Namche Bazaar is a bustling small town in the Khumbu region of north-eastern Nepal. Located at an elevation of 3500m, Namche is the primary staging point for trekkers heading for Mount Everest Base Camp Trek or other trekking in the Everest Region. Further, Namche is the commercial hub of the Khumbu region. With many Nepalese officials, police checks, posts, ATMs, and various stores, it is also regarded as the shopping center for trekking gear and medicines last chance.

In the old days, Namche was just a trading post with locals exchanging Yak Cheese and butter for agricultural and other various items found in the lower region. Later, with tourism's introduction, the village has seen lots more development. Despite its growth, the town still consists of around 60 settlements. Furthermore, the city also retains the age-old culture and tradition. Trekkers who visit this place automatically fall in love with this place.

As the town is the last stop for shopping and exchanging money, be prepared and do all the necessary shopping and money exchange before climbing further. Also, several guides and porters are available here; you can hire a local guide and porter for further trekking towards the higher altitude.

How to get to Namche bazaar?

Gateway to the highest mountain in the world, Namche Bazaar is a paradise for trekkers. I was thinking of how to reach the Namche Bazaar? Don't think much; there are several ways to get to Namche. You can reach Namche either by trekking or by flying.

If you are a trekking enthusiast, then take a drive from Kathmandu to Jiri or Phelps without thinking much. Follow the classic Everest Base Camp Trekking route Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay used for their expedition to Everest. However, you have to be physically fit to conquer this trek. It takes around seven days to reach Namche from Jiri.

If you don't want much trekking and prefer to reach Lukla in a short time, then without any hesitation, take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla airport. Within two days of a walk from Lukla, you can reach Namche Bazaar. You can also get Namche from Lukla within a day, but that can be pretty challenging.

Besides these two options, there is another direct way to reach Namche. You have to take a direct helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Namche. However, there are high chances of getting altitude sickness due to sudden altitude changes. Hence, this option is not recommended. Several helicopters take off from Kathmandu to Namche every day for commercial or rescue purposes.


Best place to visit near Namche

Besides enjoying a tasty breakfast and a peaceful sleep, there are lots more places to visit in and around the Namche Bazaar. Some of the fascinating places in Namche are:


Local Weekend Bazaar

Filled with various shops, stores, and the local market, the Namche Bazaar is one of the best places to buy souvenirs and other trekking gear and equipment. Further, visiting the weekend Bazaar, you can see the traders from Tibet and neighboring villages attracting the customers with some beautiful goods. Though there are not many things for trekkers in the Bazaar, visiting the streets during weekends is still an outstanding experience.


Namche Monastery

Situated in the bazaar of Namche, Namche Monastery is one of the perfect places to experience the peaceful ambiance. Further, the colorful flags at Namche compel trekkers to visit this place once and again.


Sherpa Museum

If you want to know more about the Sherpa culture and tradition, visit the Sherpa Museum. This museum is located at the top of Namche. The museum consists of all the past physical memories of the Sherpa communities. Though the trail is quite steep, the old artifacts and the memories of the Sherpa community make the walk worth it.


Everest View Hotel

Located at an elevation of 3962m, Everest View Hotel is the highest-placed hotel in the world. Within a short hike from the main Namche Bazaar, you can reach this hotel. By sitting on the hotel's balcony, enjoy a hot tea with incredible mountain vistas. Whenever you visit Namche, don't miss the opportunity to hike up to this Everest View Hotel.


Thame and Khumjung

Hiking to Thame of Khumjung is another exciting activity that you can enjoy during your acclimatization in Namche. Talking about Thame, it is the home to the world's famous mountaineers and the least visited place in the Everest region. Further, home to the beautiful Thame Monastery, you will admire the beauty of Thame village.

Besides Thame, there is another popular place, Khumjung, which a 2hrours walk can reach. Situated just below the Everest View Hotel, Khumjung is a perfect place to visit in the region. The primary attraction in Khumjung is Khumjung Monastery and Khumjung School. Founded by Sir Edmund Hilary, Khumjung is the first established school in the Everest region. Further, if you wish, then you can donate some money for the welfare of the school and the community.


Hotel Accommodation in Namche Bazaar

With the development of an abundance of hotels, lodges, and teahouses, Namche Bazaar has been the perfect spot for spending a day or two for acclimatization. Unlike other Himalayan settlements and Sherpa villages in Nepal, Namche caters to tourists in luxurious and simple hotels.


Luxurious Hotels

If you are the one seeking luxury and comfort, then enjoy a great stay at a luxurious hotel in Namche. Some of the famous and luxurious hotels in Namche are Everest View Hotel and Yeti Mountain Home. You have to pay a little higher to spend a night here than at the other hotels. However, the comfort that you receive makes it all worth it.

Speaking of Everest View Hotel, it is the world's highest-altitude hotel. Each of the rooms of this hotel serves trekkers with the best views of Mount Everest and other spectacular mountains. All the rooms are well-equipped and have an attached bathroom, dressing area, study area, and small heating system.

Like the Everest View Hotel, Yeti Mountain Home never lets trekkers doubt the service, cleanness, and comfort of this hotel. All the rooms have twin beds or King-sized beds for the customer's convenience. Further, each hotel room has a beautiful mix of traditional Khumbu and modern style with wood finishing.


Mid-Range Hotels

There are several mid-range hotels in Namche. Such hotels have basic to deluxe facilities. If you want to save your money, you can pay for the basic rooms. However, if you want some luxurious facilities, then book the deluxe room. The deluxe rooms have facilities similar to the elegant and high-end hotels. Regarding the foods, you can have both Nepali and Continental dishes here.



In the past days, like other Himalayan region treks, teahouses were the only option to spend a night in Namche. With the development of other luxurious hotels and the popularity of the trail, teahouses here provide better service nowadays. Teahouses are for those who seek just a peaceful sleep rather than a luxury. These teahouses are simple and serve trekkers with their best. The rooms are equipped with a blanket, pillow, foam pad, and a wooden bed. Usually, there is no private bathroom available in the teahouse. However, there are some teahouses with a room and an attached bathroom. Further, you have to pay some extra to enjoy a hot shower. Regarding the meal, you have the option of simple Nepali dishes and continental dishes.

Other refreshment centers and eateries in Namche Bazaar

While strolling around the lively streets of Namche, you can see many beautiful restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars. Enjoy the delicious bakery items at the German and Herman Helmer's Bakery in Namche. As Namche houses the world's highest Irish Pub, trekkers love to visit this place during their stay at Namche. Some of the other best hotels in Namche Bazaar include Hotel Khangri, Khumbu Hotel, Hotel Tibet, Hotel Namche, etc.

Weather in Namche

The altitude of Namche Bazaar highly affects the weather of this place. The weather here remains stable during the Autumn and Spring seasons, whereas the climate becomes quite unstable and unpredictable in other remaining seasons.

Autumn Season in Namche Bazaar

Autumn lasts from September to November in Nepal. It is considered the peak season for trekking in any part of Nepal, and so does the Namche. You can enjoy the spectacular views of mountains and the surrounding ambiance during this season. The weather stability and the excellent visibility make this season the best season for trekking in Namche. There is the most negligible probability of having rainfall or rainfall in this season. The moderate temperature makes your trekking more exciting during the day. However, the nights are colder, but the warm gears always protect you.

Spring Season in Namche Bazaar

Spring is another popular season for trekking to Namche, full of flowers and greenery. Spring falls between March to May in Nepal. The moderate temperature and stable weather during this season make your trekking more exciting and wonderful. While trekking from Lukla to Namche Bazaar, you will get mesmerized by the incredible views of vibrant rhododendron forest and other wildflowers.

The temperature at Namche gets warmer during the daytime, whereas nights are colder during the Spring season.

Winter Season in Namche Bazaar

Winter is the coldest time of the year. It falls between December to February in Nepal. During winter, the temperature of Namche becomes low at night. It will even drop down to minus degrees Celsius. Therefore, to prevent yourself from the chilly cold of winter, gear up with some warm clothes.

Further mornings are also icy here with the low visibility of mountains and the surrounding environment. So you have to be very careful in the mornings too. However, during the daytime, you may sometimes have the privilege to witness the stunning Himalayan views.

Summer Season in Namche Bazaar

June, July, and August are the months of summer in Nepal. It is regarded as the hottest season in Nepal. However, being at a higher altitude, Namche does not get that hot like other lower regions in Nepal. But, there are chances of subsequent rain in this region when it comes to rainfall. Further, the rain makes the trails slippery and wet, due to which it becomes pretty risky to trek this region during summer.

If you are planning to visit only Namche Bazaar, you can do so whenever you wish. Each season leaves you with a unique trekking experience in the Namche. However, if you think of trekking to the other higher altitudes than Namche, just think twice, as it becomes quite difficult to trek the region during the summer and winter seasons.