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Nepal tourism and the global tourism industry are also highly affected because of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the international and national flights have stopped as countries closed their borders and imposed lockdown. Recently several jobs have been at risk due to this pandemic. However, countries with falling infection rates are now plumbing to ease some of those restrictions; it’s hoping to encourage travelers and their cash to venture abroad again.

In the context of Nepal, currently, our country cannot ease any of the restrictions. Still, as soon as the situation becomes normal, the government will be overwhelmed with welcoming travelers worldwide. It is hushed in Nepal, and Nepal's popular tourist destinations are usually filled full of tourists admiring the breathtaking scenery and exotic of Nepal. Still, the pandemic has emptied the tourist spots. All the facilities and services except the basics are shut down till the situation becomes normal. The tourism sector employs several people in Nepal, but visitors from outside Nepal have been barred since March. Even Nepalese are restricted from going to any place without any useful purpose. Due to this reason, hotels, travel companies, and many other sectors are getting highly affected. Being one of the largest industries, the travel sector contributes 8% to Nepal’s economy. The decline in the economy of the Travel industry in Nepal directly results in a reduction in the economy of the nation as well.

Nepal was preparing itself for the campaign ‘ Visit Nepal 2020’ to welcome and serve more than two million tourists worldwide, but that too has been called off. The campaign had raised expectations that 2020 would be a lucrative year for business. It was expected that there would be enough employment opportunities for everybody, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the hospitality and tourism-related business sector. To protect the citizens from infection, the lockdown was declared. No doubt the business will suffer, but who will be responsible if the virus spreads to every corner of the country. Taking all this into consideration, the government of Nepal has declared a lockdown. The mountain is not moving anywhere. People can come and climb next year. However, the decision has come as a devasting blow for those who live along the major trekking routes, such as guides, porters, and hotel owners. Even the streets of Thamel lined with the cafe, trekking shops, and so on are closed. With so many businesses dependent on tourism, the knock-on effect is tremendous. The pandemic has turned everything upside down.

 How is Nepal controlling the spread of infections?

Despite facing many problems due to this pandemic, the government is gaining success in controlling the spread of pandemics by implementing the lockdown. Nepal’s capacity to deal with this crisis is deficient. Hence lockdown is the only way to protect Nepalese citizens from this pandemic. Till now, there have been less than 10,000 COVID-19 cases in Nepal. Among them, 23 people were dead, and around 2000 people were recovered. Most infected people have arrived from other countries in other countries doing their job to earn money. The case of local transmission is rare in Nepal. The infected people are already there in quarantine, so the infection rate is under control in Nepal.


Is it wise to visit Nepal in the upcoming days?

The government of Nepal has wisely utilized this lockdown period in the construction and renovation of various developmental infrastructures, which will ensure the ease of travel in the upcoming days. When you arrive in Kathmandu in the coming days, you will see multiple improvements. The government and nature itself are also getting more beautiful and fresh these days.

With humans worldwide trapped indoors to halt the spread of the coronavirus, we can experience a pollution-free environment. The satellites orbiting the earth have documented a noticeable drop in air pollution. The water flowing in the river is getting more precise. Even fish are visible. The wildlife is finally returning to its natural habitat. The Himalayas are visible from the towns; for instance, you can have an astounding view of Everest from Kathmandu in recent days. Just imagine how blissful it is to see Everest's picture from the capital city of Nepal, which is full of culture.

 Undoubtedly, with everyone in lockdown, nature is getting a chance to heal. The pleasure of visiting the famous city of Nepal, Kathmandu, and Pokhara is outstanding. Further, joining the Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and other trekking to Nepal in the upcoming days will be more adventurous and exciting. You will get to relish the rejuvenating beauty of nature.  Moreover, even local people prefer health and sanitation, which makes trekking in any part of Nepal healthier.

Apart from these all, your travel to Nepal in the upcoming days will also help improve the living standard of the people dependent on Nepal's tourism sector, such as guides, porter guides, and so on, whose income is highly devasted due to this critical situation. 


Kusum KC

Kusum KC

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