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In an attempt to boost tourism in Nepal, the Nepal government had removed the mandatory quarantine requirements for the vaccinated foreign travelers.

As per the demand of tourism entrepreneurs the government has loosened up the COVID-19 health standard rules. Previously due to the several health standards rules regarding the COVID-19, the tourism industry of Nepal had suffered a lot. Further, there was a mandatory hotel quarantine for tourists for at least seven days and that was quite frustrating. Due to the mandatory quarantine rule, only a few tourists dare to visit this country. However, now with the loosened up COVID-19 rule, the tourism operators of Nepal can provide the proper facilities to the tourists. Serving the tourists with proper facilities they can smoothly run their tourism business.

The cabinet meeting which was held on a Thursday approved the standards to be followed when visiting Nepal for tourism activities which were proposed by the Tourism Minister Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal. Further, minister Dhakal also told that the Nepal government has brought other new standards to facilitate tourism activities as per the demand of tourism operators.

According to the new standard, tourists who have received the proper dose of the COVID-19 vaccine can directly take part in tourist activities after their arrival in Nepal. There is no need for them to stay in quarantine. The only thing they have to do is that they have to bring the document as proof of being vaccinated. Moreover, the document should show that they have done their test just 72 hours before their departure from their country.

For non-vaccinated tourists, there is a compulsion to do their PCR test at their own expense after their arrival in Nepal. Furthermore, the non-vaccinated tourists have to stay at hotel quarantine until their report comes out. If the report comes out to be negative, they can indulge themself in any trekking or mountaineering activities in Nepal. But, in case of a positive test report, tourists have to stay in a hotel quarantine till their next report.

Along with the above-mentioned standards, there are other several rules. The travel operator and the traveler must follow all the standards prior to trekking in Nepal.

Though the previous year and the initial months of this year 2021, didn't receive the expected visitors, with the implementation of the new standards, Nepal hopes to welcome many travelers from this Spring. Just come to visit Nepal, and enjoy the grandeur of this country. As the Spring fills this Himalayan country with lots of vibrant Rhododendrons and other wildflowers, don't miss visiting this country this season.


Kusum KC

Kusum KC

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