Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight 2023, 2024 Booking Open

Trip Overview
  • Duration 1 Hours
  • Difficulty Level Easy or Grade A (*)
  • DestinationEverest Region, Nepal
  • Meals & AccommodationNon
  • Trip Start & EndKathmandu & Lukla or Lukla to Kathmandu
  • Trip TypeHelicopter Flight
  • Major AttractionLukla
  • Maximum Altitude2840 Meters
  • Best TimeMarch- April- May, September- October- November,


  • Safe Flight than a regular Flight in a tiny airport.
  • Best Ariel views of the Himalayas
  • More chance to fly means less opportunity to cancel than regular Flight.
  • No long waiting like a regular flight

Lukla opens the gate to adventurous ventures in the Everest region. The famous Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Lakes Trek, Everest Three High Passes Trek, etc., all begin from here. Apart from the regular flights from Kathmandu domestic airport to Lukla airport, the only other way to reach this place is by helicopter flight. There are no roadways to Lukla, so individuals cannot drive here. 

As thrilling as the Kathmandu Lukla regular flights are, they can get quite nerve-racking and overwhelming for some travelers. The Kathmandu Lukla flights are no joke. Landing at that height in a tiny airport does demand guts. However, the Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flights are more easygoing and comfortable, with great views. The helicopter flight lasts for around one hour.

We have several Kathmandu Lukla helicopter flight departures in a day. It allows travelers to board the charter as per their time availability. One can join a group, which will cost less per head, or rent a private Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flight as per your need.

Lukla Airport

Perched on 2,860 meters, Lukla airport, also known as the Tenzing Hillary Airport, is one of the smallest and highest airports in the world. This airport gives access to the Khumbu region, the home to Mt. Everest- the highest mountain in the world, the legendary Sherpas, and the rich ancient cultural heritage of the local communities. 

The airport is the busiest in the peak trekking and climbing seasons (March, April, May, September, October, and November). Lukla airport has only a single runway. It is 527 meters long and 30 meters wide with an 11.7% gradient. 

Only twin otter aircraft and helicopters fly in and out of this airport. Given the airport's size, it can only park five twin otter aircraft and two helicopters simultaneously. The Lukla airport only welcomes and departs flights to/from Kathmandu.

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight Price 2023-2024

Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flight cost is expensive if you book a private trip. A personal trip means you can fly solo or with your loved ones. Likewise, in a group, per head cost reduces. We offer the best Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter prices in Nepal. Our fees are transparent, and there are no hidden charges. The price will be the same even if you fly from Lukla to Kathmandu. 

The flight costs USD 600  per head in a group and USD 2500 for a private flight (for a one-way flight). For a round trip from Kathmandu - to Lukla Kathmandu, the flight cost is USD 1000 per head in a group and USD 600  for a private getaway.

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight Price on sharing basis for 2023-2024

MonthsCost (USD)Book now
January600Book now
Febabury600Book now
March600Book now
April600Book now
May600Book now
June600Book now
July600Book now
August600Book now
September600Book now
October600Book now
November600Book now
December600Book now

Kathmandu to Lukla and Lukla to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight Group Joining

Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flight cost is low per head for group departures. The group usually has 4 to 5 passengers from Kathmandu to Lukla and vice versa. Joining a group is much easier in the peak trekking/climbing seasons as there are numerous helicopter departures. 

If you are alone, then you can share the flight with other travelers from around the world. In this way, the Kathmandu Lukla helicopter flight cost gets affordable. After confirming the flight, we will help you find other travelers to share the helicopter flight and the price.

Private Helicopter Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and Lukla to Kathmandu

A private helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is perfect for you if you have your group or are willing to fly solo. A private helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla or vice versa is expensive comparatively. Moreover, a private helicopter flight to Lukla lets you fly in your own time.

Booking confirmation and payment of Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter flight

Many travelers prefer a helicopter flight to Lukla from Kathmandu, given the low risk, phenomenal panorama, and being on schedule these days. Therefore, we need early confirmation to avoid the non-availability of flight seats. 

To book the Kathmandu Lukla helicopter flight, you must send us a 25% advance payment for the confirmation with other details like a copy of your passport, etc. The rest of the amount must be cleared before the beginning of the journey. You can pay it once you arrive in Kathmandu.

Departure Details For Kathmandu Lukla Helicopter Flight

You can pre-book Kathmandu to Lukla flights for any dates in 2023, and 2024. You can reserve the seats directly from our booking section. 

If the dates do not match your time availability, contact us at [email protected] or call us or WhatApps at +977 9849023179.

Helicopter Flight to Lukla from Everest Base Camp | Gorakshep 

If you have trekked to the Everest Base Camp and do not want to retrace the same path, then you can choose our helicopter flight from the Everest Base Camp to Lukla. While trekking back takes another 3 to 4 days to reach Lukla. A helicopter flight will save you a lot of time and energy. At the same time, you can see spectacular aerial views of the Himalayas. 

Usually, you can find helicopter returns in the Everest Base Camp Trek by Helicopter. But you can also add an EBC Lukla helicopter flight to your itinerary even if you have followed the usual EBC trek itinerary. The helicopter flight time between Everest Base Camp and Lukla is 15 minutes. 

Moreover, you can also extend this helicopter flight to Kathmandu if you wish. For more information, get in touch with us. 

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Know before you book

Cost Details


  • All pickups and drops
  • Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight
  • Necessary paperwork with the government of Nepal and the Tax department


  • Any meals
  • Personal expenses

Essential Info

Kathmandu Lukla Helicopter Flight Details

Flight Duration: 50 minutes - 1 hour

Max. Group Size: 5 people

Altitude: 2,860 m

Best Season: Autumn (September, October, and November) Spring (March, April, and May)

Flight Costs: USD 450 in Group

Helicopter Scheduled Flight Form Kathmandu to Lukla

06:00 AM: We will pick you up from your hotel and drop you at the airport. There will be a quick briefing by the instructor regarding the flight.

06:30 AM: You will get the boarding pass and proceed with check-in. The pilot will introduce himself, and you fly towards the Lukla. The flight will be 50 minutes to 1 hour long.

07:00 AM - 07:30: You will land at the Lukla helipad and proceed with your day.

The benefit of Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter flight and Lukla to Kathmandu 

  1. Regular flights to Lukla may get canceled or delayed anytime because of the unpredictable weather and air traffic. The Lukla helicopter flight is the best way to be on your schedule.
  2. The helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla gets less affected by the poor weather compared to the regular flights between these two places.
  3. The views of mountains & hills during the helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla are more remarkable than the regular flights.


  • Q1. Do helicopters depart every day from Kathmandu to Lukla?

    Yes, we have the daily departure of the helicopter from Kathmandu to Lukla.

  • The chances of helicopter flights getting canceled between Kathmandu and Lukla are scarce. Even in bad weather, we can fly to Lukla from Kathmandu in a helicopter without a hassle. The overall flight time may extend by a few minutes, but the possibility of cancellation is relatively low.

  • You can book Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flight directly through our site or by contacting us at Mountain Rock Treks. Let us know your required date, and we will help you arrange the best time for your helicopter flight. You can join a group flight or go on a private getaway as you wish with us. 

  • You can get a helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla after 3 PM if there is no issue with the weather.

  • It takes around 50 minutes to one hour to reach Lukla from Kathmandu by helicopter. Sometimes the weather disruption may cause a few extra minutes of flight.

  • Yes, we offer helicopter flights from Lukla to Kathmandu too.

  • Yes, the helicopter flies at the scheduled time. Sometimes the flight can get slightly delayed because of technical issues or bad weather.

  • Yes, there will be other passengers on your flight if you have joined a group departure. If you are flying alone or with your own group, then there will be no other individual than the pilot.

  • There are many reasons to choose the Kathmandu Lukla helicopter flight over the usual Kathmandu Lukla airline flights. We have mentioned some of them below:

    • Alternative flight option to Lukla that you can board as per your time

    • Less overwhelming, risky, and very comfortable

    • Offers more breathtaking aerial mountain views than the usual flight to Lukla

    • No worries if the weather gets unstable because our helicopters can withstand bad weather

    • You can be on your schedule


  • Hundreds and thousands of trekkers & climbers hit Lukla airport every year during the peak trekking and climbing seasons to embark on their adventurous ventures in the Everest region. Spring (March, April, May) and autumn (September, October, and November) are the major seasons. 

    Apart from that, May, September, and December also see a fair number of visitors. Because of the stable weather with a clear sky and bright days, the airport sees several flights in and out every day. The airport does get packed and overcrowded sometimes.

  • Yes, you can book a private helicopter flight to Lukla for a single person. You can decrease the load of the price by joining group departure. 

  • Yes, you can get a helicopter flight to Lukla on the same day as the regular airline flight. We always have our helicopter operators on standby to give helicopter flight service to our guests from/to Lukla. Do let us know sometime earlier to arrange the flight on time.

Client Reviews

  • Comfortable flight

    The helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is more relaxed and comfortable, with spectacular views. The helicopter flight lasts approximately one hour. It was one of the most exciting flights. It was more comfortable than regular flights. The incredible aerial view is provided by helicopter flight. Mountain Rock Trek truly provides us with the most simple and cost-effective flight.

    Elijah WilsonAustraliaApril 21, 2022
  • exhilarating flight

    In consideration of the short time frame, I scheduled my helicopter flight to the airport in Lukla. The Scenery was shocking every minute, and the Timing was perfect. This journey was worthwhile once we reached Lukla. I took a really exhilarating flight.

    MichaelUnited StatesMarch 30, 2022
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