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It is great for tourists to know that the border, closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic since March 20, will reopen from October 17. Recently the Government of Nepal has decided to allow foreign tourists to visit Nepal from October 17. According to Nepal’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, while entering Nepal, tourists will have to submit their adverse Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) report, which is of no older than 72 hours. Further, the officials also announced that foreign tourists with negative PCR reports needn’t have to stay in quarantine from October 17. 

The government has decided to remove the mandatory quarantine only after the surging pressure from the travel and tourism operators. As the months-long lockdown of Nepal had caused a harsh effect on the tourism sector of Nepal, the tourism operators have pressured the government to open up the country’s tourism sector to foreign travelers.

Some Days before, a seven-day hotel quarantine was compulsory for all the foreign Tourists. But after the announcement from the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, foreign tourists with adverse COVID-19 reports can enjoy trekking and mountaineering in Nepal without having to stay in quarantine.

As per the officials, the Ministry of Tourism is carrying out some work regarding the instant antigen test for COVID-19 for the International travelers upon their arrival at Tribhuwan Airport. Besides these all, the officials also decided to allow the tourists to issue a visa at Tribhuwan International Airport.

If everything goes as per the plan, then with the resumption of commercial flights in the International sector, Nepal is opening up for tourism from October 17.

Regarding coronavirus cases in Nepal, there have been 105,684 COVID-19 cases, with 614 deaths cases and 74,252 recovered points. Even though the COVID-19 cases in Nepal are increasing day by day, we can see that number of recovered COVID-19 cases is still more than the confirmed cases each day. After 17th October, following the strict safety guidelines, you can visit Nepal.

Is it mandatory to stay in quarantine upon arrival in Nepal?

According to the latest announcement from the officials of Nepal, a quarantine stay is not mandatory in Nepal. However, the International Traveler has to carry their negative PCR report, which should be no longer than 72 hours before departure.

Source: Annapurna post-Nepali

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