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There are essentially two options for experiencing the scenic wonders of the Himalayas and  Everest from an aerial vantage point. First, people who are short on time or who do not want the hardships of hiking owing to fitness concerns or for other reasons can consider taking the Everest mountain flight by plane or helicopter. Here, we will compare the Everest mountain flight and the Everest Heli tour based on several variables and briefly describe what it's like to fly close to Everest by helicopter or plane. 

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour to EBC is the ideal method to quickly explore and take in the breathtaking natural beauty, rich culture, and towering mountains. The largest Mount Everest and numerous peaks in the Khumbu region may be seen from the air with an Everest  Base Camp Helicopter Tour. 

For individuals who don't have enough time to hike for long periods over several days,  an Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is the best option. Similarly, physically challenged individuals who yearn to explore the world's tallest peak can complete this excursion in hours. In addition, people might be curious about how challenging climbing Mount Everest might be. However, this wealthy tour has been created for individuals who believe they may struggle with hiking. This exhilarating tour gives breathtaking, up-close views of pristine Himalayan peaks. The main draw of this excursion is the opportunity to see the tallest peaks in the world up close and some other well-known summits, including Gourishankar, Cho-Oyu, and Lhakpa Dorje. 

The helicopter tour only takes 4 to 5 hours. In addition to the fantastic flight experience, the Everest  Base Camp Helicopter Flight Tour allows you to enjoy yourself for a full 15 minutes at the base camp or Kala Patthar. You will undoubtedly have a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you fly to Everest Base Camp, which is at the foothills of the tallest peak in the world. 

Everest Mountain Flight, which takes you deep into the Himalayas of the Everest region and provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, is another way to enjoy a picturesque view of the Himalayas. On this flight, you will experience flying into valleys near Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world (8848 meters). This flight tour gives you a great perspective of the Ama  Dablam Himal, Cho Oyu, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, and Mt. Everest. 

Since there is no landing in the base camp or Kalapathar, the flight to Mount Everest is completed in one hour. Everyone should experience the panoramic view of the highest peaks on earth once in their lives—the quickest approach to Everest and other tall Himalayan summits. Small fixed-wing aircraft (ATR and Beech-19) fly above the highest snow-capped mountains during the hour-long mountain flight. This unique Everest Experience adventure tour is offered every morning from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu by Yeti Airline, Buddha Air, and  Guna Airline.

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Group Joining: Helicopter tour And Everest Mountain Flight 

You can fly with your group or join one of our groups and fly with visitors from around the world on the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour. If you are traveling alone or in a group of up to three individuals, you can book the Heli trip straight from our website's set departure section. The size of your group determines the cost of the journey on a helicopter flight. If two members are in the group, the cost will be higher on average. The price will decrease as the number of members in the group increases. There is a weight limit for each shuttle. Therefore, if we need to utilize the extra shuttle for weight management, everyone in the group will pay an additional fee. 

The most economical budget excursion for viewing Mount Everest is a mountain flight. Taking a  mountain flight to Everest will provide you with the best aerial perspective of the mountain. Mountain flight has been a well-liked bundle due to its low price. You can join a different group, lowering your flight's cost on Mountain Flight. You can book a Mountain flight even if your group consists of 8–10  persons. Don't stress over the cost of your purchase. The quick mountain journey is entirely worth the price you pay. 

Private: Helicopter tour And Everest Mountain Flight 

Most people love taking a private, chartered flying tour of Everest base camp in a helicopter with at least two other passengers while relaxing in roomy seats and taking in the scenery. One chooses where and when to stop for photos during a private Everest Helicopter flight tour. A helicopter can fly higher and carry fewer people when it is lightweight and has a lower load capacity. Even the name, "private helicopter landing tour to EBC from Kathmandu," sounds fascinating and describes the opulent helicopter trip to Mount Everest. This intimate and organic helicopter journey to Everest delivers the ideal sightseeing adventure for life, with no interaction with other tourists, no waiting, and no worry at any moment. You will have enough personal space to take it easy and enjoy the day or journey. 

In a tiny aircraft, the mountain flight carries 13–15 passengers. If you are a solo traveler, another passenger will be with you on the flight. Each passenger is given a window seat so they can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Himalayas. From the hotel, we may arrange for private transportation to the airport. 

Distance from Hotel to Tribhuwan International Airport 

  • Basera Boutique Hotel: 3.3km (Patan)
  • Hotel Himalaya: 8km (Patan)
  • Vivanta Kathmandu: 7.8km (patan)
  • Marriott Hotel: 6km (Naxal)
  • Aloft Kathmandu Thamel: 4.9km (Thamel)
  • Hyatt Regency Kathmandu: 4km (bouddha)
  • The Dwarika Hotel: 1.5km (Batishputali)
  • The Dawarika Resort: 23.3 km (Dhulikhel)
  • Hotel Yak & Yeti: 4km (Darbar Marg)
  • The Soaltee: 8km (Kalimati)
  • Hotel Yechu: 13km (Bhakatapur)
  • Tulaja Boutique Hotel: 7.4km (bhaktapur)

Best Time for a tour 

The Everest Region is at a high altitude, where the weather is constantly changing. We shouldn't be prevented from enjoying the beauty of the Himalayas in Nepal, though, as our trip only requires a little flying time. But it's just impossible to carry out the flight when it's raining or foggy. Moreover, if we cannot see the mountain range and distinctive aerial beauty of different terrain,  there is no use in flying. 

If we had to pick a season, spring and fall would be ideal for an unforgettable flight to the Everest region. The weather is mostly clear and sunny during these seasons. There is a lower chance of rain, and humidity is low. During the winter, the layer of snow accumulates, emphasizing the grandeur of the mountains. Winter may be an option if you cannot travel in the spring. However, helicopter trips are not recommended throughout the summer. It is pouring severely,  and the weather is unpredictably changing. 

During the peak season, Everest Mountain flights are available every day. The optimum months for an Everest scenic fly are September to December and January to June. The weather on Everest is stable at this Time of year. The Everest overflight provides a beautiful picture of the Everest region, green valley, and Khumbu glacier. Everest mountain flying offers you an adventure that will last a lifetime. 

The Everest Mountain flight is offered all year. We will conduct Everest mountain flying if the weather is clear. Unpredictable weather in July and August may make it difficult to book a mountain flight. A flight to the summit will be possible whenever the day finds better weather. 

Hotel Near By Us 

Since the mountain flight and the Heli tour are luxurious, we advise you to indulge in the whole package. First, you can select a fancy hotel to stay at. Here, we've compiled a list of the top luxury hotels in the Kathmandu region, offering you the ideal place to stay while on vacation. These are the closest hotels to us, from which we can pick you up quickly and provide excellent service. 

In Patan, there are several hotels to choose from: the Basera Boutique Hotel, Hotel Himalaya,  and Hotel Vivanta. In Kathmandu, The Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, Aloft Kathmandu Thamel, Hyatt  Regency Kathmandu, The Dwarika Hotel, Hotel Yak & Yeti, and The Soaltee Kathmandu are among the hotels you can reserve in Kathmandu. If you like, you can also stay at hotels in  Bhaktapur. Hotel Yechu and Tulaja Boutique Hotel are a couple of the best-rated lodgings. 

Which Tour is cheaper for solo travelers: Everest Helicopter or Everest Mountain Flight? 

A Mountain flight is the most economical budget trip for viewing Everest. If you are flying alone,  you can join a group. It is less expensive than the Everest helicopter excursion. The Heli tour is more expensive than the Everest Mountain flight if you travel alone. 

Which is the best Tour among Everest Helicopter Tour and Everest Mountain Flight? 

Mountain flight is a unique flight that circles a tall mountain. Additionally, you can take pictures out of the airplane's window. And you can enjoy the vistas of the mountains. Only an eagle's eye view of the Himalayan ranges and the Everest region is possible from the mountain flight. There is no landing, unlike the EBC Heli tour. While flying over mountains, you can glimpse more than 20 Himalayan peaks on a clear day.  

The top views are all available. An easier and safer way to view Mount Everest is by plane. You are so near Mount Everest, thanks to it. You will also get stunning views of Mt. Manaslu, Ganesh  Himal, Langtang, and many other mountains in addition to Mount Everest. During the magnificent hour-long flight, breathtaking vistas of the lakes, glaciers, valleys, and various Himalayan scenery will be on exhibit. The plane never lands. You fly over the Everest region and then head home. The most reasonably priced Everest viewing excursion is a mountain flight. 

By selecting the EBC Heli trip, you decide to stay longer in Everest Region. The route is more beautiful. Upon arrival in Lukla, Kala Patthar, and the  Everest View Hotel, you will have many sightseeing opportunities. You will have the chance to view the Everest Himal during the excursion from Kala Patthar, one of its best vantage points. In addition, you may experience the breathtaking views of the Khumbu glacier and Icefall up close and in great clarity. 

From the Everest View Hotel, visitors may enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful Himalayas. In addition, you may want a cup of coffee while taking in a stunning view of the Himalayas. Even though the stop at the Lukla airport is brief, you will still have the opportunity to visit and explore Lukla, the entry point to the Everest region. This Tour is fantastic! 

Helicopter tours to Mount Everest base camp and mountain flights are both outstanding in their ways. The mountain flight is the most excellent choice if you have a limited amount of time perhaps a few hours, and you only want to see Mount Everest from the air. However, if you only have a  day for the journey and want to set foot on the highest point in the world, the Everest base camp helicopter tour is the best option. 

Like a helicopter tour of Everest base camp is quicker, mountain flights are. Also, a mountain flight is less expensive than an Everest helicopter trip. So get ready to buckle up and make preparations to see Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world and the most fabulous jewel of Nepal, up close.


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