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When Nepal announced the Visit Nepal 2020 project to enhance our tourism sector, we were so excited to bring the new nepal tour package to provide more opportunities for our visitors. Nepal is a god gifted country with natural beauty. Nepal has great potential to enhance the tourism sector.

 This visit Nepal 2020, was introduced after the grand success of the past campaign that is Visit Nepal 1998 and 2011. The moto of the campaign was to announce the promotion of our tourism sector. This was aimed to attract more tourists from around the world. The Ministry of culture, tourism and Civil aviation is responsible to introduce this campaign. The main motto of this project is to attract 2 million tourists from all around the world. 

The outbreak of the pandemic in 2019 made a huge loss in the tourism sector. We still can imagine the time when there was a lockdown every shop and mall were closed. Due to this, all the business sectors were also in a significant loss, During the epidemic, the hotel business faced huge losses too. The government's much-anticipated "Visit Nepal 2020" promotion were to be cancelled entirely.

Summer vacation plans may be hampered by pandemic-related lockdowns, aircraft disruptions, and border restrictions. The sharp reduction in tourism, on the other hand, will have a disproportionate impact on nations that rely on foreign visitors, with potentially large-scale implications for their economies' national accounts.

 The goal of the campaign was to attract 2 million international tourists over the year, but COVID-19 threw everything off. Trekking, adventure tourism, wildlife, and culture are all popular activities in Nepal. As a result, tourism accounts for around 8% of Nepal's GDP, and the hotel industry is strongly reliant on it.

The pandemic has pulled off many investors in the tourism sector. Tourism and hotels are the vital sectors of income of our nation despite any of the pandemics or any other causes we shouldn't let go of the loss of the tourism sector. In Nepal, tourism and the hotel industry are important sources of revenue and foreign money. 

While giving job possibilities, hotels add significant value to the surrounding community. The signals of revival have been promising recently. With 26,487 tourists visiting in November, the nation had its greatest number of visitors since the epidemic began. Hotels are hopeful about the future, and investors are continuing to invest in the hospitality sector, thanks to the good indicators.

In Nepal, several high-end hotels have opened, with more on the way. There has been an increase in the number of significant multinational companies operating in Nepal, and luxury hotels with casinos have opened. The epidemic forced hotels to conduct temperature checks, impose masking requirements, and place a greater emphasis on cleaning. 

For the hospitality and tourist industries to recover, safety precautions must be maintained. There should be more international seminars, meetings, conferences, and exhibits. Many hotels have been developed throughout the nation; nevertheless, if tourist arrivals do not keep pace with growth, it will be difficult.

We can revive the pandemic, for now, the door for excursions have been opened but we still need to be aware of do's and don'ts to maintain the future arousal of the virus and enjoy the safe adventure. 

Nepal faced huge devastation because of the outburst of these pandemics. Nepalese still shiver when they glimpse about the time during the lockdown. Many people became jobless, which cause them to have food crises in their homes. Many labour and workers really had a hard time during the lockdown of the pandemic. 

Eventually, our GDP and GNP was also in decreasing order. There was a shortage of kits, medical masks, sanitisers and all. We were in a huge crisis after the long period of lockdown, the situation came to be normal. It took a long time before we came to the normal situation than that before.  

NTB (NEPAL TOURISM BOARD) has given some policies for foreigners to follow and be cautious before entering Nepal. The Board has given some safety precautions that must be followed when entering Nepal.

  1. Passengers entering Nepal from abroad by air or land must submit the Full vaccination certificate against COVID-19, passenger who fails to submit such a certificate must submit the certificate of Negative report of COVID. (RCT, PCR, TRUE NAAT, GENE XPERT) Within 72 hours of starting the journey
  2. For passengers travelling outside the country by air route from Nepal, the concerned airlines have to inform their passengers about the safety health protocols of COVID of that destined country. 
  3. The health-related documents are to be submitted by the passengers departing from Nepal will be as per the health-related criteria of the destined country as prescribed by the concerned airlines. This was a very recent notice given to avoid the infection and transmission of the COVID 19 new variant as well as to inform all the concerned. 

The government's efforts to revive our tourist and hospitality industries are positive. The government refinancing and subsidizing loans is a significant step toward preventing the closure of numerous tourism firms. Nepal has also struck agreements with the different nations to promote tourism between these nations.

Nonetheless, the total impact of a reduction in tourism on current situation balances may be smaller than these estimated direct effects suggest. Offsetting indirect impacts may be seen in smaller, tourist-dependent countries like Nepal and even bigger economies with substantial tourism industries.

 Smaller countries, for example, with less internal resources, rely on greater imports to maintain their tourist economies. 

A decrease in tourism imports and the commercial growth that they generate, both directly and indirectly, will result in a decrease in imports, reducing the total influence on the present situation. 

COVID-19 has caused huge adjustments throughout the world, and its ramifications, particularly in the travel and tourist business, will certainly last for years. The future probability of travel is uncertain due to several unknowns, including the pandemic's course and the degrees of travel-related collaboration between governments.

The speed of tourist recovery in 2020 is still largely uncertain. Due to the ongoing epidemic, people's willingness and capacity to go overseas may continue to be hampered through 2021, creating a bleak picture for tourist sectors in both large and small nations. Everyone throughout the sector, including governments, may, nevertheless, plan for the long road to recovery. 

This means not just working together on new and required health and safety measures, but also supporting technical development in travel and tourism and reinventing the industry to make it more robust in the future.

 So, to break this ongoing chain of loss, which has hampered our nation and its citizen in their day to day life, the government has brought the policy of promoting tourism with measures. Several attempts to build a standardized set of health and safety norms for the travel and tourism sector led by both market and national health experts are also ongoing, with healthcare, safety, and sanitation being listed as major issues for passengers.

So, let's manage our all preventive measures ourselves and help our tourism sector to revive and create more adventure opportunities for our visitors. Following all the health-related criteria that your state has mentioned, let us work together to overcome the situation. Nepal's every corner has been waiting to be praised by the visitor. The government are making effort to minimize the risk of transmission of the pandemic, so it is our responsibility to also work for it. 

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Kusum KC

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