Are you willing to trek in Nepal? If the answer is yes, your priority is to choose the best trekking company in Nepal that meets your needs and expectations.  Undoubtedly you would prefer to embark on your journey with a trustworthy travel company that meets your financial plan and provides you with multiple trekking package options with the best services. However, it is not easy to choose the best trekking company as several local trekking companies in Nepal claim themself as the best.

Local vs International trekking company

There are thousands of registered trekking companies in Nepal. Among the thousand, about 90% of them are in Kathmandu valley. Likewise, many international trekking companies are providing the same destination and services. Even though all local and international trekking agencies offer the same goal and services, there is a significant difference in the price between them. International travel agencies are the bridge between the trekkers and the local travel company. Thus international travel agencies are costly as they include the money they have to pay for their intermediates on a budget of trekkers. 

Apart from providing you with the best-valued trek package, booking a trip with a local agent allows you to help increase the community's local economy. Further, you can get the customized tour package that suits you best. In addition, you get authentic information as locals is well familiar with their land and culture. Thus, anyone can benefit mainly by trekking with locals. Instead of booking the trip package through an international agency, planning your trip directly with the local trekking agencies is wise.

How to Pick up the best Local Trekking Company in Nepal?

Depending upon the quality of food and accommodation, guides, transportation services, safety and security, and the trekking itinerary provided by the trekking company, you can pick up the best local trekking agency for you. Apart from this, the main thing to consider is the price. Nepal trekking can be fantastic if you choose the right local trekking company; otherwise, you will have a disheartened voyage. Mountain Rock Treks and expeditions will guarantee your service reasonably and reliably.

Things to consider when choosing the best local trekking company in Nepal


Price is the central aspect everyone checks out before booking their trip package. It is undoubtedly true that we compare the price before booking any package from any travel company. After the comparison, we choose the company which fits our financial plan. However, you may find some local trekking company that wants you to pay the extra money during your trekking. You have to be very careful and check out all the included and not included price details in the package before the completion of your booking.

Trek Itinerary:

The local company has well-known for trekking routes and plans, in that way we make an itinerary for foreigners. Our team is updated with a recent trekking area, and we customized our itinerary. It is highly recommended to have 1 or 2 extra days in Kathmandu before starting your trekking to have proper rest. These additional days before your trekking helps you to get rid of the physical and mental stress. Further, you may have to spend extra days on the trip due to the bad climatic condition, so you also have to be prepared for such a condition. 


You must check out the accommodation service before booking the package. You have to be clear on the following: What type of accommodation are you spending your money on? Do they provide you with the best available accommodation during your trekking or not?


Guides are responsible for making your trip either a remarkable journey or miserable. You must ensure that the local company you choose provides you with a local trekking guide who is licensed, well-trained, honest, and benevolent. Best Local trekking companies always keep well-trained, licensed, and local guides to serve their beloved visitors. Whenever you need some immediate first-aid treatment, these guides give you the proper treatment as they know about first-aid treatment. Besides this, local guides provide you with more information about the particular place as they are familiar with the culture and lifestyle.

Safety record:

As safety and security are foremost, you must ensure the company you choose provides all the proper security requirements. Further, you should check whether the company is certified by the government or any other applicable travel agencies (Nepal Mountaineering Association, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, and so on) or not.

I think this article will help you choose the best trekking agency in Nepal. If you still have questions or doubts about trekking in Nepal, you can contact Mountain Rock Treks and Expedition Pvt.Ltd, a leading trekking agency in Nepal. The trekking expert of this trekking agency helps you to clear your doubts. Further, you can book any trekking packages of interest with Mountain Rock Treks. We Mountain Rock Treks offers you the best trekking package to explore the magnificent beauty of Nepal at a reasonable cost.