*)
  • DestinationLangtang Region, Nepal
  • Meals & AccommodationNo Meal & Accomodation
  • Trip Start & EndKathmandu to Kathmandu
  • Trip TypeHelicopter Tour
  • Major AttractionGosaikunda
  • Maximum Altitude4130 Meters
  • Best TimeMarch-April-May, September-October-November,


  • Traverse in the gorgeous Valley of Glaciers- Langtang Valley and feel the majestic power of standing in the Himalayas
  • Thrilling flight from Kathmandu to the Gosaikunda Lake in the beautiful Langtang region
  • Witness breathtaking aerial views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains during the heli tour
  • Explore the wonders of the Langtang National Park in no time, come across a range of flora & fauna
  • Have a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of locals- Tamangs and Sherpas
  • Land at the Kyanjin ri and Gosaikunda Lake, enjoy some time looking around it
  • Professional team, guaranteed departure, best price, and top-notch service
  • Get to see beautiful landscapes throughout the trip

If you are bound by the time or can't join the adventurous Langtang Gosainkunda trek, our Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake is the perfect package. Within a blink of an eye, you will fly over lush green hills and enter the Langtang National Park, enjoying phenomenal aerial views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains. People of any age can join our Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour in Nepal.

In the central Himalayas, the Langtang region offers excellent ventures. Not many people know about this region and the adventures it offers. At a relatively low altitude, travelers witness phenomenal sceneries, rich history, and the daily lifestyle of Tamangs & Sherpas.

Known as the Valley of Glaciers, Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour is a great way to say hello to the region and its wonders. Not many people trek in the Langtang Valley. Therefore, the trails are peaceful and allow you to unwind at your own pace.

In no time, you will be relishing stunning glacier views and breathtaking landscapes on Langtang Helicopter Tour. Mountains like Ganesh Himal (7,422 m), Langtang Lirung (7,234 m), Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m), Gangchemp (6,387 m), Mt. Gaurishankar (7,134 m), and numerous others will welcome you in the Langtang region with their dominating presence. 

During the Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour, the captain will introduce you to the region and its beauty. You will get to know about the locals and their cultural heritage. Moreover, as we land at Kyanjin Gompa and Gosaikunda Lake, you will interact closely with the locals. Even though the Langtang Helicopter tour in Nepal is a short venture, every second will be memorable.

“Taste the adventure of traveling in the Himalayas in a short time and take a quick break from the chaos of city life during the Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with Landing. Witness jaw-dropping panoramas of the Himalayas and explore the greenery of the Langtang region. ”

Gosaikunda Lake

Situated at 4,380 meters in the Langtang National Park, Gosaikunda Lake is one of the holiest lakes in Nepal with great religious significance. It is a freshwater lake stretched in 34 acres. The roots of this lake are related to the great Ramayana and Mahabharata. Moreover, according to the books, Gosaikunda lake is mentioned in the Samundra Manthan, one of the biggest events in Hindu mythology.

Every year, hundreds of pilgrims travel to Gosaikunda Lake to worship and take a bath in the lake. The legend says all of your sins will be forgiven if you take a bath in this lake. Locals also believe that you will go to heaven after your death if you bathe here. 

*Note: There are nine other holy lakes situated around Gosainkunda Lake.


Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour package detail itinerary

Our Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake is divided into two phases.

Phase I

Langtang Helicopter Tour begins from Kathmandu airport around 6:30 AM. Our team will drop you at the airport. After a short briefing session by the flight instructors, you will meet with the captain and begin the journey. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask instructors during the briefing. 

Around 7 AM, we will fly towards the Langtang National Park and ascend to Kyanjin Gompa, 3,860 meters. It is located at this height and is one of the most significant monasteries in the Langtang region. Here, you will be for 20 minutes. After exploring, the second phase begins, and you will continue the flight to holy Gosaikunda Lake.

Phase II

From Kyanjin Gompa, you will fly higher toward the Gosaikunda lake and land at 4,380 meters. Here, you will land for about half an hour. Explore the lake and take pictures. After 20 minutes, you will fly back to Kathmandu, relishing the sensational mountain and glacier views for the last time.

Join this incredible adventure in the Himalayas and have an experience unlike anything else. If you are curious about our Kathmandu to Gosaikunda Helicopter price, talk to our representative. 


Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with Landing (weight limit)

Our aircraft have a maximum weight of 500 kg. The helicopter accommodates 2 to 5 people (not including the pilot). We offer full window seats to our guests to enjoy the views from the beginning to the end of the trip. 

Because we will be flying over 4,000 meters, we may use two shuttle flights for 4-5 people depending upon the weight and other factors. The goal is to split body weight to 240 kg on average. 

  • Average recommended weight: 80 kgs per person

  • The weight limit for three people: Max. 250 kgs

  • The weight limit for five people: Max. 500 kgs

  • Maximum number of people in one helicopter: 5


Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Price 2023-2024

We have mentioned our Heli tour price at the top right corner of the package page. We are completely transparent regarding our Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour package cost, and there are no hidden charges. 

If you customize the Heli tour, the cost may differ slightly. The cost of the Heli tour highly depends on the number of people in the group. The more people, the less per head cost, and vice versa.

You will get the best Heli tour price with us, top-notch service, and security. If you have questions regarding the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Cost, write to us anytime or talk with one of our representatives.


Alternative Helicopter Tour Options Rather than Langtang Gosainkunda lake helicopter tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, Muktinath Helicopter Tour, and Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour are our other famous heli tours in Nepal. 

We have opened our booking for Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour 2023-2024. For further information about the Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with landing, contact us anytime.

Check out our other packages in the Langtang region here. 


Safety Rules on Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake

The below safety rules will keep you safe during the Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake. Read the instructions carefully, and we request you to follow the directions of your captain during the helicopter tour. 

You will be informed about the aircraft and the tour during the short briefing session. Pay attention to the instructor and ask your questions freely.

The company will not be responsible for your belongings, therefore take care of them. If anything, in case it gets left behind or blown away due to wind, does not rush after it.

Approach and exit the helicopter only after the signal of the captain.

Do not approach the helicopter from behind.

Keep your seat belts tight.

Do not change the seats.


Private Kenjing and Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with Landing 2023-2024

If you are not satisfied with our offered Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour itinerary, then we will design a custom trip for you. Likewise, we can make it possible if you are looking for a private Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with Landing with your loved ones. 

Charter the flight per your time availability and take your time to soak in the beauty of the region during the private heli tour with us.

Get in touch with us anytime for more information.

Terms and Conditions for Booking & Cancellations Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake

We request you comprehensively read our terms & conditions before booking any trip with us. We have no hidden clauses or charges in our packages and are completely transparent regarding our privacy and policy. At the same time, we make sure all of our guests understand the information and policies and carefully guide them through the booking process.

For Booking

For booking, we take 25% (non-refundable) of the total cost of the helicopter tour package. You have to send us a soft copy of your passport and a few other details. The remaining package cost you can pay upon your arrival in Kathmandu.

You can send us the booking deposit through Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa Only) or wire/bank transfer. Likewise, if you are in Kathmandu already, you can pay us in cash or cheque. 

*Note: While transferring or paying through the credit/debit card, you may be charged a certain percentage of the amount by the bank. We have nothing to do with these charges. If the amount you sent does not match the required amount, then we request you clear it before the beginning of the trip.

For Cancelation

The Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour can get canceled by the company or the travelers because of unseen events. Below is our cancellation policy. For detailed information, you can go through our terms & conditions.

If you cancel the Heli tour, you will lose the 25% deposit (Cancelled within a week to trip start). Also, the date on which the Company acknowledges the cancellation request determines the charge.

If the client requests to cancel the tour after the beginning of the journey, then no refund will be made. 

If the tour is canceled from the company side due to bad weather, political disturbance, or other unseen events, money will be returned, or the tour will be postponed. 


COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour with Landing 2023-2024

Depending upon the situation of the country at the time of your arrival, the below regulations might get affected. There are a few general rules that foreign travelers must have to follow to join Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour for their and the team's safety.

Getting the visa from the Nepalese Immigration office is the traveler's responsibility. If you get the visa, you can join the tour.

You must be fully vaccinated to join the tour.

The participants have to submit the Covid-19 negative test result not older than 72 hours.

During the tour, the travelers have to use protective face masks.

Please refrain from handshakes with anyone and maintain physical distance.

We thoroughly sanitize the helicopter, including seat belts, seats, windows, etc, before every tour.

Our Success Trips

We summited the summit and traveled to Nepal with thousands of people. Still, our true victory is to get your destination that brings us to the top with our complete service of trekking, mountaineering, and adventure tours.

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Day to Day Info

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Langtang Helicopter Tour begins from Kathmandu airport around 6:30 AM. Our representative will drop you at the airport. After a short briefing flight will start toward Langtang Around 7 AM. Here, you will land in Gosaikunda 20 minutes. After exploring, the second phase begins, and you will continue the flight to holy Gosaikunda Lake and back to Kathmandu.


  • No
  • No
  • 2 Hours
  • 4310 Meters

We are pleased to offer the flexibility of tailoring your journey to your desired duration and places, whether extended or shortened, as our proficient team of locals-cum-guides, porters, and accompanying staff have an in-depth understanding of every location traveled.

customize my trip

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Helicopter Fuel Surcharge

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First aid kit

Oxygen cylinders

Full Packages trip with Lowest Price Guaranteed

100 % Full Refund guarantee if no flight made due to bad weather

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Medical insurance

Meals, accommodations & Foods

Applicable permit arrangement

Personal expenses

Drinks throughout the trips

Personal gear down jackets

Other equipment

Essential Info

Best Time for Langtang Gosaikunda Heli Tour

Taking the factors for safe flight into consideration, the best time of the year for the Langtang Helicopter Tour is from March to April and October to November. The stable weather and wind make the trip pleasant and safe. The daytime is bright and the clear sky makes the views fantastic.

If you love snow, then you can also fly to Gosaikunda Lake in winter. Helicopter tours in winter may get canceled frequently because of unstable weather, but we will do our best to offer you a smooth venture. 

Monsoon/summer (May to September) is the off-season for helicopter tours in Nepal because of unstable weather.


Packing List for Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake

The best way to pack for a helicopter tour is by keeping your on-body luggage as light as possible. Our team representative will assist you with the packing.

Below are some essentials you should not forget during the Gosaikunda Heli Tour:

  • Back Pack
  • Base layer clothing (warm, breathable clothes)
  • Scarf & gloves
  • Windproof jacket
  • Lip balm
  • UV protection sunglasses
  • Sunscreen & moisturizer
  • Water bottle
  • Documents
  • Camera


  • Q1. How Safe is Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Landing?

    Our team's numerous years of expertise in organizing heli tours in the Himalayas and our professional onboard crew make Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour with Gosaikunda Lake very safe with us. The shuttles we use during the heli tours are extremely powerful to operate at such a height under the unseen weather limitations of the Himalayas. 

    The aircraft can withstand strong wind and changes in weather, which make the trip safe. Likewise, our pilots have several years of flying experience in the Himalayas and are knowledgeable about geographical constraints.

    You can fly freely with us. Moreover, if you are bound by any illness and couldn't trek, then heli tours are the best and safest alternative for you or your loved ones. 

  • There are more than enough reasons to choose us for your helicopter tour in Nepal. Our agency's commitment to safe and sustainable voyages in the Himalayas makes us a very reliable travel company.

    More than 10 Years of Experience: We have a very experienced team who supports us during the helicopter tours in Nepal. From our office team to our on-field team (pilot, crew), all of the members of Mountain Rock Treks & Expedition have numerous years of running successful heli tours in the Himalayas. We are committed to offering the best customer service and a great travel experience.

    Hand-Picked Itinerary: We hand-pick and design all of our helicopter tours itineraries. Not only do we offer heli tours to the most famous destinations but also are up for organizing private heli tours for travelers who are in quest of something different. All of our itineraries are well designed to best serve our guests.

    Reliable & Friendly Team:  We always take pride to share our team with our guests. From the very beginning of your journey with us till the end, our team will keep you company and let you have a comfortable and hassle-free helicopter tour in Nepal. We support you during the preparation and booking as well as obtain all the necessary documents on our behalf for the trip.

    Best Price and reasonable cost: With us, you will be getting the best price for the Langtang Gosaikunda helicopter tour with landing in the market. Money does help us to organize the journey and offer all the comforts, however, our priority is always to offer great value to our guests for their money. 

    Safe & Secure Payment: Your advance booking payment is always safe with us. You can freely pay the booking money online through our site. We use the latest technology and the safest online payment gateways. Moreover, you can also bank transfer us the package cost. 

    No Hidden Charges besides our information: We are completely transparent with our package costs. You will be notified during the booking regarding all the charges and if any extra money you might have to spend because of the situation out of our control. The package cost is the same as mentioned on our site, and we do not charge anything else from our side. 

    24x7 Customer Service: We are available to cater to you 24x7 via our online communication mediums. You can always call us or text us on our customer care numbers. Our team representatives will help you with your doubts.

    Long-Lasting Tourism: We are a huge advocate of sustainable and eco-friendly tourism. All of our adventurous packages are designed to keep the safety of the environment and the betterment of the local community in mind. At the same time, we try our best to give back to the mountain community as much as we can.

Client Reviews

  • Great views of Gosaikunda lake

    After hearing stories from my friends, I decided to book a helicopter trip with Gosaikunda to the Langtang valley because I have always been fascinated by this location. I took this helicopter tour when I had the chance. After the tour was over, I was really impresssed to see the Gosaikunda lake site's numerous lakes, lush green forest, and picturesque mountains. My dream was realized during this tour. It's challenging to put into words the beauty of the lake.

    Evie HughesAustraliaApril 27, 2022
  • Best Service

    By far, Mountain Rock Trek is the best organization in Nepal. They helped me arrange a helicopter ride to Langtang. Many businesses overlook some crucial spots with views of the valley. It wasn't the case for me, though. I didn't miss anything by taking the MRT. However, I had the opportunity to do all of that. The company employs a large number of highly skilled tour guides who will assist you while traveling. A fantastic company to pick for the Langtang Helicopter Flight, undoubtedly!

    Olivia SolheimNorwayMarch 17, 2022
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