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Nepal is a small country sandwiched between two giant nations, India and China. Despite its small size, you can experience Nepal's diverse landscapes and cultures, which is fantastic. The geographical and cultural diversity makes Nepal a traveler's paradise. Nepal is heaven with the beauty of abundance, nature, and biodiversity. The captivating beauty of Nepal offers you various activities such as trekking, cultural and sightseeing tours, Peak climbing, and many more. Among various activities, trekking has been the leading activity in Nepal. To fully experience Nepal's alluring beauty and exotic culture, a solo trip is not enough for you. You have to take a guide or a porter guide during your Nepal trekking. So that you can get the satisfaction of your travel in Nepal. Further, in the context of trekking, a manual or Porter hire in Nepal is a must-do activity for your safety also.

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How to hire a trekking guide in Nepal?

There may be doubt in your mind about how to hire a guide or a porter guide for your trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. Then don't worry. We Mountain Rock Treks have a great network of professional and licensed holder guides and porters who have made the trip to the Himalayas. The principles of Mountain Rock treks serve you the best during the trekking and tour. They provide our beloved guests with precise information about the culture, lifestyle, and diverse flora and fauna. These guides are experienced and well trained by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. They are very loyal and dedicated to our job. We recommend you hire a guide or at least 1 Porter Guide, which is essential for trekking in the remote area of Nepal.

Hiring a porter or trekking guide in Nepal is easy. You can search through the online media or travel agencies. However, finding a good trekking guide is not a piece of cake. You have to be very careful when choosing a guide or porter guide for your tour or trek in Nepal. Well, I have already mentioned that all of the principles of Mountain Rock Treks are highly qualified and experienced. They can give you the general first aid treatment and communicate with you in whatever language you prefer, as we have guides trained in multiple languages. Further our porters are sincere to carry your entire luggage. Our trekking guides and porter guides are open, honest, and friendly.

You are planning a trek to the Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Manaslu region, or any other region. Hiring a trekking guide or porter guide is possible with Mountain rock Treks. It provides you with the best trekking and tour packages to explore the enthralling beauty of Nepal at a reasonable cost. So before reaching any conclusion, consider Mountain Rock Treks and book your trekking package with us.

Why is guide or porter hiring in Nepal crucial?

 For your safety and reliable information, it will be more effective if you hire an experienced guide or just a porter for your trekking in Nepal. During the high mountain trek, you are going into remote areas; there will be high chances of Altitude sickness. Moreover,  you may have to encounter other difficulties too. So to avoid such risks, care for you when you feel weak, or serve you when you need any help, an experienced guide, porter guide, or sherpa could be the best company for you. The guides and porters are benevolent and helpful not merely to show you the trekking routes, share information regarding local culture and lifestyle, or carry your baggage. They are ready to help you whenever and wherever you need any help. They are the one who provides you with the quickest rescue when you are in an emergency if in case. Further, porters or Guides are the ones who take care of you in high mountains.

In addition, hiring a trekking guide in Nepal also means that you are helping the locals earn wages. Porter Hire in Nepal doesn't mean that you are weak; you value the Nepali culture, you are providing an extended Nepali family with an income, and you are creating a bond of friendship with them. Furthermore, trekking with a local person who is well versed in the local cultures, festivals, and all such aspects, can turn your trek into an outstanding and remarkable experience of a lifetime.

The last but most important thing to consider is that if you are willing to do trekking in Nepal in the restricted region, you must take the trekking guide or porter guide along with you on your trek. Upper Mustang Trekking,  Manaslu Circuit Trek, and Dolpo Trek are some of the restricted area treks in Nepal where you have to take a Nepali guide or porter with you.

Cost of guide, porter guide, or Porter hire in Nepal

How much does it cost for a trekking guide hire in Nepal?

Verily, it is tough to answer it directly. However, it is essential to notice the following as your price will be based on it.

How do you go?

If you choose the fully organized trekking package, it will cost a lot; if you select a semi-organized box containing accommodation, permit, and trek guide, it will cost a bit less than the previous one.

For how many days do you want to hire a guide?

Of course, how many days you hire the guide will significantly impact the cost. If you take a guide or porter guide along with you for a short time, you have to pay less, but if you are hiring them for the long term, you have to pay more.

What time of the year are you planning to go trekking? 

The busiest season for trekking in Nepal is the Autumn season, during which hiring a private trekking guide is much higher than in other seasons.

Finally, there comes the question: Where are you going?

There is a different price range for hiring an Annapurna Circuit trek guide, Everest Base Camp Trek Guide, Manaslu Circuit Trek guide, etc.

Usually, the price of hiring a trekking guide or porter guide for your trek in Nepal starts from USD 25 per day. However, Nepal's outstanding trek guide or porter hire costs around USD30 per day.

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