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Are you planning to do a trek to Manaslu and Tsum Valley? Planning a trip to a new country is quite tiresome, especially considering the amount needed. Traveling to Nepal is further complicated due to its location, language, and currency. But worry not! Welcome to our page for your upcoming adventure at Manaslu with Tsum Valley.

23 Days Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking takes you around the massive Manalsu mountain (the eighth highest mountain in the world at 8156 meters above the ground), crossing Tsum Valley at 1905 to 5093 meters

A 23-day hike in these destinations will give you an insight into Tibetan Buddhism and its day-to-day traditional practices in Nepal’s remote and undisturbed regions.

Tsum Valley shares its borders with famous peaks like Iring Himal (7187m) in the north and Boudha Himal (6542m) and Himal Chuli (7037m) in the west and south, respectively. Similarly, the Manaslu Tsum valley trek map leads through the two important villages of the region: Chumling (Lower Tsum) and Chhokang Paro.

There is a cultural wealth in the valley with plenty of mani walls, chortens, and prayer flags covering the trek, as the most sacred Tibetan monasteries are situated within the localities where the renowned sages Guru Rinpoche and Milarepa worshipped. Moreover, it is a point where the trekker can find self and peace through meditation.

Our Manaslu Tsum valley route map takes us first from Kathmandu to Maccha Khola via Soti Khola. From Maccha, Khola again board a vehicle and drive towards the Jagat. From Jagat, we hike and cross various landmarks and villages en route, like Chumling, Chhokang-Paro, Nile, Mu Gompa, Rachen Gompa, and Gumba Lungdang. 

As we proceed, we go through the green forestation of pine and rhododendrons and come across another river – Syaar Khola. After this, we take off to Ganesh Himal Base Camp before proceeding to Lokpa. 

Finally, the trail leads to Lokpa, Ghap, and Lho after passing by the various villages of Gurung and Thakali, belonging to the ethnic groups of these people. We proceed until Samagaun and stay overnight there to better acclimate ourselves before proceeding to higher elevations. Upon leaving Samagaun, we climb up to Samdo, Dharamsala, cross Larka La pass (5106m), Bimthang, and end at Dharapani.

The other positive side to exploring Manaslu Tsum Valley- 23 days is that the package cost is relatively cheaper than you would think. Surprisingly, it is much more affordable than trekking in the Everest area, although it should not be considered as cheap as hiking in Langtang or Annapurna.

Our clients report positive reviews on Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking, and they indicate that their experience was way better than other trails in Nepal for individuals who also went through other places. Let us now delve into the factors associated with the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking cost, various Manaslu trek packages, and ways to minimize costs.

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Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Package Cost 

The  Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek package costs US $1195 per person for a 23-day Package. Usually, this cost covers meals and lodging, an English-speaking guide and porter with limited luggage, and Guide Insurance covers Guide, Porter emergency services, government taxes, and other service fees. These costs do not include clients' insurance and personal expenditures or tips.

Trekking to the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking is usually cheaper in the off-season, specifically from November to April. For example, it is a much costlier trek during the Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking's best time or peak time (Spring and autumn months). 

Furthermore, the cost of Manaslu Circuit Trek is determined by the agencies you select. Accordingly, foreign trekking agencies would charge between 2000 and 5000 USD for the Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking.

Mountain Rock Treks offers several trekking packages in the Manalsu region. It also comes with varied costs. Here is the list of our packages and cost details:


No Of Days



Tsum Valley Trekking

17 Days


Send Inquiry

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking

23 Days


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Manaslu Circuit Trek 

15 Days

US $1150

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Manaslu Base Camp Trek with Larkya pass

17 Days


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Cost Includes:

  • Airport Pick up and drop off service by Private Coach.
  • Three nights' accommodation with breakfast at a standard hotel in Kathmandu.
  • One full-day guided city tour.
  • Three-time daily food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) while trekking.
  • Tea House accommodation during the trek.
  • We provide a Professional English-speaking trekking guide (trained by the Ministry of Tourism) with his food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment, etc.
  • Local Bus to go to Sotikhola and back from Besisahar.
  • Annapurna conservation permits & TIMS Permits.
  • Tourist service charge, VAT.
  • One map of the Manaslu Trek for the group.

Cost Excludes:

  • International airfare and Nepal Visa Fees.
  • Nepal Travel Insurance.
  • Entrance fees of sightseeing places.
  • Food in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Travel/Medical insurance and Emergency evacuation costs if needed.
  • Personal expenses include phone calls, drinks, donations, souvenirs, etc.
  • Expenses incurred due to unavoidable Events, i.e., road wrecks, flight delays, etc.
  • Guide tips, porter (expected).

Understanding Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Cost Breakdown

Trekkers may need to make some considerations regarding their budget since it is a journey that involves numerous components. Trekkers need to settle everything, ranging from accommodation to transportation, not to mention daily meals and drinking water, among other things. The total package price sums everything up, and we will see below their prices along the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek. 

Cost Factors

Cost Range

International Operator

$3000 to $5000 per person

Local Travel Agency (MRT)

$1,195 per person


$80-$200 per person

Guide & Porter

$500 - $1000 



Helicopter Evacuation 

Above $1000

Accommodation Cost 

$10- $20 per day

Food Cost

$10- $20 per day

Gears and Equipment 

$100- $200

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Permits Cost:

For the Manaslu Tsum Valley trek, three types of trekking permits are needed. The three are Restricted Area Permit, MCAP Permit, and ACAP Permit. These licenses are subject to some fees, making them moderately expensive for the trekkers for Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Tsum Valley is also regarded as restricted. It lies close to the Tibetan border. For that reason, trekkers need to have a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to access this region. The permit is for Gorkha Lower and Tsum Valley, including Sirdibas, Lokpa, Chumling, Chekampar, Nile, Chule, and Chumnubri Rural Municipality consisting of all three wards.

You should present this permit at the entry to the Jagat area before entering the location. Moreover, only registered, licensed local trekking agencies can obtain this permit.

Similarly, this trek has to cross through Manaslu Conservation Area and Annapurna Conservation Area, which requires ACAP and MCAP, respectively. Two popular conservation areas in Nepal protect indigenous plant and animal life. Here are the cost details of these permits required for the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek permits below: 

The price of the Special Restricted Area Permit for Tsum Valley varies significantly across different seasons. If you trek to this area during Autumn (September - November), you will pay US$40 per person for the first seven days and US$7 per person for each additional day spent inside the restricted area. Moreover, The RAP costs 30 dollars for the first seven days and $7 for any extra time spent in the restricted area from December to August during the Winter, Spring, and Summer Seasons. 

The cost of the Manaslu Conservation Area Permit is NRs. 3000 per person. The trekkers who are nationals of SAARC countries have to pay NRs. 3000 per person. Moreover, the Nepalese trekkers cost NRs. 100 per person. Similarly, the entry permit for Annapurna Conservation Area is available at NRs. 3,000 per person per entry for foreign climbers. For the citizens of the SARCS Nations (South Asian Nations), it is around NRS. 1000 per person. Trekkers from Nepal also pay NRs. 100 per person. Check out our blog here for detailed Manaslu Circuit Trek Permits Cost and apply procedure

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Permits

Cost of Permits


Restricted Area Permits

  • US$ 40 per person (September- November)

  • US$ 30 (December-August)

All Nationality

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit

  • NRs. 3000

  • NRs. 1000

  • NRs. 100

  • Foreign Tourists

  • SAARC Nationals

  • Nepalese Trekkers

Annapurna Conservation Area

NRs. 3000

  • NRs. 1000

  • NRs. 100

  • Foreign Tourists

  • SAARC Nationals

  •  Nepalese Trekkers


Transportation Cost for Manaslu Trek

For the Manaslu trek, you need to drive from Kathmandu to the starting and end points of the trail. Depending on the number in the group and your choice, you will use a local bus or jeep to travel. The package cost covers this charge, too, so you won't be charged extra unless it's outside the itinerary.

Transport to the trailhead will be done by buses and jeeps. However, you rely on no means other than your feet in the walk. In Nepal, the cost of public transportation is minimal. Despite the saying "you get what you pay for, "inadequate seats or overcrowded buses will make the journey unbearable. However, in the case of public transport, the Nepalese style.

During the Manaslu Tsum Valley trek, travelers usually take a Public bus to Soti Khola/Machha Khola from Kathmandu and back from Dharapani/Besisahar.

However, any public bus stops anywhere, anytime it does, thus taking too many hours to reach our destination points. Therefore, modern-day travelers opt for a Private Jeep from Kathmandu to Soti Khola/Machha Khola and likewise back to Kathmandu from Dharapani or Beshisahar upon completion of the trek.

This private jeep transport makes it easy and comfortable for you to travel on Nepali streets. That will be the private jeep transport and cost also not more for the same. This is only $250 for the Private Jeep transport to Soti Khola / Machha Khola from Kathmandu. In addition, it costs an extra $ 250 to arrive at Kathmandu from the trek endpoint. Therefore, the total cost of the one-way Private Jeep Tour for the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is $ 500 US dollars.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Accommodations Cost

As for the issue of accommodation, people should not be worried as there is a rise in teahouses in Manaslu. Depending on the room's quality, it costs about USD 6 to USD 12 a night. The tea houses are small local lodges owned by local people. You will be given discount prices for the beds if you have your meals in the same lodge. Please note that if you rent one room with two twin beds to sleep alone, you should cover all the costs for two persons.

During high seasons, one room is shared among 2-4 trekkers. Washrooms will be shared, and WiFi may be in the selected teahouses.

The majority of the treks offer basic private rooms only with shared restrooms. However, this will mean having to share a room with other trekkers for one night at Dharamsala and another at Gumba Lundang in Tsum Valley, especially during peak season, or you could sleep in a tent for the period.

Teahouses are equipped with extra blankets at no charge; save the one night in Dharamsala before the highpass. You are supposed to pay between NPR 200 and NPR 300 for an additional blanket in this area.

Warm heaters or open fires will be available in the dining hall but only at dinners. Take a break and spend some time with Nepali natives and other travelers. However, at other times, teahouses do not have heaters in sleeping rooms and communal areas apart from that time. Similarly, toilets are very basic, so please carry wipes or toilet paper (they are also purchasable in teahouses if you run out of them).

At the same time, there are around a hundred places where you can stay in Kathmandu, from 10$ to 200$ every night. The basic trek package price usually includes the lodge's accommodation cost if you travel with a tour operator.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Food Cost

Since Manaslu is still relatively isolated from the other parts of Nepal, the food is generally more expensive in this area, and there are not as many options on the menu. The rule that the cost of eating rises with an increase in altitude should not surprise those who have been to other base camps in Nepal.

This is due to the increased difficulty of moving the load in highlands (especially remote). Men and mules haul supplies from Sotikhola up to LarkePass for the foods you eat on the trip.

During the journey from Kathmandu to the Manaslu area, an average breakfast at the tea houses costs $8 to $12 daily. Likewise, you will have the option of buying your lunch for between 10 and 15 dollars. The dinners are also similar in cost at $10 to $15 per person. So, maybe about USD$20-25 per day. Of course, this would depend on how hungry you feel.

Teahouses will not be at your reach any time you get hungry. Therefore, please bring some energy bars or chocolates for the trip. The Manaslu region trail is still unestablished, and therefore, it is likely that you will have very few shops at your disposal during the trek. Therefore, you’ll not often come across a trail with cafes. However, it has only a few local food stores where one can get biscuits, noodles, and chocolate bars. Therefore, an average of USD 5 –USD 10 per day will cater for such snacks.

food on trek

Moreover, “Dal Bhat power for 24 hours” is a popular Nepali dish where you can eat as much rice as possible at a comparatively lower cost. Carbohydrates are essential for this trek, and rice is good indeed. However, it is advisable to exercise extreme hygienic care when eating or drinking from local sources.

Drinking Cost During Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek 

The price of tea and coffee is nearly comparable to that in other high-elevation regions but somewhat less expensive than in Everest Base Camp. They use mules, donkeys, and yaks in their food transportation here, making it cheaper. While on EBC, they employ a helicopter and then a yak.

Here are the estimated costs of different drinks during Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking

  • Tea per Cup – USD 3.5- 4.
  • Coffee Per Cup- $3-$5
  • Water/soft drink (one bottle) – USD 2-5

Some tea houses and shops along the way sell bottled water from as low as NPR 200 (USD 2) in the lower elevations. However, the cost can increase as much as NPR 400 (USD 4) in the higher elevations. For environmental reasons, we should not be buying bottled water. 

Most trekkers use tablets, drops of purified water, or a water filter to save money. Two along the road, and you can just refill your water bottles.

Compared to the city’s water, that from the mountains is relatively pure and can typically be drunk. This is drinkable water; don’t be surprised to find locals and your guide drinking it without problems. Therefore, kindly ensure that you use water purification drops.

Moreover, drinking alcoholic drinks while trekking at a high altitude increases the likelihood of altitude sickness. However, after the trip, you can enjoy your drink in Kathmandu. It is a great way to come to the end of a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Usually, a beer bottle is sold between USD 5 and USD 10, depending on the type of restaurant.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking Guide and Porter

Nepal prohibits solo trekking. Thus, tourists cannot trek unguided, as with the Manaslu Tsum Valley T-trek. Two trekkers should also form part of a private group or join an existing one since this trek occurs within a restricted zone for which a Manaslu permit is required.

Surprisingly, the Manaslu Region does not cost much for those hiring a tour guide. It ranges from USD 10 to 30 per day, which includes the guide's daily expenses in terms of food, accommodation, and Insurance.

Many of our clients always inquire whether it is possible to only hike with a porter in Manaslu. To this question, certainly, yes! Nonetheless, the porter's cost is similar to that of a guide because of their feeding and Insurance. 

Hiring a porter daily for the Manaslu trek should amount to between $ 25- $ 30, which also covers meals, accommodation, and Insurance. Additionally, there are instances where we must incorporate the services of a porter guide. About the same USD 25-30 per day would be paid for this service. However, a porter guide is advantageous because it helps lift and guide you along the way. Briefly speaking, a porter guide is a single person who can be a guide and a porter.

Gears and Equipment Cost

Buying a good set of basic gears and equipment during a hike in Nepal (and other parts of the world) is important, especially if you like walking and hiking. Nevertheless, it makes sense to hire trekking equipment if you trek only once in two or several years. Thamel, regarded as the best destination for travelers in Nepal, is probably a well-known international tourist center in Kathmandu and has a unique reputation.

Those visitors will most likely stay one day or more in Kathmandu to meet hosts and purchase some trekking equipment.

Thamel is known for many trekking stores that sell or avail trekking equipment as per demand. The rates may slightly vary from one store to another, but the difference in their costs is not so huge:


Hiring Cost (per day)

Hiring Cost (per week)

Purchasing Cost Range

Sleeping bag (Normal Quality)

US$ 1



Sleeping bag (Medium Quality)

US$ 1.5



Sleeping bag (High Quality)

US$ 2.5



Hiking boots

US$ 1



Down Jacket

US$ 1.5



Climbing Gears (Full set)


US$ 100-150


Basic Ridge Tent

US$ 3



Dome Tent

US$ 5



Backpack (55L to 65L)



US$ 45 – 65

Daypack (25L to 35L)



US$ 25 – 35

Hiking shorts (All sizes)



US$ 20 – 25

Hiking pants (All sizes)



US$ 25 – 30

Hiking shirts (All sizes)



US$ 15 – 20

Thermal set (All sizes)



US$ 10 – 15

Warm fleece, upper & lower (All sizes)



US$ 20 – 25

Warm hat (All sizes)



US$ 3 – 5

Trekking stick (Chinese)



US$ 20 – 30

Trekking stick (International brand)



US$ 30 – 60

Windproof gloves



US$ 5 – 10

Hiking socks (woolen)



US$ 2 – 4




US$ 2 – 5




US$ 5 – 10




US$ 15 – 20

Water Bottle



US$ 3 – 7

Down jacket (local)



US$ 30 – 80

Sleeping bag (local)



US$ 40 – 70

Water purifying tablets



US$ 2 (for 50 L)

Sunblock Cream (Nivea)



US$ 4 – 5


Travel Insurance Costs

Having travel insurance while Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking in Nepal is also advisable. When trekking, one finds it impossible to tell what happens in the hills and the high altitudes. Trekking through a remote Himalayan area is always somewhat risky.

The prices and insurance plans can differ depending on the company. It should cover emergency medical costs, helicopter evacuation, and travel risks such as road blockage and damaged baggage.

Therefore, an average 30-day health insurance policy may cost between USD 150 and 300. This covers almost all the usual emergencies.

The simplest way to tell if you have trekking coverage for up to the height of trekking in Nepal is by enquiring with your insurance provider. Consider taking insurance that covers medical expenses and evacuation in case of distress for the same trip. 

We recommend going for a plan that pays doctors, hospitals, and a helicopter provider directly instead of paying on the spot and subsequently claiming. Also, it is important to collect invoices at all places visited to be able to reimburse money in case your travel insurance firm fails to give out a prompt payout.

Miscellaneous Costs 

The miscellaneous cost of Manaslu trek includes the charge of electronic items, hot water shower, WIFI, etc. Some tea houses provide these services free at lower altitudes. On the other hand, most of the tea houses at low and high altitudes are cheap, but you have to pay for these extra services.

Similarly, a small donation may be needed to maintain one of the monasteries or stupas while visiting them. Tipping is also a common practice for the guide and the porter at the end point of the trek in Nepal. Tipping is a gesture to reward the good service you receive and let you know you are pleased with it. You should also tip your guide and porter upon the completion of every trek.

Of course, this would depend on your experience on the trip. Normally, $80-$100 is considered a standard payment for a ten-day trek. The trekkers share this among themselves. However, you would pay between USD 250 and USD 300 for miscellaneous services. 

Helicopter Evacuation Cost in Emergency Situations 

Transportation in the mountainous country of Nepal is extremely difficult. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking takes travelers through most places that have either not been reached by roads yet or are inaccessible even on roads with poor infrastructure conditions.

Therefore, Nepal must have active medical evacuation for an entire year. Many such companies, such as Air Dynasty, Simrik Air, and Manang Air, have been busy with medical flights lately and are promptly providing people an opportunity to receive transport aid.

If you have any emergencies during trekking and climbing, an air-rescue helicopter should rescue you. Thus, they recommend acquiring an insurance policy to pay for the helicopter rescue. Your life is in helicopter rescue insurance, saving you a big sum. This type of rescue service, like a helicopter, will, in most cases, cost above USD 1000.

Cost Due to Duration

Manaslu Tsum Valley trek cost is directly related to the duration of a trip, and it is one of those factors that makes trekking expensive. The package cost of $1000 per person is based on a pre-designed itinerary of 23 days. Any such departure from the stipulated schedule – additional or reduced days directly influences the total cost.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking has customization as a major feature, meaning you can make your experience depending on your interests and preferences. Nevertheless, this flexibility has a cost in terms of finance. Adding more days to explore neighboring regions like Annapurna adds up the trek duration and, eventually, the cost of the whole package.

If you are interested in exploring the nearby area, we suggest you add the Manaslu Tsum Valley trek route with the Ganesh Himal base camp. Such extended programs are attractive, as they add more excitement to the process but extend the trek duration and also tend to add some extra cost due to the added duration. Longer treks are, in fact, extended duration treks, meaning they are more costly because of the extra days in question.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary 

Here is our offered Tsum Valley trek itinerary with the Manaslu circuit at the cost of  $1195 per person below

Day 1:Arriving in Kathmandu (1320m)

Day 2:Free Day in Kathmandu & preparation for permit

Day 3:Drive From Kathmandu Machha Khola Via Soti Khola (869m) (6-8 hours)

Day 4:Drive From Machha Khola to Jagat (1410m) (6-8 hours)

Day 5:Jagat To Lokpa (2,240m) (7-8 hours)

Day 6:Lopka To Chumling (2386m) (5-6 HRS)

Day 7:Philim TO Chumling (2386m) (5-6 HRS)

Day 8:Chumling To Chhokang-Paro (3031m) (3-4HRS)

Day 9:Chhokang-Paro - Nile (3361m) - Mu Gompa( 3900m ) (5-6 HRS)

Day 10:Mu Gompa TO Rachen Gompa (3240m) (3-4hrs)

Day 11:Rachen Gompa To Gumba Lungdang (3200m) (5-6 hrs)

Day 12:Day Trip To Ganesh Himal Base Camp (4800m) (7-8 hrs)

Day 13:Gumba Lungdang To Lokpa (2240m) (7-8 hrs)

Day 14:Lokpa To Ghap (2160m) (4-5 hrs)

Day 15:Ghap To Lho (3180m) (5-6 hrs)

Day 16:Lho To Samagaon (3520m) (2-3hrs)

Day 17:Explore the Sama Gaon

Day 18:Samagaon To Samdo (3875m) (2-3hrs)

Day 19:Samdo To Dharamsala (4460m)

Day 20:Dharmasala- Larke La pass(5160m)- Bhimtang( 3590m) (7-9 hrs)

Day 21:Bhimthang to Dharapani (1,963 m) (11-12 hours) (8 Hours)

Day 22:Dharapani to Kathmandu (On Sharing Jeep ) (1,860 m) (11-12 hours)

Day 23:Final Departure or onward for the next program

Group Joining Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Cost

Solo and communal trekkers can have fun while exploring Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking with Mountain Rock Treks with our Group Joining option at an affordable cost. This option suits those looking for adventure and willing to travel to Nepal with other adventurous people.

Due to increased interest in group trekking, Mountain rock treks ensure smoothness for individuals willing to be part of a group and enjoy it. The company ensures that trekking dates are scheduled to fit within the holiday plans of individual travelers.

The group joining Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking flexibility enables individual trekkers to participate in the exploration without necessarily having to hike alone in this restricted area of Nepal. 

We organize groups from 2 persons up to 10 persons for the people who are ready to start Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking. This facilitates clients to select a specific group size that suits their taste and a social and fun trek environment.

The cost of the Group Joining Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is surprisingly affordable. Trekkers can save on these costs by joining a group of hikers, which includes sharing expenses like transport, guide services, and porters. This group joining greatly cuts individual costs, making the journey affordable and feasible for many solo travelers.

Interested solo travelers can choose their preferred Tsum Valley Trek package and date to start the process. Finally, Email Mountain Rock Treks to fit into any appropriate group joining the trek at an affordable cost. 

The Group Joining Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek allows solo travelers to make new friends. At the same time, it provides that the journey is affordable and enjoyable through the mesmerizing landscapes of Nepal.

Mountain Rock Treks offer Group Joining Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Cost below: 

No. of Pax

Starting Price


1 - 1


Send Inquiry

2 - 3


Send Inquiry

4 - 10


Send Inquiry

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Cost for Nepali

The Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek in Nepal has emerged as a popular trekking destination not only for foreign tourists but also for a growing number of local Nepali tourists. This trek offers a unique experience, combining the stunning landscapes of Manaslu with the cultural richness of Tsum Valley.

For Nepali tourists, there are some key points to consider regarding the costs associated with the Manaslu Trek. Unlike foreign tourists, Nepali citizens do not require a trekking permit for this journey. Additionally, while trekking guides or porters are often recommended for foreign visitors, they are not mandatory for Nepali tourists, providing them more flexibility in organizing their trek.

Local transportation costs for Nepali tourists are generally lower compared to their foreign counterparts. The journey from Kathmandu to Maccha Khola Via Soti Khola and Jagat costs around NPR 600-700. Similarly, the return trip from Dharapan to Besisahar is approximately NPR 500-700.

Regarding daily expenses, the food cost ranges from NPR 500 to 700 per dish, a rate similar to that for foreign tourists. However, it's worth noting that food costs have experienced a post-COVID increase. Accommodation expenses for Nepali tourists range from NPR 300 to 1200 per room.

For water or any other drinks, Nepali trekkers can refill their water bottles for free, while bottled water is available at a cost ranging from NPR 200 to 500 per bottle. If one desires soda, the price is typically between NPR 300 and 500 per bottle.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Fixed Departures 

Looking for a travel partner in Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking fixed departure? Feel free to join our Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking with or without the group, depending on your convenience. Similarly, Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking departs daily according to your wish.

Group, Solo, and Private Trekkers can select their departure dates and book their packages for 2024 and 2025. As a solo trekker, you need a departure date specific to any trekking category, whether a group or a private one. Do not hesitate to inquire from us. 

Cost-effectiveness is ensured when participants share expenses of Fixed Departure for Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking. Sharing costs for permits and accommodations makes group bookings cheaper for each individual involved, while guides can be shared. This preset format also eliminates the extra costs that characterize private treks. Therefore, it gives the budget-strapped trekkers a decent and organized plan.


How difficult is the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek?

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek has a moderate to tough nature of difficulties. The walk takes you through different terrains like forested areas, paddy fields, steep slopes, and mountain paths. Other factors to consider include altitude as you ascend above 5,000 meters (16,404 feet). Trails can be well-marked, rough, rocky, or a combination. The physical fitness of the participants and adequate acclimatization are very important for successful trekking.

How long does the Manaslu Tsum Valley trek take?

For a Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek, a 24-day itinerary is certainly reasonable enough. The period provides for proper adjustment, a Tsum Valley tour, and gradual ascension into the highlands. The journey usually extends to 177 kilometers (110 miles) around the magnificent Manaslu mountains. Additional days enable time for rest, adjustment, and excursions, creating an easy-going and amusing trip.

Is Tsum Valley worth it?

Tsum Valley is a place one should explore completely. . It is a hidden treasure and provides a different cultural and natural experience. Tsum Valley has a Tibet-influenced culture, ancient monasteries, and magnificent mountains. The area is still relatively unspoiled by modern civilization, so trekkers feel truly remote and authentic. 

Can you trek Manaslu without a guide? 

Trekking Manaslu without a guide is not allowed. It is not allowed to solo trek in the Manaslu Conservation Area, which incorporates Tsum Valley. Trekkers must also have special permits to access this area, which is classified as a restricted zone. Also, one would require a guide for way-finding, security, and culture. This can also offer employment opportunities to local guides, thereby supporting the local economy.

How much does it cost to trek Manaslu and Tsum Valley?

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek costs $1195 per person. This cost typically includes a Trekking permit and special trekking permits for the Manaslu/Tsum Valley trek, accommodation, meals during the trek, transportation, professional guides, etc. Moreover, the cost excludes International airfare, travel insurance, Personal trekking equipment, and tips for guides and assistants. 


The Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking offers an amazing expedition into the less explored regions in Mid-Western Nepal. However, the trekkers should be well prepared with costs and necessities to cater for in light of the trip. Mesmerizing experience of a prepared and planned journey towards Manaslu Tsum-Valley trekking only on your budget.

We try to provide optimum rates for the Manaslu and Tsum Valley treks of Mountain Rock Treks in every region. As with every plan we set for an enjoyable hiking experience, we always offer a plan budgeted with the utmost reality necessary for an easy and pleasant journey in and around the Manaslu Circuit.

Yes, we have many of them – up to 23-day trekking packages that cost differently. Our renowned Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking package is comprised of 23 days.

We also ensure every need or preference the trekkers desire is catered for. Therefore, if you want to go on this wonderful journey, reach out to us, and we will adjust our pricing packages depending on your wants, tastes, and expectations. From this trek duration, the type of accommodation, comfort, and quality of guide/ porter are arranged by our company.

Additionally, knowing how much these packages cost is crucial, as this will enable you to plan for the trip in advance and help you decide where to maximize the experience.

Dipak Pande

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