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Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is called the city of temples. Every tourist who wants to travel to Nepal first must come to Kathmandu at least once. Despite the crowded population this city has, there is no compromise in the excitement it provides to you. There are many places to visit in Kathmandu that will surely blow your mind. 

Kathmandu is a beautiful bowl-shaped valley. It stands at an elevation of 4500 feet. Kathmandu is a city having a moderate climate and typical weather. Neither will you see heavy snow, nor will you see heavy rainfall. The temperature is pleasant throughout the year. 

Despite the pollution this city has, there is no compromise in the quality of excitement in the visit. You will get soaked into the culture and tradition of this fantastic city. The history of  Kathmandu is undoubtedly a traditional treat in South Asia. 

Aren’t you pumped up to visit The Incredible City Of Temples?

As I have already mentioned some exciting facts about Kathmandu. I want to continue telling you about The Most Amazing Places To Visit In Kathmandu, which will bring the traveling part of you to life.

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Swayambhunath -Monkey Temple

The ancient religious architecture is located on the west hill of Kathmandu. Swayambhunath is one of the oldest monuments of Nepal, believed to be around 2500 years old. A great dome-shaped stupa with two eyes facing every direction is this temple's highlight. The vibrant prayer flags and the sweet smell of the incense sticks make the whole environment serene. 

There are 365 stairs around the Swayambhunath Temple to reach the top. People love to visit Swayambhunath during the evenings because they believe there is something special about the air and environment in the evening time. Also, there are various shrines and statues of Buddha bringing out the peace in you. 

“Don’t use your energy to worry. Use your energy to believe.” - Buddha

Why is Swayambhunath Temple called The Monkey Temple?

Being the home to many holy monkeys, It is also called Swayambhunath Monkey Temple. Many monkeys reside on the outskirts of the Swayambhunath Stupa, hovering here and there. They are one of those preliminary identities of Swayambhunath. 

Pashupatinath Temple

Located on the banks of the Bagmati River, Pashupatinath Temple is one of the sacred and most famous Hindu Temples in Nepal. UNESCO has listed Pashupatinath Temple on The World Heritage List. Guheshwori Mandir is another important temple in Pashupatinath Area. The whole environment around the temple is celebration, worship, and grief. You will learn about the different phases of one’s life. 

Many devotees from Nepal as well as from foreign countries visit Pashupatinath Temple. Pashupatinath Mandir can be your ideal religious visit because the feeling you get after seeing this excellent site is incomparable. Whenever you visit Nepal, Make sure Pashupatinath Mandir is on your bucket list.

Why is Pashupatinath Temple so famous?

Being one of the top religious sites of Asia dedicated to Lord Shiva, Pashupatinath Temple is indeed a famous temple you must visit. Shiva is The God Of Transformation or Destruction. The popularity of this religious site jumps off every boundary of the country.



Thamel is one of the busiest commercial areas in Kathmandu. Thamel has been the center of tourism in Nepal for many decades. The presence of narrow roads and many shops and vendors is the highlight of Thamel. Similarly, Thamel is a center of many travel agencies, including ours, Mountain Rock Treks, which has provided services in Trekking and Tourism for a very long time.

What makes Thamel so good?

There are various restaurants in Thamel providing a variety of cuisines, including traditional and continental. If you are a foodie, then what are you waiting for? Visit Thamel and Comfort your tongue with the tastiest cuisines you will ever taste. Also, despite being so forward in tourism, the originality of Thamel has not faded away. 
NightLife In Thamel | A Wholesome Experience

Thamel is home to entertainment and fantastic nightlife. There are several pubs and lounges where you can go on a night out. Most of the nightclubs and bars entertain you with live music. You can chill, dance, and enjoy life to the fullest. My personal favorites are the Purple Haze and Turtle Lounge. What if I tell you, I got to meet my favorite Nepali artist Rajesh Nepali in one of those lounges. Sounds fascinating.

Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa is one of the largest spherical stupas in the world. It is located on the northeastern side of Kathmandu and was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979.

It is the main highlight of the Kathmandu sightseeing tour and a perfect place to fly your drone and get fantastic cinematic shots. Built in the year around 600 AD, Boudhanath is your history, architecture, and religion book.

Boudhanath Stupa Entrance Fee

Foreign nationals should pay NRs. 500, whereas SAARC nationals have to pay NRs.50 to enter the Boudhanath premises. 


What makes Boudhanath so unique?

Despite the massive earthquake in 2015, the domed stupa proved resistant to such big chaos. However, the earthquake destroyed the spire, which was later renovated. The specialty of the Boudhanath Stupa is the giant spherical dome and the excellent location of the stupa.

The best thing about Boudhanath Area is the Yellow Laughing. It is a Tibetan Street Food immensely popular among teens and middle-aged people. I have asked my friends why they go to Boudhanath Stupa so often. The standard answer I got is “To eat Laughing.”  I know it sounds funny, but it is the ultimate truth. I guarantee that a Laughing dish in Boudhanath can be one of your fantastic food encounters.

       “ If you don’t know, now you know.”

Chandragiri Hills

Want to go to the top of the capital via Cable Car and chill? Well, You got your wish fulfilled. Chandragiri Hills is there for you. It lies around 6.5 kilometers away from Thankot on the southwest side of the gorgeous Kathmandu Valley. It is located at 8268 feet from sea level. The best part about visiting Chandragiri Hill is that you can travel by Cable Car and see the whole Kathmandu Valley from the top. 

Why should Chandragiri Hills be your next travel destination?

Far from the noisy city life lies a gorgeous place at the top from where you can see all of Kathmandu. It is a perfect place to visit with your family and friends. Chandragiri is also the location where you can take some good pictures. 

I have been following an Indian YouTuber named Mumbiker Nikhil for a long time. He came to Nepal last year and visited  Chandragiri. And trust me, He loved every bit of it. Another exciting thing about Chandragiri Hill Nepal is that you get to experience snowfall during the winter season. Make a snowman, throw snowballs on your friends or Lie down on the snow. The choice is on you to enjoy like a maniac.

Chandragiri Hills Ticket Price

To visit every excellent place, there is specific pricing for entry. The ticket pricing is NPR 660 for Nepalese people, NPR 1100 for Chinese nationals, and  NPR 1500 for foreign nationals. You might feel the ticket price is high. But believe me, no amount of money can justify the fun and satisfaction you get in this stunning visit.

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

It is the ninth National Park of Nepal. Established in 2002, Shivapuri National park is a heaven for bird watchers and nature lovers. Nothing beats the beauty of Kathmandu Valley, as seen from the top. Shivapuri Hill is 8640 feet tall, surrounding the Kathmandu Valley.

What makes Shivapuri National Park a must-visit place?

You get to visit Budhanilkantha, the holy place of Lord Bishnu. Bagdwaar is the source of the Bagmati River that flows in Kathmandu. This is a fantastic attraction to the visit. Shivapuri is the ideal place for bird-watching. You get to see a variety of wildlife and vegetation on this trip.

Also, there is a Buddhist monastery inside the site where you get close to the essence of peace and love. The elegant beauty of the Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayas make your visit to Shivapuri remembered forever. You will be close to nature and understand everything better.

All and all, Kathmandu is the city you should travel to at least once in your life. Because sometimes, small things take up the most room in your heart. Travel and Love Life.

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