Namche to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight Cost 2024-2025

Trip Overview
  • Duration 1 Hours
  • Difficulty Level Easy or Grade A (*)
  • DestinationNepal
  • Meals & AccommodationBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Trip Start & EndNamche - Kathmandu OR Kathmandu-Namche
  • Trip Typehelicopter Flight
  • Major AttractionNamche & Lukla
  • Maximum Altitude3440 meters
  • Best TimeAll year around

Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu helicopter flight is the quickest way to get to Kathmandu from Namche Bazaar. The trip from Namche to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Namche only takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Heli service is meant for those who are short of time and want to get to Kathmandu as quickly as possible. This being said trekkers could choose to trek up to Namche Namche bazaar and fly to Kathmandu after completing their Everest base Camp Trek or Everest Expedition. 

Namche is a paradise place located at 3440M. It was a popular market with the name Namche Bazaar. At the time, it was a shopping centre for local people in the Everest region. It is a fully developed town with all modern amenities such as music, bars, shops, nice hotels, ATMs, Banks, etc. Namche is very popular for acclimatisation. The climbers on their way to the EBC hike have reserved a day at Namche for the acclimatisation of their bodies. You also have the opportunity to trek to Khunde and Thame, which are villages by the side of the trail, on your free day. Namche Bazar is the same place where you will get the first glimpse of Mt Everest after starting your trek from Lukla. Finally, you will follow Giant Mountain to reach the camp at the base. Mostly, trekking tourists prefer Namche to celebrate the completion of their journey.

Kathmandu to Namche helicopter flights can also be arranged. If you want to explore the best place in the Everest region, i.e. Namche Bazaar, a helicopter ride is an ideal solution for the immediate return to Kathmandu on the same day after an exploration. 

Join a one and a half hour flight from Kathmandu to the village of Namche and walk along with your guide through the sightseeing or trekking journey. The idyllic ancient Himalayan town of Namche Bazaar is located in Nepal amidst large white mountains and greenish hills as a backdrop.

What makes this facility especially comfortable is that these pick-up and drop services are even available in slightly bad weather, so there is no need for you to worry about the possibility of your return flight from Lukla to Kathmandu being cancelled, which is expected during the off-season. The Namche - Kathmandu helicopter ride is a 1-hour journey covering snow-capped mountains, forests, human settlements, and glaciers. The adventure itself is the helipad transfers from the Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu. Although it costs more than domestic flights, it is worth the price that you pay for it. 

Another advantage, on the other hand, is that it allows you to skip the trekking days more rapidly, so you can save both your effort and time. Generally, two days of trekking from Namche Bazaar to Lukla is required.  The trail is quite hilly, so you ought to walk really hard. Even if you reach Lukla after trekking from Namche Bazar, there is no guarantee of having a seat on the regular Lukla flight, especially during the peak trekking seasons. Hence, the Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Namche is a definite time saver for you. If you wish to get rid of the precise trail, skip the Lukla flight hassle and skip those two long days in the EBC schedule. In addition, the copter flight lets you have the best aerial view of the Kathmandu valley, green hills, small settlements, dense forests, and mighty snowy peaks of the Everest region. Moreover, the ride will be the last option if you have any medical problems like injuries or altitude sickness since it is an on-demand option.

We at Mountain Rock Treks provide daily helicopter flight services from Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu and vice versa. You can choose from both private and group joining helicopter choices. Hence, book this trek if you want to have a better start or end to the Everest Base Camp Trek or Everest Climbing Expedition without facing the frequent cancellations and delays of Lukla flights. You just need to give us your complete information, and we will provide you with the best cost deals in 2024 and 2025. After you provide us with your information, one of our booking agents will contact you as soon as possible.

Namche to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight Highlights 

  • No need to bear the hassle of long check-in lines and typical routines of fixed-wing flights from Lukla. 
  • It is comfortable and easy to share the helicopter with not more than five passengers.
  • Marvel at the extraordinary bird's eye views of towering mountains, colourful valleys, and exciting towns from the height of your comfortable seat. 
  • Unlike the Lukla departures, helicopter flights are not as affected by bad weather conditions and thus, fewer cancellations are seen. 
  • Go straight to Kathmandu and bypass unnecessary transportation after the trek is over. 
  • Save your time by trekking around 2 days from Namche Bazaar to Lukla. 
  • The bad weather conditions might not prevent us from conducting the helicopter flight, which is an advantage over the flights to Lukla. 
  • Get rid of the nightmare of flight cancellations and delays in Lukla.
  • Enjoy the view of the Everest region and the other neighbouring mountains only by means of helicopter flight. 
  • Use this service to evacuate for medical purposes urgently or if your schedule is very tight and no delays are acceptable.

When to Take This Namche to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight?

We operate Namche to Kathmandu flights daily, offering flexibility to suit your plans. Whether you're concluding your Everest Base Camp trek or simply yearning for a breathtaking aerial adventure, the choice is yours. Book your flight from either Kathmandu or Namche Bazaar, and get ready to soar above the majestic Himalayas. Below are some of more examples on when you can take this flight to and from Namche Bazaar: 

1. After Completing Everest Base Camp Trek 

You can go for this Namche helicopter ride to Kathmandu after you have completed your Everest Base Camp trek from Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu. Therefore, this way is ideal for tourists who want to save time and energy after a tough trek to the base camp. Instead of returning via trekking to Lukla and then taking a flight to Kathmandu, you can fly directly from Namche Bazaar, the Sherpa capital, to Kathmandu, thus saving both time and energy. 

2. Tight Schedule and Flight Connections 

If you have a busy schedule and need to catch a connecting flight from Kathmandu, the Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu helicopter flight can be your lifesaver. This choice lets you skip the long and tiring walk back to Lukla and the possible delays or cancellations of flights from Lukla because of the bad weather conditions. A straight helicopter flight will let you get to Kathmandu faster and simpler. Therefore, you will not miss your next flight.

3. Avoiding Lukla Flight Hassles 

People are familiar with the Lukla airport due to its rough territory, plus various flights are usually delayed or even cancelled because of the poor weather conditions. The common way of liberating oneself from the difficulties plus insecurities of travelling by air from Lukla to Kathmandu is using a helicopter. It is a better way to move from the Everest region to Kathmandu through air travel, which is faster than by the use of a vehicle. Another option would be taking a helicopter from Kathmandu to Namche Bazaar.

4. Namche Bazaar Exploration From Kathmandu

Another great option would be taking a helicopter from Kathmandu to Namche Bazaar.

You could additionally catch a chopper ride from Kathmandu to Namche Bazaar as a way of reaching the Sherpa capital of the Everest region in a single day; this would be especially attractive for busy people with limited time constraints or those looking forward to experiencing the vibrant culture and scenic beauty of Namche Bazaar minus the tediousness that comes with trekking.

5. Before Starting Everest Base Camp Trek or Expedition 

If you're planning a trek or an expedition at the Everest Base Camp, consider taking a helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Namche Bazaar to jump-start it instead of being picked up at the airport. Such an option simplifies things as it cuts off the first two days of trekking so you can start right in Namche Bazaar, further saving one's time if you do not have much of it anyway. Those people who want to start this trek but have a shorter period or simply need more strength left for tougher sections while on trekking missions would find it greatly useful.

6. Medical Emergencies

Although it is quite unfortunate, it is possible that this helicopter service could save someone’s life when they suffer from altitude sickness or get injured during a trek. Timely medical care is guaranteed in Kathmandu because of the fast and direct flight.

7. No Insurance Coverage

The flight from Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu can also be booked for rescue purposes, especially for anybody going through altitude illnesses and other related medical emergencies when trekking in the area. If you do not have insurance or any other means of paying bills related to high altitude effects, then this chopper does justice, too. It does not take time for the chopper to evacuate you from Namche Bazaar and take you straight to Kathmandu, where hospitals are ready for instant action.

Group Joining Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight 

When people who are going to travel together go for helicopter flights as a group, it makes the cost for each person come down. In order for any person to benefit from such an opportunity, Mountain Rock Treks has come up with the idea of creating group joining services, which means individuals or small groups of up to four people can join together. This affordable approach not only cuts down on the budget but also guarantees punctuality. To fly with a group by helicopter from Namche Bazaar in Kathmandu costs USD 1250 per person.

You can enjoy the splendid aerial views of the Everest region at friendly prices if you share the flight with other travellers. We have a system that facilitates the formation of groups for a helicopter trip from Lukla to Kathmandu as part of our flight-sharing initiative. The passengers are grouped, which gives them a chance to link up with those already there before venturing on a journey. Each group is supposed to share the cost of helicopter fare.

If you are travelling on your own or in a small group and would like to take the plane from Lukla to Kathmandu on a day that suits you, you are welcome to contact us for information about joining others on this kind of flight.

Private Namche Bazaar Helicopter Flight to Kathmandu 

If you want an exclusive experience and are interested in personalization, then we would recommend considering taking a private helicopter flight. This way, there will be no disturbances or interruptions, meaning you can discover the amazing scenery around Everest in the company of your friends or special ones.

Travellers seeking fast medical help for altitude sickness or other health problems find flying from Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu via helicopter saves much time. On such a flight, you not only receive quicker help but also have a better ride. Namche Bazaar - Kathmandu cost Private helicopter rides cost between $4000 - 4600 depending on the particular needs and passengers as well.

'This premium service guarantees a seamless, secure flight experience with your very own dedicated crew and schedule. To fly from to Kathmandu from Namche Bazaar the quickest way possible is by chopper on a private charter flight basis. It will only be your flight that will be conducted without any botheration like waiting for others because or flying around following other people's interests.' Private charter flights are pricier as compared to group travel. But even in this private trip you can bring your own group members. 

Last-minute Booking and Fixed Departure for Namche Bazar to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight

We provide last-minute bookings as well as a choice of fixed departure for our Namche Bazar to Kathmandu helicopter flights. We understand travel plans change, and that’s why we offer such services as last-minute bookings and fixed departure. 

  • Last Minute Booking 

In emergencies, including altitude sickness and urgent travel requirements, our helicopters are available for booking from Namche Bazar to Kathmandu on short notice. This way, you receive significant discounts on them, yet they help you arrive at your destination without spending too much money. Call us for free 24 hours in seven days or use other applications like WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat Line or write an email to [email protected].

  • Fixed Departure

We can schedule our Namche Bazar-Kathmandu Heli flight dates so that there are more organised plans that people can adjust accordingly. Within the shortest time possible, please book daily flights by just clicking on “book now.” In addition, the best time ever to take this tour is from April to December. Therefore, our doors are open for reservation throughout this period. However, other dates can also be considered if someone has needs on systems aside from those from April up to December. date in mind outside of this range, we can make the necessary arrangements. It is up to our travellers to decide where they would like to start, depending on which destination suits them best: Kathmandu or Namche Bazar.

What Namche to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight Package Offers? 

The Namche Helicopter Flight Package is an incredible chance for you to get direct to Kathmandu by taking a helicopter flight from Namche Bazaar. Instead of flying to Lukla or walking for an extra two days, you can utilise this alternative and reach Kathmandu in just around 1 hour of flying. This is the fastest way to avoid wasting time on additional travel so you can reach your destination much faster and more comfortably via an efficient helicopter service that goes directly from the heart of the Everest area all the way to the capital. Here are more things mentioned below about this trip offers for it’s traveller:

  1. Rare chance to travel directly to Kathmandu via a plane from Namche Bazaar instead of experiencing the Lukla flight or walking for 2 extra days. 
  2. You will arrive at your destination almost immediately because it only takes 60 minutes to get to Kathmandu. 
  3. If you lack insurance coverage for high altitude treks, yet an emergency arises that makes you need quick medical care, be confident you can access instant evacuation services.
  4. We assure you of our service availability 24/7; this means we will always be there when you need us. 
  5. We will always arrive within the shortest time and cost the least, taking you directly to Kathmandu from the heart of Everest, saving you time and energy.
  6. You can be at peace knowing that if something unexpected happens whenever you are on a trek, you can get to Kathmandu in the fastest time and most trusted way.

Namche Bazar to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight Cost 2024 and 2025

The cost of a helicopter flight from Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu in 2024 and 2025 provides a cheap and easy way for travellers. All it takes is $1100 for anyone who wants to be able to fly from Namche Bazaar up to kathmandu within an hour. The fee shall be determined based on people within a group such that if many everyone pays less. At a relatively better cost price, Mountain Rock Treks arranges for a number of individuals on group joining itinerary together with those who may opt for private arrangement at reasonable rates.

You can go on a group or a private trip, but we guarantee that any prices we have indicated are open and there are no hidden costs. Even though Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flight prices can be costlier on an individual journey, going as a team presents pocket-friendly rates on this trip. Our pocket-friendly rates apply to everyone starting this trip from either side; the journey could start in Namche bazaar and then end in Kathmandu or vice versa. 

Our Group Joining Cost for Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu Flight are mentioned below: 

No of Travellers

Cost Per person



$ 1100

Available, Contact Us 


$ 1000

Available, Contact Us  

4-5$ 900

Available, Contact Us 

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Know before you book


Mountain Rock Treks understands the importance of a suitable and transparent plan concerning your helicopter flight from Namche to Kathmandu. Thus, we give out an explicit cost activities-packed itinerary for the one-day trip. It starts in the morning with Namche Bazaar's departure, an iconic Sherpa village in the Everest region. Once you get to Kathmandu, the helicopter will land in the designated area, where our representatives will help you with other travel arrangements. 

From the faraway Everest region, Kathmandu is just an hour away by air, which is an effective and pleasant journey. Our prices are transparent, with all flight costs included in the overall price, airport expenses, and any other related charges. Our team will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the expenses, ensuring that there are no hidden surprises.

Day to Day Info

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Morning Takeoff from Namche Bazaar

Your day begins early in Namche Bazar. After an excellent breakfast, you shall be taken to a helipad near your hotel room. Shortly after that, we would embark on our journey after talking to the helicopter team. When the helicopter starts moving upwards, notice how different objects look when you are high above them. Namche Bazaar seems very small in the air against Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu mountains hanging over it. Be prepared to be amazed by some fantastic views around the Mount Everest area.

Essential Refuelling Stop in Lukla:

After a helicopter is in flight for about half an hour, it would descend to Lukla, a small mountain town nestling right in the arms of the Himalayas. The descent is mandatory so the helicopter can land to refuel before proceeding again without any interference or danger to Kathmandu city centre. Weather permitting, one can also walk around Lukla when your aircraft is being refuelled.

Takeoff for Kathmandu and Final Ascent:

After refuelling, you will again get into the helicopter and then make your way towards Kathmandu. As you go up again, keep watching as the scenery changes all along with you. As you are approaching Kathmandu Valley, watch the landscapes change from the barren Himalayan peaks into fertile lowlands.

Landing in Kathmandu:

When you get close to Kathmandu, you will slowly begin to see the cityscape with its clear buildings and temples. This indicates the end of your adventure through the air and guarantees easy descent to a particular helipad in Kathmandu. You will be taken to your booked hotel in Kathmandu. Therefore, remember that, depending on your choice and time of arrival, you may visit this live urban area or rest.

  • No
  • No
  • 1:30 Minutes
  • 3440 meters

We are pleased to offer the flexibility of tailoring your journey to your desired duration and places, whether extended or shortened, as our proficient team of locals-cum-guides, porters, and accompanying staff have an in-depth understanding of every location traveled.

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Cost Details


  • Helicopter Fuel Surcharge
  • Picks up from airport to hotel.
  • Helicopter flight From Namche (sharing Basic Max 5 person) to Kathmandu 
  • Complete Packages trip with the Lowest Price Guaranteed on sharing basis.
  • 100 % Full Refund guarantee if no flight is made due to bad weather
  • Easy and Secure Online Booking System
  • Oxygen cylinder on Heli in Emergency Condition.


  • Medical insurance
  • Meals, accommodations 
  • Applicable permit arrangement
  • Sagarmatha National park entrance fee (3000 Nepali Rupee) and 2000 NPR VDC fee
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks throughout the trips
  • Personal gear down jackets
  • Other equipment
  • Food and Drinks during the trip 

Dates & Price

Upcoming Departure

Few seatsStarts: FridayJul 26, 2024
Ends: FridayJul 26, 2024
Status: AvailableUS$900

Essential Info

Weather and Climate Conditions Around Namche Bazaar 

The weather conditions in Namche Bazaar significantly impact the feasibility and comfort of your helicopter trip to Kathmandu. By understanding the seasonal variations in Namche Bazaar's weather, you can choose the best time for your exhilarating helicopter adventure back to Kathmandu. Here's a breakdown of how each season affects your aerial journey: 

Winter (December - February):-

Cold weather in Namche bazaar can drop to 7 degrees below zero, thus negatively influencing helicopter performance. The cooler it gets, the higher the chances of snowing out, adversely affecting visibility and ground crew operations. It is, however, important to recognize that during winter periods, there is always a need for frequent weather check-ups when flying helicopters since this can be quite dangerous if not done properly or when there are inadequately experienced pilots on board at such enormous heights. For such reasons, ensure you do not trek around the Everest region when snow arrives.

Spring (March - May) :-

Gradually, the temperatures increase, thus making it more comfortable to move from one place to another. There could be times when there are just some rain drops, but the visibility is quite good. The rate at which the temperature rises increases over time, seeing that during the day, the temperature is 10-16°C (50-61°F) while at night, it is far above 1-3°C (33-38°F). In May, the wind speeds are increasing as the level of rain occasionally increases. Despite occasional spring showers, the weather is generally fine for helicopter travel from Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu.

Autumn (September -November) :-

Welcome fall brings back pleasant temperatures; the daytime highs go cooler, making it very comfortable at 13-15°C / 55-59°F, and at night, it gets cold at about 2-3°C / 35-38°F. Adjust your clothing by adding or shedding layers to suit different times of the day when temperatures may vary greatly. During the autumn, there is also a return of dry season conditions and occasional light rain. During this time of year, the sky has great clarity, with stunning views over the mountains nearby. Fall is also good for hiking and other outdoor activities, just like spring.

Monsoon (June - August): -

The very hottest months of the year have now come. The daytime temperature is about 15-16°C (59-61°F), with mild nights that go as low as 7-8°C (44-46°F). The landscape takes on a dress of greenery when the rains of monsoon come. Besides that, there will also be a lot of rain. July has the most rainy days, with an average of 21. You can expect the days to be cloudy and the visibility to be reduced. Monsoons are widely regarded as the worst time for travelling, mainly for helicopter tours.

Safety and Weight Limit Considerations 

Before boarding a helicopter, the first and foremost thing to consider is safety; we are very serious about it at Mountain Rock Treks. We believe you should not have to choose between safety standards and the excitement of seeing the majestic Himalayas from high up in the sky.

In the Himalayas, we work with helicopter companies that have been there for more than ten years and fly in various and unusual weather conditions. Although our pilots are trained and certified for flight, they are also used to passing through dangerous landscapes. Besides, they strictly follow the rules to keep the services of high quality at all times of travel. Thus, they have no accidents throughout their operations, making them the best operators for any criteria. Our pilots are the ones who make sure that the flight is safe and secure for our passengers by doing the pre-flight checks and in-flight monitoring without leaving anything unattended.

All our helicopters have a set limit to take-off weight certified by the manufacturer, and we have to abide by it in our fleet. Between Namche Bazaar and Kathmandu, our helicopters' maximum weight is between 350 and 500 kg, depending on the altitude and the place. Five passengers can ride along with the pilot in our fleet.

We create conditions of stability and safety during the flight through seat arrangement and carefully balancing the passengers' weight. This weight management routine is very thorough and aids in ensuring that the flight is safe and less strenuous. A condition of stability and safety is created during the flight through seat arrangement and careful balancing of passengers onboard. This routine of managing weight is thorough and helps make the flight safer and less strenuous.

Things to Do during your time at Namche Bazaar

  1. Explore Namche Market:- Namche Bazaar bustles as a market should. Every Saturday morning, traders from neighbouring settlements come over with farm produce and trekking equipment, which they bring with them from Kathmandu over the rocky path into town. However, you can buy anything you forget at higher rates, although local shops have almost everything.
  2. Visit Sherpa Museum:- The Sherpa Museum is next to the military compound, 3555m (11,647ft). One can stroll through it to discover the Sherpa culture and the way of life. The highlight of your special trip is a large statue of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and a breathtaking view of Mount Everest and the nearby peaks. Many trekkers go to Namche Bazaar on their second day of acclimatisation.
  3. Hike to Hotel Everest View:- Amongst the trips from Namche Bazaar, hiking up to Hotel Everest View is the most scenic and the most popular day tour trip from Namche Bazaar. It takes about 3 - 4 hours to travel by foot from Namche to the hotel. The trail begins at an altitude of 3440 metres and ends at an altitude of 3880 metres. The route continues to the northern ridge, which is slanting but quite long. It gives a breathtaking panorama over Mount Everest, Ama Dablam, and surrounding mountains. The Everest View Hotel is an artwork in the Himalayas. The hike continues; upon reaching the hotel area, have the meal if you want to, and then take a hike to Namche Bazaar. 
  4. Hike to Khunde and Khumjung :- Khunde and Khumjung are twin villages located right in Green Valley. The Sherpa people live in these villages, which are not crowded. Khumjung can be reached in 2 hours and Khunde in 2. Namche Bazaar is 5 hours by foot. Through the track, the Thamserku and Ama Dablam peaks remain in view throughout the journey. The Cave in Khunde is where Guru Rimpoche used to meditate. This is the most iconic gate and the Stupa with the mysterious eye of Buddha. In addition, Khumjung Monastery is reputed to have the scalp of Yeti. You may eat hot coffee in the local tea houses, return to Namche Bazar, and return along the main trail.
  5. Hike to Thame:- Thame is the most famous village in the Everest area and is where Apa Sherpa (the person who submitted Mount Everest 21 times) lives. Thame is approximately 10 km from Namche Bazaar, and it takes 5 - 6 hours to cover the distance using the best route. There are many old monasteries in the village. 

Will There Be An Emergency Rescue Flight to Kathmandu from Namche Bazar?

Indeed, if you have a medical condition, you can rely on helicopters for emergency evacuation from Namche Bazaar to Kathmandu. Therefore, the lives of trekkers and mountaineers are made easier due to the assurance that they can be easily transferred to hospitals in case they get sick. Thereby, they are necessary to quickly transfer patients with severe injuries and diseases such as acute mountain sickness.

Namche Bazaar, situated within the Himalayas, has splendid natural scenes while inaccessibly far from hospitals. The area around the village requires helicopter services to transfer patients who need medical assistance to Kathmandu. Just imagine a situation where a climber is down with sudden fits of mountain illness or a dweller calling for immediate hospital care. However, because of undulating terrain, evacuating somebody from such regions is always complex and time-consuming. Here, the main objective of this helicopter service is to provide emergency flights.

This swift air ambulance is an important time element because it quickly transfers patients to the well-equipped hospitals in Kathmandu. These hope-giving flights are for trekkers and the locals, enabling them to avoid dying- a major attribute to be made when seeking healthcare attention amidst harsh highland conditions. In a place where rapid evacuation can be the key to survival, these emergency health flights are nothing short of life-saving.


  • Q1. What is the purpose of the Namche to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight? 

    The Namche to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight is a means for rapid evacuation of emergencies like high altitude sickness among trekkers or mountaineers in the Everest area. Its primary purpose is to act as a rescue service that ensures those with severe injuries and illnesses and acute attacks of APST can be taken quickly from distant mountainous places to well-equipped hospitals within the capital city by helicopter.

  • Helicopters that are convenient for operating in challenging terrains and the high elevations of Mt. Everest region usually do part of the rescue flights. They have specialised medical facilities to help ensure safe and fast evacuation by having experienced pilots and medical personnel on board.

  • Response time varies depending on weather, location, and the severity of medical emergencies; however, the rescue flight can take any time. But, typically, they are dispatched in less than a day from the time a distress call is made to ensure fast medical evacuation.

  • A helicopter ride from Namche to Kathmandu lasts roughly 45 to 60 minutes. However, this could change a bit depending on what type of helicopter you are using as well as weather conditions.

  • This helicopter flight has a luggage weight restriction. This is usually 10-15 kg per individual, with a limit on luggage. It's specifically because these helicopters don't have much-carrying capacity.

  • Clear skies, good visibility, and minimal wind are the perfect weather conditions when planning for a helicopter trip. This trip might be delayed or cancelled due to heavy cloud cover, strong winds or precipitation because they might make it dangerous.

  • Yes, you can certainly reserve transport by means of a helicopter from Namche to Kathmandu. We provide this Service as an alternative so that instead of hiking from Namche to Lukla and then taking a flight, a visitor can save himself from much travel fatigue and go to Kathmandu by helicopter directly. 

  • This helicopter flight typically does not have age limitations. However, some passengers, such as young infants, might require an adult escort, or elderly travelers facing health problems may need approval from their physician prior to flying.

  • Safety is a top priority for helicopter operators on this route. Passengers are typically provided with safety briefings, and all helicopters are well-maintained and piloted by experienced pilots. Additionally, life jackets and other safety equipment are available on board.

  • Helicopter operators on this route place a strong emphasis on safety, giving passengers safety briefings and providing experienced pilots who operate helicopters in good condition. Furthermore, life jackets and other safety equipment are available aboard.

Client Reviews

  • Breathtaking Escape After Altitude Sickness

    When my wife developed altitude sickness near Namche Bazaar, our Everest Base Camp adventure took an unexpected turn. We reached out to Mountain Rock Treks out of concern. Before long, a helicopter evacuation had been arranged to take her back to Kathmandu. The team acted very professionally, and we appreciated how they looked after her. She later on managed to recover fully from this experience. The mountain rock helicopters turned this hairy situation into a smooth and effective medical evacuation procedure.

    CalvinVietnamMay 21, 2024
  • A Lifesaver in the Himalayas 

    My dream of climbing Everest Base Camp became a nightmare because I got altitude sickness during the trek. Fortunately, Mountain Rock Treks came to the rescue. The evacuation of the chopper from Namche to Kathmandu was swift and comforting. The pilot’s proficiency ensured a safe and steady landing. Their immediate response and high-quality service were my saviours for me during a stressful period. I am deeply indebted to Mountain Rock Treks for judging my health and taking me to safety.

    OdeanSingaporeMay 16, 2024
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